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Best riding gloves

Love roeckl gloves so much but my gosh they don’t last long for the price point. I love how thin it is so I’d love to find something equally thin but wondering if anything lasts longer/better than roeckl? What are some favorites

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SSG technical gloves. They look weird (people call them my skeleton gloves) but they’re going on 2 or 3 years now with no signs of needing to be replaced yet - previously was getting a new pair of roeckls every year it seemed. Also very grippy but thin and comfortable, overall just a good glove.


I recently discovered the Penelope gloves, and so far they seem like they are going to hold up better than Roeckl. https://exceptionalequestrian.com/products/penelope-competition-gloves?variant=40240026583105&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrf3S55jBggMVnDbUAR1XKA7wEAQYASABEgJbwfD_BwE

Hauke Schmidt!

Seconded! I have two pairs I rotate through and wash (and even dry them :flushed:) when needed. They are lasting forever!

I got a pair of these as a gift. They fell apart in under a year. The buttons on the back fell off (they were apparently glued on, and not well), and the leather wore through. Would not recommend.

I’ve been schooling lately in Farris gloves: https://www.shopfarris.com/products/gloves

They are still only a few months old, but so far holding up well. And they have a nice light feel to them.

For shows, I’m still using Roeckls and just grumbling whenever I have to replace them :confused:

I just got a pair of the correct connect Oil Tac Gloves. They’re amazing!!

@SimonSays, do these have the tackified leather to the old Neumann’s ones?

I’m not familiar with the Neumann’s ones. But these are the stickest nicest feeling gloves I’ve ever tried on!

Those gloves haunt my dreams, I can’t believe how durable and sticky they were. They still made football gloves last I checked and I was thinking of ordering a youth size. This is reminding me that I should pull the trigger on that

I still have a very old (like, 20 years old) pair that I keep for special occasions only.
I did see these from Dover:
Wondering how similar they are…

For $30 it’s probably worth trying. It seems like they aren’t trying to hide that they’re mimicking that glove. I’m about to throw away a pair of Roeckles that have no more grip after less than 6 months. I only ride 6x a week max. I had Neumanns when I was a working student, riding 20/week and lunging 20/week. They lasted over a year.

Will report back after they arrive!

I got a pair of slightly different Correct Connects (https://ridecorrectconnect.com/collections/all-weather-gloves/products/coppertech-pro-silicone-grip-compression-glove?variant=43516515746024). They were sitting around before I took them to the barn, and my husband asked me why I’d bought a pair of wide receiver gloves. I guess they use the same tech? So far I love them but I haven’t used them hard at this point, since they’re my show gloves. I currently school in a pair of Roeckls that are reaching the limit of their usefulness, lol. I’ll be replacing them with a pair of the Correct Connects that match my schooling boots when they fully bite the dust.

To address the original OP’s question, the Correct Connects are thicker than Roeckl but not thick enough to be distracting or reduce my feel for the reins.

My bestie uses baseball batting gloves. They are the grippiest we’ve found so far!

I recently had to replace my Roeckls and was also shocked at the price of them these days… I ended up replacing them with Kunkles and they are fantastic! Same thin, flexible feeling as the Roeckls. We’ll see how they hold up but they’ve been a good match so far

My absolute favorite gloves are my SSG silk lined soft touch gloves. They’re great for anything cooler than about 60 degrees except for the very windiest days. I’ve had them a year, wore them regularly all last winter, showed in them, washed them and they still look good as new. And I think they’ve got great feel, especially for cold winter gloves.

The regular SSG soft touch gloves, however, I like the feel of them, but even without the silk lining, they’re not cool enough for hot days and they started peeling on me after one wash (to be fair I think I didn’t follow actual care instructions, and have been more careful since). They’re still fine, but I won’t buy them again.

That said, I also have a pair of heritage riding gloves. I love the feel and how thin they are, but some of the seams split the very first time I wore them. That said, I’ve continued to wear them occasionally and I haven’t noticed the seams getting worse. They’ve got great feel and are nice and thin, but again, those seams. I won’t buy them again, but I will happily continue to wear them until they actually fall apart so much I can’t wear them.

I vastly prefer the Kunkles over the Roeckls, mine have held up much better.

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I bought two pairs of Kunkles–the schooling mesh back gloves, as well as their show glove. I haven’t had them long enough to really test durability, but they’re both excellent quality! I don’t really notice a quality difference between these and a pair of Roeckls I also have.

I do also like Heritage gloves and find them to hold up pretty well. And I’ve always had good luck with SSGs. I tend to rotate gloves and have 4-5 pairs hanging out in my trunk at any given moment, so that helps them all last longer. Can you tell I really like gloves? :joy:

Weird, my Roeckl’s are several years old and holding up wonderfully, granted I only ride one horse. The other warm weather ones I like are Noble Equestrian, I bought a pair recently and they seem the same as before they were acquired by Dover.
Personally I haven’t liked SSG, the fingers don’t fit me as well, almost like webbed feet between thumb and pointer.