Brazilian Dressage Rider Gets 3 Year Ban For Abuse

Poor wee pony. That video… and
The laughing …


The moral of the story is, don’t video and certainly don’t post online your Come to Jesus training moments.


I read where he described his training as half halts. :grimacing:.


No. Not half halts. But I’m not prepared to say this was too much force for a broncy little Shetland :slight_smile:

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Imo the combination of his size relative to his mount in addition to the force used does make this very abusive. It’s ugly and uncomfortable for me to watch. If that pony that small required a “come to Jesus” correction they should have, at the very least, found a confident small teenager or very petite woman.


True. The size is a bit much.


The videoing the pony flipping over the jump and then the laughter in the background gives me “Don’t F*ck with Cats” vibes… animal cruelty is just so unforgivable.


Broncy or not it seemed excessive. And I rode an evil Shetland as a small child. I agree the man was way too big and thinking a correction for a bad pony or perhaps a bite would stick long after the transgressions was cringey. How many times do we question bad behavior in horses as pain or poor riding ? Why give a pass here ? School the child or the handler don’t abuse the pony.


Come-to-Jesus moments are not nearly the same thing as this trash.
His size in-and-of itself is abuse to be riding that teeny pony.


I read the article but wasn’t aware there was a video to view. I won’t watch it as it will make me sad, angry and p*ssed off. How much goes on in the world of horses that we will never know.


I can’t bring myself to watch

That is horrific. Sharply jagging a horse like that is not training in any way, shape, or form. There is no teaching there. It’s straight up sadism and abuse. The laughing just makes it that much more sick.

The rider is, of course far, far too large for this poor pony.

The argument that it’s a naughty shetland and ponies need severe corrections now and then… (corrections that I would be horrified to see on any size horse)… I think that’s BS, and I’ll leave it at that.


I think the moral of the story is don’t abuse animals.


Beyond the obvious abuse, have I ever mentioned how much I hate untrained herding dogs around horses? I was getting uncomfortable with how the dog was acting, let alone the pony.

Dogs and horses, fine. Herding dogs not herding horses, fine. Herding dogs herding horses that are supposed to be listening to a rider? Not fine.

Train your damn dogs to remain in a down-stay outside the arena!!


There was no “training” involved in this disgusting episode. He claimed to be “correcting” the pony for biting his daughter. Explain to me how a horse would connect this abuse with the act of biting?


Did you see the whole video?


Where do you see broncy? They claimed this “correction” was because this, at the time, stallion pony, bit his two year old daughter.

Do you really think 1. That the correction got through to the pony?
2. That a stallion pony is appropriate for a very young child?


Seriously? First of all, the pony was being “corrected”/abused for BITING. So you think that this huge guy manhandling this pony gets a “no biting” message across? Ongoing many minutes of bullshit riding? I have just lost all respect for you.


And who laughs during a “correction” anyways?

If my horse bit someone, I definitely would instantly correct them, not like that though. And nothing about it would be amusing. The correction wouldn’t last long enough to have a chuckle. I don’t understand it being funny. They act like sadists.


Animals don’t learn anything from abuse - that is NOT training! Maybe he should educate the kids on how to be more effective and correct bad behavior in a non-abusive manner. What he did was out of ego and anger. It is unacceptable! He should serve time as far as I am concerned! I’m so tired of animal abusers getting off with a slap on the wrist and the abuse laws not be enforced or anyone being prosecuted and really punished. Laws mean nothing if they aren’t consistently enforced!