Barns in/ near Columbus, OH

We are potentially considering a relocation to Columbus Ohio. Both my husband and I have a potential job opportunity with our respective companies that we work for. We are going to head there for an exploratory day on Saturday since neither of us are really familiar with the area. Trying to get a feel of what areas to search out for barns? From what little of what we know if the area, we would likely live north or east of the city. Somewhere between the Westerville and New Albany area. What is the boarding and training situation like in the area? Ideally looking for Pasture board, I am a dressage rider, Although being at a dressage barn is not a requirement, it would be nice, or have the availability to trailer somewhere within reason

That is definitely the right area to begin searching. Marysville and Delaware ( really cute little town BTW) might offer more pasture board options within your driving range as well. They do have winter horse keeping challenges and spring can be very wet so keep that in mind when evaluating facilities.

Search for tack stores in that area…cant remember names but asking around those and checking their bulletin board can help as can checking FB for area.

Just a guess but decent pasture board is probably going to run at least 550-700 depending on facility and services. Farther out you go, less you will pay.

Another question to ask, are there any horse FB groups local to the Columbus area? All I could find was one for Ohio. Maybe I’m not searching the right thing? I’m in suburban Chicago, and we have so many groups just for northern Illinois lol!

Welcome to Columbus! Home of EquusNow right off Route 23 - local tack shop with lovely consignment area as well. They also have a bulletin board back near the restrooms.

Be sure when you are here to head East on 161 past Rt 310 (past New Albany). That’s the very spot
I was when I called my husband and said I know where we need to move to! The way the land drops and opens up is beautiful.

Also know there are two public parks out that way - Lobdell and Infirmary Mound that have hundreds of acres of riding paths. Include mowed meadow path riding! Always my horses favorite.

What I’d do is network and a good place to start would be connecting with local trainers. They know everyone and what’s going on.

Julie Franzen:

Renee Peters:

Jennifer Roth:

Amy Rothe-Hietter:

Finding a quality pasture board facility - and an indoor right? (Cuz this IS Ohio!) is not easy. I cannot think of one place. Hopefully I’m wrong and you’ll learn of such a place or two to check out.

Do keep us posted ok?


Not aware of any, its not that big a city, doesn’t cover such a huge area, 10 miles out you get pretty rural pretty fast. Could try both Central and Southwest Ohio. Cincinnati and Dayton are pretty close, Cincy an hour down I71 and Dayton an hour West on I70, lots of horses in those small Cities too. There is an Ohio HJ Association primarily in the southwest part of the state and, IIRC, the same for the Northern part of the state is called something like Professional Horsemans Ass. Im sure there are also Regional Dressage associations that will have websites.

Substantial AQHA presence ( and Congress, huge, fabulous shopping runs several weeks in the fall. A must do after you move)

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@PaddockWood thank you so much!

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Most of the horse world has moved out to the north east area. Lots of options out that way. I’m not too sure about pasture board anymore. If you want to ride in the winter you need an indoor. I keep my horses at home, north of Columbus, so I’m really removed from boarding.

Equus Now in Powell is the go to tack shop. Lots of horsey stuff and some really great vets around. TONS of showing options.

Columbus is a really great hidden gem. Lots of options, even with the crazy market housing is still reasonable compared to most of the country. Delaware county is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. It’s expensive now. There’s no way we could buy our place today. The food scene in Columbus is one of the best in the midwest. And, our economy is somewhat insulated. Major employers are universities, government, banking, and insurance.

Check out outerbelt cowboys on facebook for a local group.

welcome and let me know if I can help!

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I need major jingles!! Decisions will be made this weekend. My husband takes FOREVER to make serious decisions, but it’s crunch time, and if we are going to do this, we need to get moving quickly on our homes here, not to mention these job offers will expire! I desperately want to get out of the Chicagoland area, 20 years ago I never wanted to move back here. I’ve been researching small properties, and we would be able to afford having horses at home outiside of Columbus. Which is a conversation we have been having for over 25 years, since before we were married. Jingles for a relocation!!!


Well, you came to the right place for jingles and support for you giving DH a kick in the backside to get him moving on this. Stand your ground and insist its time to go.

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So… Did you make a decision? Are you coming to Ohio?

He FINALLY committed yesterday!!! We are moving to Ohio! Woohoo.

The chaos of prepping our house for the market has begun… and looking for property :star_struck:

Congrats!! Happy house hunting.

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What is the soil like in the area? Looking at Delaware and Licking counties mainly. Any areas to stay away from? Are the little 5-10 acre parcels typically decent?

Lots of clay around here. It’s been really wet, so if you’re shopping now you will see it at it’s worst. In Delaware be aware of drainage. I can’t offer any advice about licking. Be very aware that Delaware is growing FAST. Acreage will depend on budget and the market has been HOT. Lots of people are moving much further out to get land now. I’m afraid Intel will only make it crazier.

This about typical of an entry level property if you want to be near town.

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I own my own place (19 acres) in northern Delaware County. The 5-10 acres parcels are good but as someone said previously, check drainage. Across the street, some farmland was divided up into 5-8 acre lots and all 8 of them were gone within a few months. Good luck!

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We had a video visit tonight, dropping everything to go to Ohio to see it in person tomorrow. Jingles please!!!

Yeah and be careful around Johnstown. We have an Intel chip plant going in so who the h*ll knows what our future looks like.


It’s happening! These last few weeks have been a wild ride, as we looked at places online and they were sold before we could blink. And offers not accepted, even an offer on a place sight unseen. And then the place of my dreams was posted. So much crying these last few days as we put in our offer, had to raise our offer, got help from some amazing family, and had our offer accepted. And I am still crying at the amazing people who helped pull this all together, and all the jingles we received. I will have so many questions for the COTH pool of wisdom as I fumble my way through this lifelong dream of mine! Moving in early July sometime, but closing at the end of May. Hoping we will have time to make some trips down there in June to put up a quick small shelter and some electric fence. My pony is coming home. I will get to wake up in the morning and see him out my bedroom window. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats!!! what area did you choose?