best jeans to ride in?

Hey folks, anyone have any recommendations for good solid heavy duty jeans? I’m tired of trashing all my pants, darnit.

I don’t know about heavy duty, but I love my Wrangler Auras.

How long, on average, do you find they last?

Old school Wranglers, cheap and last a couple years of heavy riding for me

I ride in Wrangler QBaby jeans. I haven’t worn them out yet, and some are 10 years old. I have a lot, though, so rotate through them, but I sure don’t baby them.

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So what you’re all saying is I need to find somewhere that sells wranglers and go get me some? I feel like I had a ton of those as a kid but I can’t for the life of me remember where I got them from.

Wrangler Q babies!

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Tractor Supply used to carry them. You can order from SmartPak, too, and they have free returns on sized items.

I second the Wrangler Auras.

The Auras I just gave away (I shrank), I bought used, and have had around 10 years. Other than a little fraying on the cuff of one pair (I had 4), they were in super shape.

Hm, looks like I need to do some shopping.

Can someone compare the Aura to the Q-baby please? Which is better for a non-stick-figure? (I’m not heavy, just middle aged.)

I have Wrangler Q-baby jeans that I love. My other favorites are the Kimes Ranch “Betty” jeans. They are heavy duty fabric that hold their shape well. I also love the available extended inseams so the jeans are long enough when seated in the saddle.

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Another vote for Auras here! If you decide to order online, the Aura’s do run large - I wear a size smaller in them than anything else.

beaujolais, I haven’t had a pair of Q-Baby’s recently enough to compare - sorry!

I have both the Wrangler Auras and the Wrangler Q-babys. I like them both.

I buy the walmart wranglers and they last longer than the more expensive ones do for me.

Different QBaby’s have different fabric weight. Most QBaby’s are slimmer in the thigh, have more lycra, lighter weight fabric. Aura’s wider thigh, narrower waist band, less lycra, heavier weight. Due to lighter fabric, the inner leg seam on QBaby seems less thick and set more forward to interfere less with knee and private parts.

Thank you so very much for the comparison!!

These guys: Just Tuff by Cowgirl Tuff

Heavier-weight jean, mid-rise, and no design bells and whistles. They’re comfy enough to ride in, nice enough to show in, and flattering enough to look nice around town.

Kimes Ranch and Cinch for Women