Best fly spray this year?

I usually mix my own fly spray, but I am wondering if anyone has tried anything new lately. The Bye Bye Insect ad was the latest I’ve seen. Has anyone tried it? I like to add Neem Oil when it is hot enough out.


I was skeptical, but I am telling you all, Out Smart, made by Smartpak is INCREDIBLE! I live in South Georgia, aka bug capital of the world. We have gnats so thick you can’t see where you’re walking, mosquitos that will carry you away, horse flies that bite chunks of skin, and so many other kids of bugs, I can’t even identify them properly. This stuff kills them dead on contact and bugs will not get near a horse sprayed with this stuff. I even put a dot of the spray near my ears to keep the gnats from swarming my head. IT IS AMAZING! I have a white horse, so I also like that it is not oily and doesnt attract dirt like many of the others do. I am not sure how, considering the ingredients are geranoil and peppermint oil, but hey, all I know is IT WORKS!


OutSmart didn’t work well here at all last year. Immediately it did provide relied but it didn’t last long at all.

UltraShield Black, and Dumor Platinum (aka Pyranha but cheaper) have worked well

Eco-Vet works really well. Crazy expensive, but works.

Otherwise I use Repel-X, and UltraShield, and Tri-Tec. But I’m not in the south either, so what works for me probably doesn’t work for you.

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I am in SE PA, but the area that I live in tends to be wet. So, more BUGS! I thought that I’d check out what seems to be working now, because I swear that the insects become immune over timie.

Eco Vet, hands down works best for my equines!


I know this isn’t what you asked, but the only thing I’ve found that makes a significant difference is the victor fly traps. I put them out all around the pasture and keep refilling the bait but it really makes a difference. I haven’t found anything that keeps the flies 100% off but I can make it so there are just less flies!

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I have used Bye Bye Insects and I really like it. I dilute it with water (50%, as recommended) and have had great results with it. It smells great too. If you dilute it the price is really good. It is my favorite fly spray.

I have also used Eco Vet. I find that the Eco Vet either works great or not at all, depending on the insects at any given time. My horses hate the smell and head for the hills when they see me coming with it. I can generally spray my horses without haltering but not if I am using the EcoVet.

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I tried Ecovet and couldn’t catch my pony for two days. He hates it, normally he comes running and stands like a statue to be sprayed. So it might work, but if I can’t catch him afterward is it worth it?:joy:


Is he a hackney? I grew up with some great cobtail, long tail, and roadster ponies. And some crazy ones! :flushed:

I will also add that Shoofly Leggins are a game changer. My horses wore them all summer last year and it made a huge difference in their comfort.


I’ve got those for everyone including my ass!


This one. Someone introduced me to it recently. You spray it and if it hits a fly, they fall to the floor. It’s very satisfying.

Ooops, that would be a no go then!

A few years ago I picked up a bottle of Farnams Bronco Gold and evidently I applied it incorrectly. It created blisters that became oozing sores on my 2 horses and donkey. Horrible mess that took a few weeks to clear up. I don’t recommend that product.

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I used Eco Vet last summer and my horse hated it, too - but I found she hated it less if I sprayed it onto a mitt and wiped it on.


Just some?
My own 21-going-on-3 Hackney taught me the real meaning of “quirky” :grin:
Neighbors who are 3rd generation breeders & show Road & Pleasure ponies have introduced me to others who have their own brand of Different.

Back to flyspray:
I use Gordon’s concentrate (10% permethrin) from TSC.
I mix at 1-1/2X recommended strength.
A quart lasts me about a month in heavy bug season.
From the COTH suggestion, for stalls, aisle & general barn use, I use the mosquito dunk tea.

Yes, he is a hackney. Perfect gentleman on the ground and a roadster pony under saddle/harness that loves to trail ride in a halter. He is finally starting to chill out at 18. My husband was leading him and he spooked at something and got right back in place before my husband even noticed. It was so funny. He just thinks faster than most humans.


He’s adorable! They are rascals those hackney ponies!

I use Pyranha (hint, check the ingredients in the expensive bottles vs the concentrates for the sprayer systems and do the math…)

I also have one Horse Pal trap and will be adding more. You have to play with the location but these work on the giant horseflies and smaller biting flies as well.

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I have had a Horse Pal trap for 14 years. I have had to order replacement parts here and there. I am finally tossing it and treating myself to a new one this year. They are amazing.

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