Bought A Horse - Update

Well, it didn’t turn out to be the best match between Templar and me. And certainly not between Templar and my best friend.

After a week at our barn, we decided he had settled in well and were ready to ride. His former owner said she would feel better if she was there to “talk us through” that first ride. I left work early to be there and we were very excited.

He saddled easily and took the new bit nicely (a french link, loose right snaffle). Former owner lunges him. He is a little looky, but still a good boy. Former owner gets on and does w/t/c without issue. She states that she thinks he likes the bit (she had never heard of it and had expressed reservations about it.

I got on, no problem. Short horses rule! The former owner walked around next to us in the arena. I asked her to wait with my friend over the the gate so I could get a sense of him without her right there at his shoulder.

He whirled and bucked and launched me. No harm done. He was lunged and the former owner rode him again without issue. I get back on and he does the same thing. Whirls around in circles and bucking hard. I came off again and this time I didn’t get back on because I couldn’t get back up.

Two broken ribs and a collapsed lung later, along with a two day stay in the hospital, there was no discussion. He was back with the former owner before I was ever discharged. I was in tears when I saw my friend. She has decided that it is just too anxiety provoking to ride. So she is closing that part of her life. I feel horrible. If I hadn’t come off and been injured like that, she wouldn’t feel like she is ready to quit horses.

This was supposed to a fun horse that was broke and safe. I have since heard from people here that the horse has had a history of bucking. The former owner admitted that when I called her and she said that she thought his bucking had been resolved with Adequen. But she also said she hadn’t ridden him since hast fall.

I don’t feel ready to quit horses. But I don’t know if I will ever trust a seller enough to actually buy again. And that makes me sad and angry, A little honesty goes a long way.


Yikes, I’m sorry you were injured! That sounds incredibly rough and the seller sounds incredibly sketchy. Had they disclosed that the horse was (supposedly) on Adequen? It is beyond negligent that they let you get on TWICE without telling you about that issue (or at least the second time after he launched you). Jiggles for a quick and easy recovery.


This is a huge problem. It seems like everyone selling a horse lies. I only buy weanlings and yearlings so my luck is a little better, but whenever someone asks me to help them find a broke horse, I am terrified. The things sellers do to disguise behavior issues is appalling. I am so so sorry this happened to you!


I’m so sorry. What an awful experience.

I really hope that after you have time to heal, you’ll get the chance to ride again as a part of your life.

Good luck and good healing!

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There are so many horses that don’t buck like broncos. Really the behavior you describe is very rare. However it’s going to be overrepresented in horses for sale, and downplayed. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope you heal up OK and find a sane horse.


Well, damn. Thats really bad.

Feel better soon.


Wow. Sorry you got hurt. What the heck was original owner thinking?

There’s a lot of good sellers and horses out there. I hope you find them

I hope your friend changes her mind


Original seller “feeling better if she was there for the first ride” is very sketchy to me. If a seller walked next to me as I walked, I’d really be questioning her thinking - except now we know what she was thinking.

Really sorry this happened to you and hope you recover quickly and have a friend with a safe, chill packer to cart you around for a few fun, no pressure rides to get your head back in the game!


Which is why I asked her to wait over by the gate with my friend. I couldn’t figure out why the seller wanted to micromanage the process. From the PPE to getting him settled at our barn, she wanted to be right there.

My vet thinks she might have had him dosed with some OTC calming paste. We rode him before we bought him. He was quiet and super easy.


I am so sorry this happened. Lying horse sellers just suck.



Oh totally, and I wasn’t questioning your process of buying and vetting him either! I’m sure you did your homework and unfortunately sometimes sellers are just a little too…“creative”.


Ouch :persevere:
Sorry you got hurt.
& Sorry you ran into a seller who was a real POS :confused:
Also sad to hear your partner in the horse is backing out.
If you listed this info, I apologise, but can you ride some confidence-boosting schoolies. Maybe even with an eye to purchase?
:crossed_fingers:for you to find the Right Horse.


I know, that seems like a huge red flag. But hindsight is 20/20. And it can be so difficult to maintain your normal boundaries when you’re horse shopping. You can end up going out of your comfort zone so often that you forget where it stops.


Gracious! That’s awful. Are you ok? I cracked one rib and it hurt like hell for days.

That seller should be ASHAMED.


I did clarify I wasn’t critiquing her boundaries. Just commenting on how shocking the seller’s actions are in hindsight.


If you incurred expenses as a result of your hospital stay, I think you should consider suing the seller. In small claims court, you can represent yourself, so you wouldn’t even need an attorney.

I’m just so disgusted with sellers who lie or conceal even when it means putting potential buyers at risk. You potentially have a pretty strong case since the seller admitted his history of bucking, other witnesses at the barn confirmed it, and the seller acted so squirrelly while you were trying him. That really smacks of gross negligence or recklessness, possibly even outright fraud.


Oh NO! I’m so sorry! That was such an irresponsible thing for the seller to do. I hope you heal quickly.


So sorry this happened to you! Really hope that if money changed hands you get that back, and I’m so glad you aren’t ready to give up on horses quite yet. So sorry about your friend as well.

Just the other day I got on a horse for the first time without being quietly nervous mounting after having a horse that bolted away from the mounting block-- that was over a year ago. I don’t believe the seller was honest with me about that horse either. It is really unkind what people will choose not to tell you.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


No worries! I didn’t feel like anyone is out of line here.

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