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Belmont weekend 2023

Looks like a decent line up of racing for this weekend & of course the Belmont Stakes.

I’ll be cheering Cody’s Wish on in the Met & War Like Goddess in the New York.
The Belmont Gold Cup is also on my list to watch.

Any particular horse/race you’ll be watching, other than the Belmont
Favorite in the Belmont?

I sure hope the air quality improves over the next few days. The NYC area was visibly hazy/smoky last night from the Canadian wildfires.

Gift article:

and look here:

My trainer, 40 miles north of NYC, was concerned, especially for her old guys. But racehorses under a great deal of physical stress already do not need bad air in their lungs.


I woke up here in N NJ thinking the same exact thing. Trainer cancelled her evening lessons because of the air quality and it looks like it’s not going to clear up for a few days.

I also cannot even fathom how it is impacting the folks in the thick of it. My thoughts are with our northern neighbors.


Has anyone else noticed that six of the nine Belmont Stakes entries have Tapit as either sire or damsire? It’s the running of the Tapits.


Dave Johnson’s call of Secretariat’s Belmont.

Scroll down to page 12 for the backstory https://cdn.bloodhorse.com/daily-app/pdfs/BloodHorseDaily-20230607.pdf?c=-2141092798

Chic Anderson’s call


Every time I watch this replay I cry.


It would be rather neat if they both won their races.


Though some forecasts say Baltimore will get better over next few days, the map doesn’t look hugely encouraging. I hope they all do the right thing…Edited to add I meant Belmont, not Baltimore, lol.

Just read they are canceling training tomorrow at Belmont. And Saratoga.

Right call imho.


Fingerlakes, Delaware, Penn & Woodbine have also cancelled.
Most scheduled to resume Friday, air quality permitting.

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NY Post has horrific pictures of the smoke in NYC.

Whoever did the forecast for them says air quality will stay this bad through the weekend. I don’t see how they can run horses in this.

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Unless,as is unlikely, this air clears out I hope the Belmont is postponed.

I realize this is hard on trainers who have been working for a peak, but the alternative is too awful to think about,

I wonder what plan B is…


Live racing cancelled for Thursday at Belmont, the two stakes will be redrawn and held on Sunday. I guess all they can do is take it day by day.

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Heard on Public Radio this morning: Belmont Stakes cancelled for 2023

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This doesn’t seem to be right…no other information on Sat; only what is posted above by Lah0808.

They might have tangled up “Belmont is cancelling,” i.e. the track, for today 6/8, with “THE Belmont is cancelled.” I could see someone making that mistake.

I read there’s a 60% chance of rain tomorrow there. That would help. Hopefully they will postpone if needed, but weather can change quickly. Makes sense to wait until right on that day’s conditions to call it.


I read that they cancelled racing for this afternoon, and training for today. I think you’re right.

I’m guessing if the air quality is this bad Saturday, that they’ll postpone for a week or something.

Depends on the Air Quality Index, with 200 as the threshold set by Gov. Hochul.

Per BH:

  • If the AQI exceeds 200 at a specific facility, no racing or training may be conducted at that track.
  • If the AQI is between 150 and 200 at a specific facility, only those horses that pass an additional pre-race respiratory veterinary examination will be permitted to race.

As of right now the Belmont Stakes race is NOT cancelled.
Just one of many news updates on it all.

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