BEST VIT E: about to reorder elevate. Change my mind?

Not unhappy with elevate, just looking for best bang for the buck for natural vitamin E. Opinions?

There is Elevate WS (liquid) and Elevate (powder.) They’re very different products…which are you using?

Elevate powder is exactly the same ingredient as Santa Cruz Ultra Cruz Vitamin E, which is significantly less expensive.

It comes in both powder & pellets.


Have you seen the Vitamin E comparison chart?

Add your product if it’s not listed. Update the price if it’s incorrect. This spreadsheet was put together by me but anyone can add to it.



There is zero reason to pay the premium price for the Elevate label. The Santa Cruz stuff is the same for a whole lot less $$.


Looks like the price of Santa Cruz has gone up quite a bit, looks to be $0.25 per 1000IU now.

I have heard great things about Emcelle, I wish I could get it in Canada. Theoretically you want to dose vitamin E with oil anyways so it seems ideal. I use E-Booster from Herbs for Horses because I like pelleted supplements which is $0.26 CAD per 1000 IU.


Chiming in here to add my horses eat the Santa Cruz product well.

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microIngredients gelcaps (Walmart, Amazon) are about $.05/1000IU, but since they are 1200IU caps, that’s $.06.

The UltraCruz Natural E really did jump - $.24/1000IU. That’s still about half of what I last calculated Elevate Maintenance to be.

Puritan’s Pride caps are also pretty cheap, in the $.10-.13/1000IU range last I looked

If you actually need a water-soluble form, then use Emcelle, it’s the cheapest of the Elevate W.S., Nano-E, and Emcelle options.

Unless you’re struggling to raise levels with regular E, or are treating EPM, there’s no reason to need a water-soluble form.

My mare tested low during a veterinary fact finding mission and getting her levels within line was a box to check.

I started with Elevate powder and went through several iterations of test, increase dose amount to get nowhere near recommended values. Swapped to Emcelle and within a month of use she was within range.

While the testing was expensive I’m glad I did it as the Elevate powder was doing bupkiss for this mare. I’ve kept her on Emcelle since and not had any issues. I make it easy for the barn workers and she gets 10mL year-round. Rigged up a bottle with a syringe top for easy dosing to grain but it comes with a pump as well if you so choose.


I had to use prescription strength liquid on my guy at first - discovered extremely low level and Lyme at same time. Switched to Elevate powder and levels fell again. I now use Solgur liquid capsules. Cheaper than any equine marketed liquid version.

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Do you cut open the gelcaps or just drop them in whole?

What Rx product was that?

That’s just regular Vit E in a liquid form, it’s not a water-soluble version. There are cheaper E capsules. It’s cheaper than “equine marketed liquid” because those are water-soluble. Solgur is not.

I drop them in whole for 2 of them, they’re pigs LOL My 32yo won’t eat the caps, so I use the UltraCruz powder for him

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I use Emcelle when weather is not frozen; in worst of winter or when pony is boarded I like the Elevate Concentrate powder. If it didn’t freeze I’d do the Emcelle all the time though. They eat it right up, whereas powder sometimes gets left.

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The Santa Cruz pellets could be a great option for you instead. Same active ingredient, pelleted so it doesn’t get left, significant $$ savings.


I drop them in whole

I updated the first sheet. Anyone is welcome to update the 2nd! :grimacing:

@JB I can’t find the receipt in email on the prescription- it was in 2016. Probably have a hard copy in my files. But he’s tested in range since, on liquid gelcaps - the natural vit E, not synthetic.

My horse tested low and we gave him WS Elevate. He then tested in range. He has been on Elevate Maintenance since and has remained in normal range. How much is anyone supplementing to maintain?

I put my horse on Elevate and at the 6 month retest his number was down very slightly. HOWEVER the skin issues had resolved nicely. I increased the dose and the next retest had him middle of the normal range. The initial test was just barely within the bottom end of the normal range.

I have tried other products with the same form of vitamin E - he gets itchy.

How many IUs of the Elevate Maintenance are you giving now? How long was he on that when you re-tested and found it was keeping him in range?

That helps guide how much to supplement. Some give 2IU/lb, some have to go 3-4IU/lb. Occasionally they have to give higher, like 5-6, but at that that point I would look to Emcelle (water-soluble) and see how 2-4 worked

And, it also depends on whether there’s any grass in the pic.