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looking at the entries, I noticed that Harry Meade has 4 entered. Is that just in case one of the others has to drop out? I believe they only allow 3 entries per person now.

I am so excited because I am going to be there Sat and Sunday! I am solo traveling so if anyone wants to meet up, please pm me. I would love to meet some of you all in person.


Yes you’re correct! He doesn’t need to nominate his actual rides until much closer to the time.

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Riders with multiple 5* rides will often do double entries. So if the last training session or preparation competition goes awry, or they pop an abscess etc, slot in the next horse and re-route this one to Pau or Boekelo.

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Some of the CC Course;


Excited to cheer on the USA riders… especially Boyd and Thomas!


I have already paid to watch this year since he has two going! I am hoping I can watch it on the TV and not the computer. I was noodling around today and found some old Burghley bits, (and accidentally found Kentucky World championships that I had to watch a bit of as that was my introduction to eventing!) Anyway, I couldn’t find anything. I don’t know if I have to go through YouTube or if it will magically go through Roku.

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As I understand it, Burghley TV offers archived material back to 1999 so something should be there to watch in preparation.

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I saw several things on YouTube, but was hoping I would hope I will be able to find it before I am going to be getting up at 2 a.m. to watch it live.

Just type Burghley Horse Trials in to Youtube and there’s gobs of stuff.

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Burghley TV is the absolute best. It’s a paid subscription, but it’s a reasonable, one-time fee that covers your access for the whole year (are you listening, CMH?) and gives you all kinds of historical content too.

That would be more than enough to justify the price, but the live production is second-to-none and they produce additional content like the course preview and a daily highlights show. Per an interview on the Eventing Podcast, the director of Burghley TV is also involved in the production of the Paris Olympics, and I couldn’t be happier to hear that!


I have subscribed before, and it is certainly the best run. However, when I go to the site, it asks me to subscribe, which I have already done. I just hope when I turn it on tomorrow for the jog, there are no problems.

That happened to me too. But when I started putting info in, I was then asked to login. Hope you get in!

The Burghley web site and Burghley TV are great. It is easy to find everything and the subscription was everything on one page. When you go to BUrghley TV, click subscribe and then in the top right corner is sign-in. That’s a bit of a glitch in their design.


I just did that and looked up in the right corner, and it had all my info. Now if I can just get it on my tv instead of my computer…

Is this available on TV or not? I am not quite sure of the requirements, but when I enter exactly as directed, I am getting the World championships from 1978!

from Burghley TV; https://tv.burghley-horse.co.uk/help

(failing that, just plug an HDMI cable from puter to tv. and then check input/output settings)


How? I’d be interested in watching this!

it was on Youtube. I was searching for Burghley. Type in the link for Burghley and it should come up. It may not be the first thing, but it is there. I have been looking for a couple of obscure movies lately, and some things not even close to what I asked for come up. On that same link, there are several big events from the UK some from Burghley. Kentucky 78 was my introduction to eventing! I had not been riding for long, I started as an adult, and I knew they jumped big fixed fences, but I knew nothing about dressage and didn’t know how to walk a cross-country course. It is very interesting to watch this. There were just not a lot of videos from that time or before.

Found the coursewalk when looking for the AEC maps.
I haven’t seen it posted so here it is.

Any comments? I find 17AB an interesting choice, the B element can be jumped either direction.