California Chrome?

All of a sudden I am hearing that Chrome is at death’s door in Japan. Since this particular information was associated with some of the super-Chrome crazies, I am taking with a liberal dose of salt. However, I am also hearing some whispers that he was running a fever in Japan (shipping fever?) and was generally not up to snuff.

Does anybody have any reliable information? I tried googling a little bit last night but nothing concrete. I liked this horse, was sad that he was sold on to Japan, but never thought this was the end of the world. However, I would hate for anything to happen to him.

He’s recovering nicely, according to JS Company, and eating heartily.

But yeah, the crazies are, well, showing their crazy:

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I was afraid that too much change would affect his health negatively. I don’t support you; I want him back in the USA. How much will you sell him for?


Saw the BH article after I posted this. Glad that things are looking up. The crazies were all over the place yesterday and I couldn’t see any information about this.

There have been several references about wanting to buy him. Wonder what they were planning on doing with him IF they wound up with him?

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Rumor has it his negotiated sale price was waaay up there, not like they ran him through the twice a month livestock sale and the buyer put him out back of their double wide. Upset digestive system is hardly shocking after shipping long distances and they do have very competent vets. Even in foreign countries.

Maybe I’m just grumpy and tired of the crazies but they come off as isolationist, exclusionary and borderline racist. And a PITA for those who have cared for CC or might care for him in the future.


What on earth makes these people believe that his new owners would want to sell him? They just bought him, and his book is full.

Weirdos .:cool:


I find it very convenient for the page moderator to say she talked to some investors about buying him, after he was sold to Japan…and gee if only they had talked to HER first, he could have stayed in America!

yeah right. Good way to make yourself look like a hero without actually having to put up the $$$. LOL.


I hope he recovers soon. The BloodHorse article isn’t open for comments, which is wise. :slight_smile:

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I don’t go to that page anymore. The willful ignorance is astonishing. They seem to revel in the fantastical “truths” they’ve dreamed up, and any attempt to correct them, no matter how gentle and well-meant, gets the well-intended a bludgeoning, accusations of being a “negative hater”, followed by deletion and banning.

Unfortunately the lunatics are wont to escape their FB asylum at times and shout their special brand of crazy from the rooftops.


Can I please get some Hollywood backing so we can just make the whole Chrome saga into a movie? It never ends!

In all seriousness, crazies be darned, I do wish the very best for the horse. I love him, in a completely “normal” (ha) horse person and racing fan kind of way. I hope his condition is as billed by the press, I hope he recovers fully to live a long life, and I hope he sets the Japanese racing scene on fire with his offspring.


What on Earth makes them think they could afford the asking price if they DID?


Or afford to care for him for another 15 plus years? Horses do colic and suffer from other maladies right here in the USA; it’s not a “foreign” problem. I am willing to bet not one of them has the slightest idea of what colic surgery costs. Or the cost of competent farrier care for a year, or the price of hay in winter.


They could have had "investors" dontcha know and maybe a bake sale. :yes: :smiley:


I try to avoid the crazies. Don’t you know he feels “betrayed?” :no:
I don’t actually know much about enteritis though. How common is it? I assume it’s simply from the long plane ride.

It’s very common in horses that have been betrayed. :wink:


you almost made me spit out my food 😂


I’d just had a sip of beer…let’s just say it’s not the most pleasant way to flush your sinuses…


Maybe he has Corona virus. :wink: The amount of cray cray from the Chromies fascinates me, in a train wreck sort of way. I think my favorite comment was that Chrome was upset because he can’t understand Japanese, and at least when he went to Chile they speak Spanish! And he NEEDS Raul! The “sending up healing prayers” is so over the top…why don’t these people go to a local shelter and take unwanted dogs for a walk, would be SUCH a better use of their time than wailing about a supremely well-cared for stallion.

And to think, these crazies will be voting in November to decide the leader of the free world. Not trying to be political, a vote for EITHER side from members of that gag-inducing ignorant mob makes me cringe.


My feelings exactly! I’ll never forget in Dubai how his saddle just about went off the back end. Such a fun horse to follow. And beautiful :love-struck:


I enjoyed watching CC race, but I was actually rather horrified by that incident. Proper saddling and quality tack is fundamental. It is basic, and very important for the safety of every Jockey and every horse involved in the race.

CC’s connections were lucky. That incident could have ended very badly for the horse, the jockey, or both, not to mention the rest of the field.

I didn’t find it amusing at all,but found it embarrassing when his connections didn’t saddle the horse properly or the tack wasn’t as it should have been . That mistake could have been disastrous.


Here’s an article that explains all about enteritis:…nd-of-mystery/

A quote about California Chrome from it:

Waldridge said the report from Japanese ownership group JS Company that Chrome is back to eating enthusiastically is a good sign that he is in the later stages of recovery.

“That’s huge,” he said. “It tells you his gut motility is back. Once the gut starts moving, it moves the fluid through, no distention, no pain. If he’s eating, to me, the crisis is gone.”