Bookmarks - why don’t they work? Is there another way to “subscribe”?

I am not a convert to the new site, and I have to admit I’ve avoided it, largely because I was so upset that my dozens of subscribed threads disappeared with no warning during the transition, and the response was half-hearted at best. I had no will to try to remember them or search them out again, or even to continue using the forums.

Recently I’ve been poking around again. But - subscriptions seem to no longer be a thing, as best I can tell, and I can’t find any way to save posts that interest me or that I want to return to. I see a bookmark function, but I cannot get it to work - I get a 500 error every time I try to save one, no matter what options I choose.

So I’m left with no way that I can discover, even after doing my best to search this forum, to save a post that I want to come back to. (I assume - though I’m not sure - that if I commented, I’d be “subscribed”? Or the post would be saved/bookmarked? Or not??)

What am I doing wrong or missing? Can anyone help?

I won’t comment on the web site, it is what it is and free and thankful for any, if we like it or not, not our call to make there.

As for posts you have read, this site does bookmark them, will show up as “unread” if someone added posts to them until there are not any more such and then it will offer similar posts from the new posts.

To find other posts you may be interested in that are not being suggested, you can click on that big C on the left of the dark bar at the top and you can see a list of posts by forums.

You can also click then on any one forum and a menu of threads will show up, any you have read previously will have a smaller green dot on the left, click on them to see what else has been posted on them.

On the bottom of pages are also suggestions about other posts and places to click to see unread posts, new posts, etc.
There are more than one way to navigate, click around.

After you play with all that a bit, you will figure a way to cruise around that fits your interest best.
Hope that helps.


Have you tried clicking the bell at the bottom of the thread on the right? It allows for different notification options for the thread.



You can also go to your Preferences and then select Notifications. From there you can choose what your defaults are for following threads (whether you automatically get notifications after you’ve read a thread for a period of time, or after you’ve posted on a thread, for example).

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To go along with the amazing advice that @Jenerationx posted above, I want to add something else that I find helpful. Any thread you have posted in will show up if you hit the ‘my posts’ option.

I have found it helpful more than once.

There is an amazing thread in this section of the forum that has lots of well written tips on using the forum in the first post.

Thank you for the replies, but… I’m not looking for notifications. What I’m looking for is bookmarks. That is, saving posts I want to come back to, even if I haven’t posted in them. The alternative might be a list of posts for which I’m receiving notifications, an equivalent to the old sites list of subscribed threads. But all I can find is a list of notifications. This doesn’t help if it’s a post for which there haven’t been any notifications.

Without either functioning bookmarks or a list of posts for which I’ve signed up to receive notifications, there’s no way that I can find for me to save posts that I might want to come back to (that I haven’t necessarily contributed to). Am I still missing something?

Sorry, I am confused what you want.

You want to be able to come back to threads, the whole discussion, even if it has not changed? Is that what you are saying?

Edit to add: Again, sorry that I am not understanding your question. This new forum has lots of great features so I have no doubt there is a way to make happen what you want to happen, if we understand what that is.

No, I don’t think there’s a way to list all of your tracking or watching threads. You can track or watch to see new replies on the unread tab.

The bookmark ability IS exactly what you’re looking for, but has been broken since shortly after the launch of the board. It did work briefly.

You can always save bookmarks in the browser. That’s probably your best option.

Yes, that’s what I want. Is it so strange? Sometimes there’s a discussion - say, of people’s favorite blankets, or ideas for clothes for cold weather riding, or a training-related discussion, or a discussion of best trainers in a certain area, etc etc - that I think I might find interesting or useful in the future, or might want to come back to - if I need a new trainer, or when winter comes, or whatever. I want to be able to find those threads again.

ETA: I should have said to be clear, even if they haven’t changed since I last looked at them, and even if I didn’t contribute to them.

In the old forum, I used subscriptions for this. I could go into my profile and see a list of all the threads I was subscribed to. (To my great dismay, this list, compiled over many years, disappeared in the transition, and I had no chance to save my favorites, which is what I was referring to in my initial post.) But - it seems like there’s no similar way to save them in the new forum anyway, since it seems the bookmark function is what I need, and according to Simkie’s comment below, it’s broken. Which is why it’s not working for me I guess!!

Okay I’ll just have to figure something else out. Thanks for the help!

I was just not understanding what you wanted. Sorry.

Bookmarking a thread on your device as you do any other website works also.

@Amordoro I really empathize with the desire to have threads bookmarked IN the forum. When it worked, it was very slick. Bookmarked threads were all kept in the profile, and because they were tied to the account, it didn’t matter what device you were on. You just had to click your avatar in the upper right & then the bookmark icon. You could include a little note to remind yourself why you were saving the thread, and you could set a reminder to generate a notification to go check in on it. It was cool!

But it broke in the first few weeks after the move. It was supposed to come back? But it’s obviously still busted. Hey @Moderator_1 any chance it might be fixed at some point? It really was a neat feature. :blush:

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