Best cord covers for electrical cords?

We will be getting a new puppy next month, and I was poking around Amazon for cord covers since we have a fair number of cords in the main living area (obviously puppy will be constantly supervised if not in crate or pen, and will have a house leash on), but since pups are quick and LOVE to put everything in their mouth, better safe than sorry. Many of the cords get mixed reviews (apparently rabbits are EPIC cord chewers!) in terms of durability and ease of use.

Does anyone have a recommendation? TIA!

Thanks, yes - cords have plugs on them.

I did look at the above ^ ^, consensus was that they weren’t very “anti-chew”, otherwise they would work.

Bitter apple spray worked well for us. Covers seemed too clumsy to me.

Please ? what breed ? name ??

I assume you’re asking me? :slightly_smiling_face:

A Whippet - will be picking her up in mid-March, she will join my older Whippet. Name TBD, but will probably be either Tia or Fia.

I’m hoping to find something that will cover all the cords in the living room so that she’s not tempted; our older Whippet LOVED to chew cords when she was a pup! (IME, many dogs like the taste of Bitter Apple, ironically!, and it doesn’t deter them much. My “go-to” suggestion is Vicks Vapo-rub, but I wouldn’t want to smear that on electrical cords…)


First Congratulations on your new puppy ! Just a toss up - I used some tubing ( hardware store) split lengthwise to cover electrical cord on a barn fan for a mouthy colt. Worked nicely for him. Check out the various tubing options - plumbing and electrical sections …I used a flexible light tubing / there’s always pvc pipe but difficult to cut to sleeve the cord • IMHO

I believe the hardware store will splice the tubing for you.

Thanks, Zu Zu - I was actually thinking of going that route :slightly_smiling_face:

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