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Breeches! Help needed!

I have not bought a new pair of breeches in the last 5-7 years and it seems that things have changed. There are a TON of new brands I’m not familiar with and unfortunately are not available locally for me to try on in person. Before I spend an exorbitant amount of money ordering online, and inevitably returning, I figured I would ask here first.

My absolute favorite breech (and pretty much all I own) is the Pikeur Ciara. Much to my dismay, they seem to be being discontinued. I went to Dover and tried on RJs, Dovers brand and Tredstep but was not overly impressed with any of them. I am not a TS fan. The fit is ok for me but I despise the cotton blend material of the Trophy Hunters.

I’m particularly interested in the Equilines, Cavalleria Toscana and Struck breeches but I have absolutely no idea how any of them run size wise and all the sizes are German or Italian. I am typically a normal 28 (40 in Pikeur) but can do a long depending on the brand. I carry more of my weight in my butt and thighs, so brands that are very straight cut don’t tend to work for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?!

Signed an overwhelmed amateur getting back into riding :upside_down_face:

I haven’t tried CTs, but I thought Equilines were too thin material and not flattering. I wanted to like them but really did not. I have a similar body type and do like Struck, but recommend sizing down especially in lighter fabrics. The lighter fabrics are also a little bit thinner and less compressive, but not as bad about that as Equiline, to me. I school now mostly in Struck since my TS started wearing out in the crotch and butt way faster than they used to. And I do like their “white 2.0” if you need whites, which are beige on the inside so less see-through. They use sizing in inches.


I am the same size as you. Normally a 42 in Cavellaria Toscana and Equiline I wear a 46 :sob:

I have strucks and like them a lot, though I feel like after wearing them ALL day they bag just a tiny tiny bit. My favorite material are the Equilines - funny enough, contrary to the above poster, I love the material and find it the perfect thickness. I think the CTs are somewhere in between struck and Equiline in terms of material. I found they don’t hold me in as much as Equiline, but don’t bag out at all. I personally prefer CT for schooling and not for showing.

I do second sizing down one for Struck, CT is true to size, and obviously sizing way up in Equiline.

Throwing it out there that I recently bought a pair of Samshields for showing and I LOVE them. I got a 26, but could do a 28 also. I don’t like the price and the fact that they’re made in China for that price, but I digress. I’d buy 5 more pairs if I could.

I thought I was helping but after I typed all that out, I’m not sure if that is helpful :joy:


Just googled. It looks like Pikeur Ciara are still available at Smartpak. They show 28L in a Beige called Safari still available.

ETA: They also seem to be still available from a place called Hadfields Saddlery in Royal Palm Beach, FL, and Big Dee’s Tack in Streetsboro, OH.

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I have the same body type as you, and the Ciaras are one of my favorites as well :slight_smile:

Out of the brands you mentioned, the Cavalleria Toscana American breeches are my hands-down favorites by far. I wear a 42 in those (28L in most other breeches). I liked the fabric of Struck but I had a bit of waist gap with them and they were really tight in the thighs, so if I went up a size they’d be huge in the waist for me. I couldn’t find a style of Equilines or Samshields that fit well, they all had waist gapping for me too.

Another to look at is For Horses - I am a 46 in those (!) but I love the fabric and stretch. Animo is ok but are pretty hit or miss (the NA breeches fit great, other styles not at all). I also like the Romfh Sarafinas.

I’m also bigger in the butt/thighs and swear by my Ariats. Great fabric, they hold up for years (and I’m a pro so I abuse them), and the price is unbeatable compared to other popular brands, especially when you find them on sale. I have 7 pairs. :grimacing: The only thing that could be an issue is if you don’t like a lower rise (I prefer it!).


I was afraid I’d have to size way up in some of the brands! Shopping for breeches is so… humbling (see also: degrading) :sweat_smile:

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Agree! Low rise isn’t always my favorite but it’s worth it in these

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Cavalleria Toscana Americans are GREAT. I had clients stay their same size (just converted to IT) and a few size down, actually. Though I’d say most stayed the same. If you’re a 28, I’d say try the 42 in the Americans.

As for Struck, those were always my breech of choice. Plus the white has a tan lining so - no see through ever. They run true to size but also have inbetween sizes. I wore a 29, because I found they fit me best and didn’t get baggy in the but. If you’re a 28 America, I’d try a 27 or 28.

Equiline & For Horses are going to run close to the same (except the newer For Horse Material - you only need to size up one in those, a few people stayed true size). In the less stretchy material - I’d suggest sizing up two.

I also quite liked the Ego 7 breeches. Most of my old clients were true to size in those, but I did have a few ladies size up.

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Great thread. I’m a 28L and Pikeur cierra fit well (but a bit hot in summer). Looking for other brands that come in L (Pikeur, Ariat, others??). Have a few Animo’s (…cuz vendor said ran “super long”) and crotch is mid-thigh in a few hours. Do you know of other brands that come in a definitive long [not run long]. I’m 5’11” with long legs.


There’s a few different fabrics equiline uses. The 4-season is incredibly flattering and holds up to a ton of wear. It almost feels wetsuit-ish but breathes really well even in the heat and humidity.


We didn’t carry anything outside of TS that actually came in “R or L”.
Most of your French & Italian brands won’t have that option.

ROMFH does come in R or L.
You might find them similar to the Pikeurs that you like.

I also haven’t had a pair in a long time, but the Hadleys from Smartpak come in R & L.

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Struck! I love that Struck makes a 27. So comfy. I’m 5’9 and in these photos probs somewhere around 155? I too carry my weight in thigh and hip…


All of my breeches now (5 pairs) are either Horse Pilot or Vestrum. I wear a larger size than you do and I also carry most of my extra weight between my stomach and hips. I’m about 5’7" and all of my breeches are on the longer side, but not so long that they’re bunched up at the bottom. I got all of mine on sale, so I didn’t pay the full price. I used to dislike the more tech fabrics, but honestly I’ve grown to love them

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Thanks maybe I’ll give them another try.

Tiny, apple-bottomed person here. I’m in love with my Samshield breeches. I should probably mandate that I"m buried in them, should I pass away.
For schooling, I’m in love with my BVertigo super stretchy ones. In both, I can wear 24 or 26, but I will go up to 28 for a looser fit when I’m not being a gym rat.


Highly recommend the KL Select Gabriel breech. Beautiful material, technical fabric that doesn’t stretch out after being the the saddle. Beautiful colors and come in kp and full seat. Fit is true to size.

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How about S? Tropical Riders came in S length and I so appreciated it. I was a Kerrits fan for many years but all their breeches have been made several inches longer. I can’t possibly be the only short-fat-legged rider out there!


My breeches drawer is more or less dominated by Free Rides in various forms. I love their Lux version for schooling and have several pairs of their Pro for shows. They’re not ultra cheap, but they’re more affordable than the ultra high end brands and I’ve been really impressed with how they hold up.
They’re also having a sale on some colors/styles right now! https://shopfre.com/collections/s-a-l-e

No, unfortunately the shop I managed mostly had euro breeches with the exception of Struck & TS.
A lot of my short riders rode in struck and folded the thin sock bottom, but I know that absolutely isn’t ideal. I also had a client tailor breeches.