BEST VIT E: about to reorder elevate. Change my mind?

as long as it’s natural (d-alpha) Vit E, it’s just as good as any others,

But given the cost, it’s also appreciably more than many listed. If it’s just 1 horse, then spending $24 a month instead of $15 a month (UltraCruz Natural E) isn’t a huge deal ($108/year). But if you are feeding multiple horses, that starts adding up quickly

When I tried the Madbarn Vit E with my mare she wasn’t thrilled with it either. The smell of it reminds me of those paints used in paint by number kits. I ended up feeding vit E capsules. For the odd capsule that fell out of the feed dish, people would absolutely lose their minds freaking out over it…even though I tried to explain it wasn’t some weird larvae or bug lol!

How you know you’re distracted: I ordered vit E capsules from Amazon, then forgot before they arrived and ordered HFH vit E pellets :laughing:

He ate a vit E capsule right out of my hand and then looked for more, so I know that’s an option. The HFH should arrive today (really fast order processing and shipping!) so I might have two viable ways of getting it into him. I saw the HFH uses alfalfa for the pellets so that should go over well.


Ultra Cruz Natural E is WAY more expensive than that! At Chewy, a 10lb bag is $74.95. At their recommended feeding rate of 64g daily, that’s a 66 day supply, which equals $1.13 per day, or $33.90 per month.

Your math isn’t wrong, but you haven’t finished the math :slight_smile:

That 64gm serving is for 8000IU. The prices I have listed are on a per-1000IU basis. You have to get down to apples to apples comparison, not a “serving”.

$1.13/8 = $.14/1000IU

Somewhere up there I took it at face value that UltraCruz had doubled in cost at $.25/1000IU. But that’s not the case, not sure how that came to be put out there

I’m not sure where/how I “validated” that, but it’s not the case. $150 gets you a 4lb bag of powder, 158 day supply of their serving which is 8000IU. That’s $.12/1000IU

You have to compare on an equal serving basis, not the serving size on the bag which can vary a LOT


I use the Ultra Cruz E, natural, powder. I get it in a 4 lb bag. I feed a scant one scoop per day. That’s 316 days, works out to roughly 14.25/mo. at today’s prices.
I have no problems with it being eaten, but I do wet things down.

Is the serving size of Elevate Maintenance Powder bigger? The 2 lb container is $47 to $60 depending upon store… SantaCruz UltraCruz Powder is $25 for a 1 lb container. They seem to be priced the same unless you can feed less of the Cruz powder. Thank you.

You can’t look at cost per weight, or cost per serving. You have to get down to a common denominator. In this case, 1000IU is easy to compare.

Corro has 10lb of Elevate Maint for $235. The label says 1 scoop is 7gm and provides 1000IU.

10lb x 454gm = 4,450gm. If 1 scoop = 7gm = 1000IU, then there are 4,450/7 = 648 servings of 1000IU

$235/648 = $.36/1000IU. That’s 3x what UltraCruz Natural E powder is.

Smaller containers almost always mean a higher price per serving, so 1lb, 4lb, etc, will be more per 1000IU than 10lb.

smart Pack has 2lb for $56. That makes each 1000IU scoop $.43


Your calculation is correct. MY calculation was based on the small bag (312 servings of 1000iu/lb x 0.75 = 234 servings, $60/234 = $0.25/serving) so apparently buying in bulk is significantly more cost effective haha!

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@greywithchrome ahhhhh it never occurred to me that you were using the smaller bag LOL!

Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!

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Can you check my math for this this calculation on the Feedmark product?

2000g in the smallest product
15g scoop = 2100 IU, so 7.14g = 1000 IU
2000g container = 280 1000 IU doses
$105.81 for container (not including Bespoke discount) = $0.38 per 1000 IU dose

To compare bulk price to bulk price, the 4kg Feedmark product is $185.17 and contains 560 doses, making it $0.33 per 1000 IU dose.

Does that sound right?

Yep! I had to go find the product to find how many 2100IU doses they said were there, to make sure your math getting to 280 doses was right, and it is. Nitpicking is 279 doses, with a partial dose left, but that doesn’t budge the cost.

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@JB and others

Are you using the Amazon gelcaps with good success? That is so much cheaper than the horsey ones! My broodmare is on Equithrive’s Vit E and Omega supp, and it seems fine, but if I could cut the cost by 3/4 I would! She eats anything so the gelcaps aren’t an issue.

2 of mine don’t even notice the 2 gelcaps I toss in their food. The 32yo won’t eat them, he clearly knows when he’s bitten one and out it goes.

Honestly, the UltraCruz Natural E, in the 4lb container of powder, at $.13/1000IU, is so easy to feed - odorless, tasteless, mixes in really well. I don’t know what the pellets taste/smell like, but at $.15 or so, it’s still cheaper than what you listed.

Definitely switching, thanks. She is bottom of the totem pole so it will be easier to feed her the gelcaps than a powder even. Don’t want the old bossmare licking up my money and her vitamins!

I ordered their Omega 3 pills too. I think she will eat them? She eats anything usually but if she doesn’t, I guess I can!

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Speaking as one who is now going to switch from Elevate to UltraCruz, can I just give a big shout out of THANKS to JB for making all this make sense!


My pony gets the UltraCruz E pellets - I’m pretty sure they’re in an alfalfa base. They are a bit darker in color and smaller than your typical alfalfa pellets (they have a slightly oily quality, if that makes sense) but the pony finds them VERY palatable. She would happily eat them from my hand. Since she’s got a tendency to inhale anything pellet-y, I mix them with a handful of TC Safe Starch to encourage chewing.
She isn’t a big fan of capsules - will eat them most of the time, but sometimes manages to sift them out of the Safe Starch. When that happens, I pop them and squeeze the contents over the chopped hay.


I use Emcelle, it’s recommended by our local Equine Hospital, and that’s good enough for me. Last time I crunched the numbers, it was comparable and I know/trust that it works. Mine don’t really like the taste of it, so I just syringe it, easy peasy.


I use Emcelle too