Black shirt

Okay I have searched here and googled everywhere and read the rules and I am triple checking with you guys.
Can I wear a proper black shirt with stand up collar under a show coat at a recognized show?

When jackets are waived, I’ve worn a navy shirt (top buttons undone) and never had a TD say anything. If jackets are not waived, my understanding is still shirt, jacket, and stock tie.

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Actually, if you have a stand-up collar, you don’t even have to wear a stock tie! Which is fantastic because I 1) hate putting them on, and 2) think they look ridiculous.


And when you DO have to wear a tie with a coat and a regular shirt collar, it does not have to be a stock tie.

The answer is yes - there is no reference here to shirt colors ex some Pony classes. They even show an example of one that is either navy or black.

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^^^ I think this is a pic of a stock tie showing up against the lapels of a shadbelly w/gold points at the waist. However, as stated, there is no reference to shirt colors.

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Not sure jsut a “stand up collar” is enough. SOme shirts have ruffles etc that take the place of a stock tie. But jsut a button-up with a stand up collar? Not so sure… I’d ask the TD. ALso, if jackets are waived, the shirt has to be without decoration or pattern (so those lovely pretty patterned sunshirts are a no-go…).
And remember to remove the stock tie if going jacketless.

additionally, not really applicable here, but New dress rules go into effect Dec 1.

I’ve worn just a regular (white) show shirt with no stock tie for years and not had any complaints.

Oh, no, I also wore just a plain pale pink one at a (recognized) breast cancer benefit show. No issue there except the judge in DSE telling me it was nice to see a hunter rider “trying dressage” I haven’t seen a colored shirt in the hunter ring in a decade :laughing:


stand up collar alone is fine, as written and illustrated in the rules and the guide linked above.

the only rule about shirts is that they must have sleeves when coats waved.

ties can be conventional neckties, ascots or chokers


I have plenty of times, although I do wear a traditional white stock collar over it with my jacket.

Page four of the document linked by 2Tempe, in the little box serving as caption for the figure (in which the dark shirt has only a stand up collar, it says directly “Two examples of riding shirts with integrated standup collars are shown to the left. BOTH ARE ALLOWED in dressage competitions and may be used instead of a tie, choker or stock tie.”

The first sentence on that page also says “short riding coat of conservative color, with tie, choker, stock tie or integrated stand-up collar,” (emphasis mine).

It’s in the rule book, no need to ask the TD :slight_smile:


This is the best news I could hear on a friday before a show!!

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the dressage rule book is so well and deeply written that I consider it dressage 101

Thanks you guys! Off to the show tomorrow in my black shirt and black saddle pad! :flushed::grinning:


I’ve been showing in Fla without stock tie since about 30 seconds after the rule was changed. Less is more when its hot. Though only once did i not wear my tailcoat when coats were waived… :smiley:

thanks all!

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Well, I got called to the judges booth after my test today to discuss my black shirt (worn with my coat). I feel like it all ended up alright but the judge (and also me) talked to the TD about it. I was in the right but the judge told me I needed to read the rules. I explained that I had and I did not believe it said “light colored shirt.” Both of them told me I should probably wear a stock. :expressionless: At the very least I should wear a shirt that was “more obviously a shirt made for riding” than what I wore even though it’s a integrated collar shirt.

sheesh what a way to ruin a day. That is the risk when being a trail-blazer. One hopes after then end of next season judges and TDs will have seen it all and will concede that the old rules have really changed.


Wow, sorry to hear this. Glad you could educate them a little, I guess, but I’m pretty shocked the judge would say something considering she was wrong. And that the TD would also say you should probably wear a stock - it’s either required or not (which its not). How annoying for you!


I hope they looked up the appropriate rule with you and apologized when they saw they were clearly wrong.