Boots for short legs that are not stick thin

I tried to revive an old thread but it would not let me so here goes. I am short with wide feet. My calves do not look heavy or muscular to me but they are not as stick thin as the boot makers seem to think normal legs are. I have read all the old threads, I joined Dressage Boots Addicts Anon on FB but nobody has boots that fit me. I still have some gorgeous custom Dehner boots from decades ago that cut off the circulation in my legs when I wore them way back when. They didn’t fit then when I was skinny and will never fit now.

I need 16 inches tall from the floor to the crease in the back of my knee and 16’5 to 17 inches around in the calf so I can fit britches and socks in the boots. Not wearing really tight boots again. I want plain black dress boots with no foo foo. For everyday riding and maybe nice enough for a clinic. I see that Konigs do semi custom? Who else does and what brands come in short and wide? I can’t find any in those measurements.

I think Deniro and Ariat come in short and wide.

Theoretically. But Ariat has been having major restock issues since Covid.

Gallors have been great for me and very affordable. I’m sure they can do that size.

I will check those out. Thanks!

I asked in July, And got boots that fit! Not-too-tall boots!

And yes I tried Ebay. Lots of Dehners and Vogels that looked fantastic but they were too tall and skinny.

This is what I got. They run wide!

I am short with same issue - I don’t feel like my calves look big, but according to every bootmaker, they are. The best thing I’ve found that wasn’t custom are Mountain Horse boots. They have more varied options so it was easier to get close to my measurements. I do need to wear a quarter inch heel riser in them, but otherwise they’re like a glove.

I second what MsM posted. The Tuffrider boots tend to run wide. Their "regular’ calf is wider than the typical off the shelf boot. They also offer a short and wide option for their field and dress boots. I don’t like super tight books (or stiff stove pipe style because I jump too) and my Tuffriders (regular calf) fit perfect out of the box and I would buy them again.

I’m on the lookout for soft(ish) boots without decoration. Just plain and as soft as they can be and still stay up. Looking for something un-fancy. My legs aren’t pencil thin, but they’re not wide either. I’m short and have wide duck-feet (barefoot a lot, now in crocs a lot). I think i usually wear a nine or nine and a half in normal boot-boots. size 8 in crocs. I bought a pair of custom field boots and got rid of the horrible things. They were entirely too painful…triple layer at heel and rigid as heck. ~~so now i know what i DON’T want!

As usual, I recommend Kingsley. Great range of stock sizes, reasonably priced, and extremely comfortable. Contact

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Ariat’s wide is 14.5”. :expressionless: I’ve had better luck with Dover’s house brand of boots in a wide, which is about 16”.

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Ariat wide was 15.75. Extra wide was 16.75. For the heritage at least.

I also have the Tuff Rider boots. They fit my short leg and calf well enough, but I find the footbed really uncomfortable. You get what you pay for, but I can’t even stand wearing them while I tack up or untack my horse. Is that just me?

i am too old to suffer for fashion. Not me, not-no-more. I seek comfort first, then style. I have an idea, it fits my personal aesthetic…will take a pic and see what hivemind thinks… I have the most comfortable boots, regular boots, they don’t have the outside whoop-ie-doo thingy that goes up, and they are quite too tall for my leg. I’m thinking of having them cut around the front, back and inside leaving an upswept dressage looking thingy on the outside…have the top reinforced to stay stiffly up. They have a slouch to them, soft beige grey (my mare’s color). It will look ‘different’ for sure, being a soft leather. (weird i know, but i never claimed to be normal) And it’s not like i’m riding for points or medals…just trying to put a cohesive look together that makes my mare look pretty and me feel good.

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What size feet do you have? Kind of critical for finding boots.

If you have size 7, you have lots of options. If you’re more a 6, Tuff Rider Plus Rider are the only off the shelf I know of which would fit you, because boot companies think the salf grows 3 inches in width between the two sizes.

Not in small sizes. I’ve bought and returned several pairs. :sob:

Kingsley. I do not fit into off the shelf boots either. The Kingsly fitter took measurements and now I have a pair of gorgeous boots that fit my size 7.5 wide feet, big calves and short tibias…and no break-in blisters whatsoever. All for just under $800
Kingsley is fabulous.

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Petrie has a very wide range of size combinations off the shelf. Dressage Extensions is good about helping find the right size.

Good luck!