Breeders Cup 2022 - Keeneland

Well… it is finally happening! I originally won a trip to BC in spring of 2020… a friend had the winning bid at a charity auction and gave the trip to me as a gift. I was so happy - and then… COVID. So Keeneland 2020 was a no go. Del Mar 2021 was advised against by the guy who is hosting me - as he said there were limited services and it would not be the same as a full-blown BC. He suggested we wait a year as it would be back at Keeneland which is where I wanted to go to begin with! So here we are in 2022 - and I am off to Lexington, KY on Thursday, November 3 before BC starts on Friday.

It was supposed to be a trip for 2 - but any friend who had any interest had conflicts of some kind - so in the end I told my host it would just be me. I have had my hotel reservations and airline reservations sent to me - no info on actual grandstand tickets yet. I am SO excited!! My first actual holiday since 2018!! Yeah, it is only 4 days - but it is a holiday!!

Is anyone else going?


And who are you rooting for?! Will Flightline stay healthy?


Have fun! You’re very lucky. What a nice gift from your friend.

Keep us posted! I am excited to see Flightline run again. There are so many good horses, so a lot of good races this year.

My husband and I will be there! So excited to see Flightline in the flesh - hoping we get to watch history be made!


Have lots of fun! I will be in the area but unable to attend the BC. Someday I shall cross it off my bucket list… sigh.

I had tickets for 2020, nice ones, trackside reserved seat at the 16th pole on Fri, Clubhouse with no seat Sat. Lived a 2hr drive away. Had every intention of going this year and a lock on the same or similar seats, where you can actually see the track and horses. Arranged my vacation that week too.

Unfortunately my long time employer did some shifting around due to the pandemic and not wanting to retire or quit I now live in Florida. Between the hassle of flying into LEX, SDF or CVG and the astronomical cost of rent cars in all these locations plus jacked up hotel rates with a 3 night minimum? Can afford it but don’t see it as best use of funds at this point.

Since I will not be there, it will be 70f and dry, gorgeous weather both days with a fast track and firm turf, Flightline will win by 15 lengths setting a new track and Classic record and the both days drama free.

If I were to go, it would be 48f, foggy and drizzling with sloppy track and yielding turf, Flightline will develop a fever or take a bad step in his last AM gallop and scratch and there will be much controversy and drama.

Not on topic but instead planning on a little vacay driving A1A up the Treasure Coast with at least one full day at the Space Center to see everything, that is a bucket list item for me. But, will be watching all BC races at home and following on here.

Enjoy if you are going.

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Flightline arrives at Keeneland. This video has a good shot of the scar on Flightline’s off hindquarter. Wow.


“Look of eagles”, he has that for sure.


I have watched a couple of Flightline’s workouts since the Pacific Classic. My, but his movement is so efficient and he flies!



His motion is remarkable isn’t it? He has that very self possessed expression as well. Such a lovely horse.


I can’t imagine the scene when he incurred that scar. Million dollar yearling purchase seriously hurt! His caretakers must have been going crazy. And breaking the news to the owners? :grimacing:

It’s what horses do, right? They don’t care how much someone has paid for them. :wink:

Damn, he’s a looker;


@findeight, that’s a bummer of huge magnitude. Of all the times to attend the Breeder’s Cup, this year would be one of the best.

@smoofox and @Tha_Ridge, please keep us up on the horses when you attend. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish Flightline was on the radar when I had to make a decision on the trip. They were offering me tickets until late summer when a few of 2 year olds blew away their classmates and the day after Flightline won that race at Del Mar got the sorry sold out e mail.

Couple of those 2 year olds, by Justify IIRC, would have been worth seeing in person.

That scar reminded me of something one of our long time posters quoted many years ago…

Horses spend their time looking for expensive ways to die in inconvenient places.


Off to try to find other videos showing JC’s movement…

Bummer that they (the trackside vets) would scratch him based on little to nothing.

Letruska is out…

Especially with clean rads (“clean” being a relative term in the context of racing).

But no one wants a repeat of Mongolian Groom, so I can understand the concern. Of course there’s also a possibility that something else has popped up; I guess we’ll know when Brown et al have something to say about the colt’s future.

Letruska needs to be retired, IMO. She’s definitely lost a step.


I can understand being cautious, but it just seems a bit odd that the vets were already saying they’d scratch him day of.

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Should be some good racing this weekend for sure.
I have a few of my favorites already picked out. Still debating a few other races.
Going to Vegas
War like Goddess
Jackie’s Warrior
Hot Rod Charlie (but also Flightline)