Best Vacuum for getting dog hair off the carpet?

My black lab/border collie mix sheds like crazy. I’m having a terrible time keeping up with it. I try to vacuum everyday, but it isn’t always possible. Plus, my vacuum doesn’t really pick up the hair. In your experience, what are the best vacuums for this problem?


People have recommended the Dyson animal (not a ball model), and for a cheaper option the Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet (bagless) is also very well rated.

I borrowed an old, beat up, and probably never been emptied Dyson here at work, and it sucked up so much dirt I was amazed. If it wasn’t for the price I think that would be my next vacuum.

I have a Dyson—older than the Animal, but similar—and swear by it. I got it refurbished, then used the heck out of it for about four years before it slowed down. It stopped sucking last year and I was ready to give up after a vacuum repairman said he could tune it up for a hundred bucks but that it probably wouldn’t help! My dad, luckily, pulled off the “lifetime, never needs cleaning” filter-beneath-a-filter and found that it was completely clogged. He cleaned it, and the vacuum is like new.

I guess four years in my household is worth a lifetime elsewhere.

For reference, I have an aussie, a chihuahua, two cats, two rabbits, and two tons of hay inside my house. (One of many reasons that I am really excited about my barn construction project, which includes a real feedroom.)

P.S. I’ve gone through all the second-tier brands—Hoover, Oreck, etc.—and never had one last more than a year with me. The Dyson has quintupled that previous record and is still going strong.

My Dyson—I checked—is a DC07 Full Kit.

I got a refurbished Dyson (less $$!) and it’s awesome. We’ve had it for 3 years and it is still going strong. I have a Lab who sheds like crazy, a medium-hair cat who thinks shedding is his job, etc. The Dyson gets the job done.

Mine is one of the animal versions, not sure which model number.

I have a Dyson and thought it worked ok until I bought a cheapo attachment at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10. It looks sort of like a triangular rubber curry with nubs instead of spikes. It goes onto the hose attachment. The amount of hair I get up off the carpet after vacuuming regularly is disgusting. Unfortunately I don’t think the attachment I have is on the market anymore but I am always keeping my eyes open for something similar.

I have a Shark Navigator Lift Away, and 2 shelties, 6 birds, and a bunny. I love it, it does a great job, and is very lightweight and easy to get the high and low stuff. I like it even better than my $1200 Kirby … and it was a heck of a lot less.

I’ve had it for almost 2 years now and it still works great.

Between that and the Spot Bot, my carpets are in great shape.


I’ll second the Shark. I have the same model and have been very happy with it. I have two Australian Shepherds and two indoor cats. My black Aussie loses fine hair in clumps and the shark gets it up without problems.

I’ll tell you one to avoid - I have the Pet Hair Eraser by Bissell (the one that stands up and you push it). I hate it. It’s loud, it’s heavy, and I really don’t think it works all that great if you have a long-haired animal - I have a Norwegian Forest Cat, and I still find clumps of hair when I am done vacuuming I have to go around and pick up. I still have it because it was pricey and trying to get my money’s worth out of it, but I won’t be getting another Pet Hair Eraser when this one breaks.

Refurbished Dysons? I had no idea that something like that existed! I will have to hunt around for this. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!

My Dyson came with one of these! I’m not big on attachments, though, so I’ve never used it.

I swear by my Miele but it wasn’t cheap. 4 cats, 3 of whom are persians.

I have a Dyson Animal (about 8 years old) and still going strong and I bought a Riccar about a year ago so I didn’t have to keep hauling the vacuum up and down the stairs (thought I might vacuum more then…riiigggghht!). I really like my Dyson but the Riccar is a really good product - really well made and does a great job - might say even better than my Dyson. I have a Golden Retriever and a Shep mix so there is always fur everywhere.

I’ll second Shining Wizard… I bought that Pet Hair Eraser/Bissel before the Riccar (that’s why I got the Riccar - I was so annoyed with the Bissel.) I’t really heavy, doesn’t perform well-at all- the what little it does pick up is a mess to empty from the canister- lots of dirt/hair ends up all over vacuum - I ended up taking it outside every time I had to empty canister.

I got the Shark Navigator in Dec. and w/5 dogs and 1 cat, I’m loving it.

I got my refurbished Dyson animal on for $199.00 and I LOVE IT. I looks as good as new. We haven’t used it that much as I have a cleaning service and they use a Meihle<sP> But when I have used it I have LOVED it!

I have a Hoover windtunnel. But I haven’t owned anything else so I can’t really say “it’s the best”. I have no complaints about it.
I suggest a furminator or a horse shedding blade, and go over that dog every day (outside) for a few minutes to get the loose hair off so you don’t have to vacuum.

I must be one of the unlucky ones with Dyson. My Kenmore upright gets up more hair and dirt than the Dyson. I have five cats that like to dig to China when they’re in the litter box, so vacuums get a lot of use here! lol

I have a Miele and it is hands down the best vacuum I’ve had. I have a Siberian Husky/Catahoula mix and 3 indoor cats.

I love Didgery’s hint about cleaning the never-needs-cleaning filter so now the vacuum works better. I bet that’s the answer to a lot of vacuum problems.

From reading online reviews people are recommending the Hoover Pet Cyclonic Upright Bagless (the red one), over the Hoover Windtunnel Pet.

I <3 my Dyson.