Not-too-tall boots!

I have been riding in half chaps forever. I would like to get a pair of tall boots but have run into difficulties finding some that might fit. Last time I got boots there were no zippers and getting them broken in was the biggest issue!

I have only tried a couple IRL, but am discouraged looking at the measurements online. Foot is not too bad - I need a roomy toe box and not narrow size 81/2 to 9 (39) I would like a softer leather and seem to be in a “medium” calf in most brands.

The problem is the height. I measure 15" (about 38 cm) from the floor to the back of my knee. Even the “short” versions seem to be way taller. And now that boots have zippers, shortening them would seem to be more difficult and expensive.

Do I have any budget friendly options?

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What is “budget friendly?”

I have a couple pairs from Gallors and I’m about 16" up the back - and I think they have an “extra short” height. They are $750 inclusive of a lot of custom options.

I’m in the same boat…size 7/7.5, reg to narrower calf and short. I haven’t had a pair of boots that fit well since I was a junior. I’ve been told if I want something that really comfortably fits I’m going to need to go custom or semi custom. Recently someone suggested Ego7 as a brand that has a shorter range and I believe they also have semi custom options. I haven’t really checked them out but people seem to like them.

I find Mountain Horse boots run a bit on the shorter side. They’re in the $300-$400 range. I’ll also say that I’ve had mine for 2 years now (and had another pair for 5-6 years before that) and had no problems, but some people found the zippers ripped out within a year or so… maybe they prefer the boots to be tighter than I do. Not sure…

That said, I also think the toeboxes are on the narrower side, so YMMV.

I’m a 7.5US/38UK, 5’1’’, with very narrow legs. Ego7 and Tucci are the first boots I’ve found to fit me off the rack. Ego7 are obviously half the price - I just got a pair as my schooling boots and really like them!

Depends on your definition of budget friendly, but with the Euro hovering around $1, it’s a good time to order custom from Europe. Pioneer and Celeris are two brands that are more affordable in the made to measure market. Petrie has some affordable models too. If you dig enough and bide your time, sometimes you can also find a pair someone else had custom made and returned, at a deeper discount.

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Ideally I would like to be around $500. I hesitate to splash out more for semi-custom when I cant see/feel and don’t know if they will really work for me.

I’m looking at ordering from this site - when I put a pair in my basket and did checkout to the US, VAT was removed, which puts the the €609 models just under $500 if you don’t add extra bling. Pioneers are about the same.

Kingsley for sure. I have tiny feet, stupid short legs and very muscular calves and their stock boots fit like custom made. Great design options and great price. Contact

If you’re not on a hurry, browse ebay. Used customs can be found at a fraction of the price. You may get lucky and find someone with splat measurements looking to get rid of their boots.

I’m 5’1, and this is what I currently ride in. They’re not fancy, but they fit me off the rack and have lasted since 2018.

There is a Facebook group, Dressage Boot Addicts Anonymous, that has been full of boots for sale, some new, some used. Lots of people find boots by doing an “in search of” ad that includes their measurements. I’ve seen boots for all shapes and sizes of riders.

What are the toes like on those tuffrider field boots? (i like a big roomy toe. Pointy/narrow toes make me angry after a couple of hours)

Wow, thanks! They have a pair for cheap that seem like they would work! Just ordered. :grin:


Oh, I hope you like them! Tell me if they work out! And yes, they are tough (tuff?) and very reasonable, so for the price, even if you just use them for schooling, definitely worth it! It’s so much easier than fussing with both paddock boots and half-chaps!

They’re very wide at the toe! And required no breaking in time.

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are they rounded looking? or a squaredoff point?

The website has a pretty good representation (and a far better photo than I could take)!

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UPDATE: the boots came quickly and they are just the right height! :smiley: Unfortunately they are too wide. I got “regular calf” but they are very loose. I never in my life took “slim calf” But I ordered them and will return these. I am guessing that their “baroque” line is for bigger girls!


I’m looking closely at these… How accurate do you feel the foot sizing is? I have zero idea what my foot size is actually…i live in clogs and muckboots (that i buy too large cause i like lots of room)