Black Hunter Bridles?

Do these exist? I got lucky and found a lovely used Black Country saddle for a great price. It fits my horse and I well. Only catch is that it’s black, so I need to replace my brown bridle and girth.

I know black tack is uncommon/frowned upon in the hunters, but we’ll only be competing locally so I don’t think it will matter much. I can’t justify paying twice as much for the new Black Country just to get a different color.

look in the dressage section. You might have to build one, as you likely don’t want a double bridle, just to take half off.


Definitely! I know scheider’s has one that’s raised and stitched, just like a hunter bridle but black.

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CWD makes their regular caveson bridles in black option including with fancy stitching. I saw a lot of them at a tack shop in Europe.


I’ve also seen the CWD ones, as well as one on Schneider’s (though it’s been awhile and I don’t remember which one), and it looks like Voltaire has one as well.

There’s also this one that’s on clearance, though I have no idea what the quality would be like:

If you don’t have your heart set on fancy stitching, you might be able to use a dressage snaffle bridle. Also, if you don’t mind it not matching perfectly up close, some very dark brown tack (that might oil even a bit darker) looks black from a distance. I have a few bridles that are that dark (though sadly, most don’t seem to be made anymore; my Warwick and State Line Tack Nottinghams come to mind, along with a couple of older Crosbys).

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There’s a NZ brand Hinterland that makes fancy stitch bridles and breastplates that come in black.


Black fancy stitched bridles are a thing in Arabian world. They are around! I had a professional’s choice girth in black several years ago, same kind I use now.

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They’re out there , just a bit harder to find. I got a black , fancy stitch , cavesson bridle by Schockemohle to go with my black Devoucoux .

The other thing is …. Buy any black flash bridle (whole world of dressage bridles) and nearly any leather worker can neatly get rid of the little flash tab. Voila , local level hunter bridle !

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Honestly if you can stomach mismatched tack I doubt many people would notice your saddle is black and your bridle is brown! I have a brown dressage saddle so I have the opposite problem. I just got a new girth that only came in black. I was actually surprised how little I noticed it, but my horse is black so it might be more noticeable with another colored horse. Brown tack is so much prettier to me so I would be tempted to keep using a brown bridle. But I’m not exactly a fashionista…


Personally, unless it really bothers you, I’d just use a dark brown bridle and be done with it. I have been all over the place with tack color recently and came to the conclusion that I just don’t care enough lol. I tried a number of black jump saddles that didn’t fit my horse. We currently are borrowing a brown dressage saddle and my dressage girth is black lol. I just keep telling myself that no one really looks that closely at that stuff, because, really, they shouldn’t care as long as the horse is comfortable and all equipment is clean and in good condition.

Additionally, I LOVE Black Country saddles. They are on my list as possibilities for my very picky horse. Congrats on the new saddle!

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I have the ExionPro Fancy Stitched bridle above (no flash) in black in the lowest leather quality and it is a perfectly nice hunter bridle. I do find the throat latch runs small on the full size ones, but other than that, I was quite satisfied for the price.

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So, I also have a Black Country saddle that is super dark. It’s not black per se, but it may as well be.

I bought an Aramas hunter bridle. It is also super dark. After a little neatsfoot oil, you really can’t tell from a distance that it’s not black.

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Antares black hunter bridle.


Looks like Nunn Finer might make one as well. There’s one on eBay right now.

I have a Lauriche one (new but oiled?) that I’d sell you. I think it might be cob sized.

Also, I have a new, unoiled 5-Star tack one I’d sell you. That will be more expensive. I think I have a horse one of these, as well as a cob.

Neither comes with reins.

PM me if you are interested.


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I decided to be rebel too and have all black saddles and bridles in a hunter world :laughing:

I have a few bridles, the Busse being my favourite but it’s less traditional. I have an older Stubben for show I found on EBay last year for $80, it basically looks new and it’s the older super supple Stubben leather.

I swapped the brow and for a curved plain black because the original was quite tight on my guy.

Have fun, I love tack shopping!!! :heart:

Flexible Fit makes a hunter bridle I really like, but their Havana leather is basically black. Just another option for you! It’s not fancy stitched, though.

So glad to see this thread because I’m also saddle shopping for a quality used saddle. My young gelding has blossomed into resembling a draft-cross field hunter, so he’s outgrown his medium tree saddle. I’ve come across a couple of saddle possibilities in black leather. Some even have-- gasp!– colored leather piping. Since I show Paints, and encrust myself in rhinestones and colored suede for my western classes, I figure a black English saddle, even with piping, won’t raise an eyebrow. I might even start a trend at West World. :grin:

Good to know black hunter bridles exist. Appreciate the tips!


:rofl: love it. Yes, come to the dark side where we have black tack and black saddles with pink piping, black glitter leather or red leather accents :heart_eyes: