Bartville Harness

So the 2021 Bartville Harness catalog arrived a few weeks back and I looked through it. My Bartville bridles & breastplates etc are 14 years old and going strong but it never hurts to look.

A loose page inserted advertised leather purses they were now selling so I ordered one. The purse exceeded my expectations! Nice light covered canvas liner with one zip pocket on one side & 3 slot pockets on the other side. A snaffle bit on one exterior side gives a nod to the horse world. Priced under $100 for real leather makes it a nice deal.


You can’t post this without pics!!

Bartville has great leather. I’m holding out for the day they have a monocrown option. I just love their bridles and hardware.

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Hah. I was just visiting my parents and saw the catalog with the insert about the purses. I swiped it so I could order one. Thanks for the review, they look really nice and it’s good to know it’s worth the purchase.

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This is the Chocolate color. :slight_smile: Perfect size for how I use a purse.


My neighbors are the family that own Bartville. Wonderful family and excellent workmanship. One of the brothers Sam runs the tack making aspect. I’ve seen these handbags in person. They are all lovely and very well made!


So you know Levi??? I’ve talked to him over the phone so much the past 15 years I feel like I’m his next door neighbor. He made me a custom order wire cutter case and it’s wonderful.

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How do I get a catalog?? Or order? I want a purse, that one is lovely.

Call the store: 717-529-6992 to request a catalog. They are open 7-5:00 on weekdays, 7-3 on Saturday. They answer the phone for a short time first thing in the morning, after that leave a message and they WILL call you back.

That’s a beautiful bag, I think I need to get on their mailing list. Thanks for posting.

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I do know Levii and his wife. :blush:

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Do they mail the catalogs?

They mail catalogs. Call and leave your name and address.

Does anyone have a catalog handy who can tell me what the shipping info is on page 2? I have the order form but completely forgot to look at the shipping fees when I saw the catalog.

It’s scanned onto the FB page