BEST VIT E: about to reorder elevate. Change my mind?

Thanks. No grass available except for hand grazing. In March 2021 he tested at 146. He was put on Elevate WS for two months. Retested in August. I dont have the record right now, but believe he was around 800 then. Put on Elevate concentrate and I gave him about 2500 daily. In December 2021 he tested at 451.

Hello fellow Canadian shopping for vit E :slight_smile:

I previously used the Santa Cruz powder, and since I only gave ~2000IU/day, it lasted a long time. My horse also ate it well. When Mad Barn started selling single ingredients I started using their vit E powder as I had to switch all my supplements to Canadian sources (couldn’t get many of them with the border closure).

But…Mad Barn’s vit E has been out of stock for MONTHS and no idea when it’s coming back. I just emailed Santa Cruz and shipping for the 4lb bag of vit E powder is $35 for the cheapest option so it’s no longer that reasonbly-priced.

Herbs for Horses apparently stopped selling in retail stores and went with an online-order only model (per the feed store when I asked). Are you ordering the E-Booster online and having it shipped? I know they recently moved their facilities but still in Guelph - I’m not far from there and have barn mates who live in Guelph who could maybe pick up for me if they still allow pickups.

I might just buy some vit E gels on Amazon and see if my horse will eat them as that seems to be the easiest and cheapest option now. It looks like nearly every brand is only 400IU per gel. I found one with 800IU and one 1000IU but they are way more expensive per IU so it doesn’t make sense to buy them.

Thank you for all the help! I’m going back to gelcaps (puritans pride is having a sale). I’ve decided that the powdered Elevate is clearly not worth the $!

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Interesting!! That would explain why the selection of their products at my usual go-to tack shop have been dwindling. However, I have ordered online from them with no issues, it gets delivered super quick, just annoying to try and reach the $100 free shipping threshold. I used to pick it up from them directly but it appears they aren’t allowing that anymore (at least for now?) since they moved warehouses.

Thanks! Will need to look into shipping, duty, taxes, and odds of getting confiscated at the border to see if it’s worth trying :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes! I went into my local feed store and asked where all the HFH products were and they said they were instructed to pull them all from the shelf as HFH was going online only! I see them still at other retailers so I guess they decided to allow them to sell off what they have, but vit E seems to have sold first.

I don’t really want to order over $100 before I see if my horse will eat it though. I don’t think anyone at my barn uses this so can’t try a bit first. He’s gotten pickier as he’s gotten older so I don’t want to waste my money.

My horse will not eat the capsules if I toss them in his concentrate. He’ll eat them without a fuss, however, if I slip them inside a fig newton.

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PSA for anyone ordering from Santa Cruz. If you review an item on their website (which includes lots of things not made by them like dewormers and fly spray), you can get a coupon code for $15 off your next order once the review processes. You do not have to have purchased the item from them before. You can actually apply up to 5 coupon codes per order too apparently, which I wish I had known. I always review something a few days before I want to place an order. The email with the code does usually go to my junk folder for some reason so be sure to check there.


FWIW my pony is extremely picky. Won’t even eat 1/4 doses of some supplements I have tried. She also ends up getting tired of supplements and just stops eating them. The HFH Vitamin E pellets have never been a problem, and she still eats them willingly like a year later, along with a few others from HFH. She wouldn’t touch the Mad Barn Vitamin E.

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One of my horses wouldn’t eat gelcaps added to her feed. Started putting a cup or 2 of water in her bucket along with the gelcaps to soften before feed time. When she got fed, the gelcaps had softened, pellets soaked up some water too, and voila!

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We do actually try to verify that you have purchased the product from our company. Sometimes things slip through, but we try our hardest :slight_smile:

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I’m starting to wonder if this is why he’s been a bit pickier! Maybe it’s been the addition of the MB vit E. He also goes on hunger strike if I try to add ANY Omneity at all (tried both premix and pellets), but he LOVES the Visceral. He’ll eat Visceral out of my hand and beg for more.

I think I’ll give the HFH vit E pellets a try.

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Oh good to know, thanks! I have definitely had some slip through but I’m not complaining. :innocent:

I used KER Nano E which brought my horses numbers up pretty quickly.
Since I board my horse once her number were up for a good 6 months, I switched her Smartpak Vit E pellets. One scoop is 2,500 iu. Her numbers have not dropped, tho she is due to be retested next month.

I would like to try something less expensive but it must be pellets.

The Santa Cruz Vit E comes in a pellet. Edited to add I don’t know the cost comparison. My horse won’t eat Smartpak supplements but does love the SC E.

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I do occasionally have discount coupons available. Anyone who is interested is welcome to send me a PM :smiley:


Has anyone tried the new Vit E from Feedmark? I use several of their supplements and they’re all high-quality at a very reasonable price. They’re in the UK, but they ship free all over the world.

I have a Bespoke supplement for each of my horses. They combine the ingredients you pick and make sure you don’y have two much of any ingredient with the crossover, plus you get 20% off the price of the supplements you combine.

It shows up every month without problems. I’m going to be adding the Vit E to my Bespoke pack and stopping the Elevate I’ve been getting from SmartPak.

Price-wise, 1 scoop per day is $0.80, which adds up to about $24 per month (or $19.20 if you add it to a Bespoke).

I have samples available of the UltraCruz Natural Vitamin E Plus (pellet) available. There is 4000 IU per scoop in the pellets. Send me a PM if interested.


It looks like one scoop = 2000 iu, so $0.40 per IU. Pretty costly compared to the various options discussed in this thread.

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