Can anyone help me find this bridle?


I’m looking to find a bridle (in oversize) that is like the KL Select “Sonoma” or the “Horse|Man”
Non-padded, wide but a narrow (1/4”) raised Noseband.

The Horse|Man is way over budget at $995USD but I like the length of the raise, and the fact that the browband also has the same type of raise.


Thank you!!

The KL Select Sonoma Bridle in Oversized is available at several well known tack stores in Oversized via a Google search. Yes the raised portion of the browband is longer but the price is about $650 less than the other.

I suppose you could buy the Sonoma and look for a HorseIMan browband. Or save up the extra $$$ for the one you want.


I am hoping to see if there are other options available besides these two; if I can’t find others I will likely just go ahead with the KL though!

Hold up – is that bridle, with visible defects in the leather and cracking/ridging along the straps, really $995?

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I see a loose piece of stitching on the noseband hanger and a mark where the strap was adjusted.

Where are you finding the cracked buckled leather?

I like the ADT Tribute better.

The corner of the browband where the head stall threads through. Zoom in. And the leather on the one cheek piece doesn’t sit so flat and the edge doesn’t look so well finished.

Makes me suspect this isn’t traditional British style leather but has some sort of coating. I’ve never touched or seen one up close IRL but for close to a thousand I’d be seriously unhappy if the leather was coated. A thousand dollar bridle better look pretty darn perfect and be quality to command that price.

Hardly anyone makes truly beautiful British style bridles off the shelf anymore.



I went to the IG page and aside from the slightly different styling, quality wise the HM bridles look in photos similar to the Huntleys which are way less than half the price.

While the ADT is nice, it’s similar to my Antarès Hunter Bridle, minus the padding and the slightly tapered raise. I’m looking for the 1/4” raise on a wider nose.

I have found Castelow (e-mailed them, hopefully I’ll get a prompt response!) and RB Ann Hubbards.

The cracking is on the browband. The edges all are unfinished, and there is a blemish on the cheek piece edging side by the bit (not the buckle mark). If these are hand made they are obviously better than I can do, so there is that.


I see now. Wow. Thanks. The loose piece of stitching was enough turn off for me…

For nearly a thousand bucks? It better be perfect!

Being Canadian, after 12% tax and exchange it’s almost $1500 for me! I would never, ever spend that :joy:

Still waiting on a reply from RC; I am impatient! :rofl:

It’s not as high end of a bridle, but Pessoa makes/made a much more affordable inset bridle that is somewhat similar:®-fancy-stitched-inset-wide-noseband-bridle-with-raised-fancy-stitched-laced-reins

It looks as if the raise goes all the way across both the nose and brow, though.

Richard Castelow’s work is beautiful, I have that bridle and reins and get a ton of compliments. But at current pricing I think it will come out around $1k for both. I found him to be relatively responsive to emails, so you will likely get a response soon!

This is another similar option that is a little less expensive Arion Fancy Stitch Hunter Bridle- English Tack (

Oh wow, quite pricey. The Ann Hubbard looks identical from what I can see and is priced at $650USD.

The Arion looks similar to the Dy’on!

I bought a Richard Castelow Bridle last year. Gorgeous bridle, amazing leather quality. Its my FAVORITE bridle. Bridle was $675, reins $375, and a martingale is $375. I called him directly and he texted me right back. If you don’t hear back via email I’d be happy to give you his number. He was very responsive.

Hard to tell what it looks like when all they have advertising it is a blurry photo.

Although this listing has sold, here is another picture of it (also not the best angle, but clearer):

I can’t seem to find any other photos (or any clearer ones) anywhere else, and don’t see it on Pessoa’s site on ERS, so I’m guessing the bridle is no longer made and this site just has some old stock of it.

The stock photo looks like it has a thinner raised inset portion on the noseband, but a standard browband. The photo in the sold listing shows it a bit, but not from the best angle and the photo needs to be blown up to see it.

Valencia Saddlery is my local tack store, so I made a point of stopping in and put my hands on both of these bridles. IMHO the Huntley was nicer.

I know it’s a matter of taste, but the raised part seems fussy and trendy.

If I had an oversized horse, this is what I’d get. I wish they had a horse sized one. My Americana’s are buttery soft and unkillable.

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