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British Horse Documentary on PBS from the 80s?

When I was a kid, my Mom taped for me off of PBS (I believe) a British (not sure if it was BBC) documentary that was merely titled “Horses.” It was a 4-5 part series, and began with evolution of the horse, how horses were used in war and industry and how they moved into companions and horse sports. I remember them spending time talking about the evolution of how tack was used, etc. The series also used clips from old movies to demonstrate different ways horses were used.

I remember her taping this for me sometime in the late 80s. I’m assuming that is when the series was produced, but I could be wrong.

Over the years, I’ve tried obsessively googling and going down several wormholes to find more info on this series, and whether it exists via streaming or at least DVD, but I’ve had no luck. I’d loved to watch it again, I can even remember the theme song.

I’m hoping this might seem familiar to another COTH-er?! Help!!

Perhaps the Horse In Sport series of videos are what you saw. We got the tape on Driving, still think it is a wonderful way to introduce folks to Combined Driving. Other tapes were on Polo and ridden sports. All started the same with great music, then went into detail on that sport. A search should locate some old tapes for sale. Never put on CD that I know of.


Thanks for the response! I looked up Horse in Sport on youtube, but alas it is not the series I am looking for.

Bumping this up in case anyone missed this over the weekend.

There was a History Channel series called “War Horse”…great series on the use of the horse thru history. I have looked for it, but have not found it in DVD. I taped it (VHS) off the History channel back when it was broadcast

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Not 80s but is BBC - how about Martin Clunes series called ‘Horsepower’?

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The Noble Horse? PBS 1999? It was National Geographic though…

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I remember this. Lucinda Green was the commentator. I taped a few episodes. It was great!

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Lucinda green MBE is on facebook. why not ask her ? There is no reference to her list of TV work on Wiki I remember both Horses in sport and Martins series, but not familiar with this one

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Lucinda Green’s imdb.com page lists a TV series, “A Question of Sport” 1979-1980, if that helps.

OOPS, no, that’s a quiz show, that wouldn’t be it.

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OMG! @LookmaNohands I think you solved my mystery! You totally made my day, this has been haunting me for years! I have no memory of details of the show so I googled Lucinda Green and found this:


Scroll down and under TV 1989 to present day it lists this:

  • In 1985, with actor Ian Ogilvy, made the six-part documentary "Horses" which was released on Channel 4 and later world-wide.
This is definitely sounds like the series I had taped on VHS!! I haven't had too much time to investigate, but hopefully now that I have much better info I can take some time to see if I can find any clips online, or maybe even a version on DVD?!

Well, now I want to see it for both Lucinda Green and for Ian Ogilvy, who was a hottie in the eyes of my preteen self in The Return of the Saint, lol.


Someone mentioning ‘horsepower’ reminded me of a short documentary I saw in 2010, that the most hauntingly beautiful accompanying music. I have Googled like crazy and have not found it, but would love to. It was black and white, and was actually a montage of several stills.
I recall there was a picture of mules, and old horse-drawn wagons. I think there was a name in the credits of G Boisjo. I have Googled that name to no avail. If anyone has a clue what that was, and if it is online somewhere, I would be grateful, thanks!

I loved this, and still have several episodes on VHS - just nothing to play them on. I have tried to find it online, but the closest thing I have is the book of the series. It’s called Horses; their role in the history of man, and it’s by Elwyn Hartley Edwards, who also edited the DK horse encyclopaedias for a while. The series was a Channel 4 / Scottish Television production.

Nice to to hear someone else remembers it fondly


So, I had the “Horse in Sport” documentary for showjumping and it was excellent. Featured the first woman to win at Aachen- Gail Greenough. The whole thing was so well done- well I had it since the 80;s and now my VCR broke and I threw it out with a lot of things- I am seriously mad at myself as it was something I watched over and over again. I cannot find it anywhere- does anyone know how I could go about getting my hands on it?

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I’m pretty sure I’ve got that on VHS. Taped off our TV and need to see if VHS machine still plugged in and if not I can get one going again. Will take a month of two but how about by year end I plan on that?
I could put on Youtube for us all.


I think I still have the “Horse In Sport” series that I videotaped. I think one can get videos put on a thumb drive. It was a good series. Remember a little boy Buck Davidson riding with his dad Bruce.


Any chance you could get posted to Youtube? I’m still in barn construction mode and backed up. We’d love to see the series again.


That is like a Christmas present!!! I hope you have the showjumping one! I heard the polo one and combined driving one are also amazing!!! This is so cool!!!

One way or another we’ll get up what we have. I found my VHS tape that says THE HORSE IN SPORT. That’s a start.

I taped my copy off of TV as well. I watched it so much I can even tell you about the Micheal Landon commercials on it that I would fast-forward through! I loved the video, sad it is gone!