Canadian Eventing - changing selection criteria for Worlds

Here we are, end of July 2022 with Worlds starting September 15. Through the grapevine I’ve learned that EC has done it once again - they’ve recently changed the selection criteria. None of us should be surprised, but I was hoping with a strong group of athletes pulling together to fund-raise, and efforts to revamp the high performance program in preparation for the Worlds, that maybe, just maybe, we could avoid a cluster**** this time around.

I guess I was wrong. No amount of searching led me to find ANY selection criteria, either “old” or “new” for the 2022 Worlds. I’m not currently a member of EC or I’d send them a direct email asking for it.

On July 6, EC released the list of declared and qualified riders. It will be interesting to see if there are deviations from the list, or from expected selections.

  • Hawley Bennett-Awad with her own and the Jollybo Syndicate LLC’s Jollybo
  • Dana Cooke with the FE Mississippi Syndicate’s FE Mississippi
  • Lisa Marie Fergusson with her own Honor Me
  • Holly Jacks-Smither with Candy King Eventing Limited Partnership’s Candy King
  • Jamie Kellock and her own Summer Bay
  • Colleen Loach with her own, Amanda Bernhard and Peter Barry’s FE Golden Eye
  • Colleen Loach with Peter and Susan Berry’s Vermont
  • Jessica Phoenix with her own and Charlotte Schickedanz’s Watson GS
  • Jessica Phoenix with Jim Phillips’ and Colleen Mitchell’s Wabbit
  • Karl Slezak with his own and Kirk Hoppner’s Fernhill Wishes
  • Lindsay Traisnel with Patricia and Craig Pierce’s Bacyrouge
  • Mike Winter with his own, Emma Winter, and Jonathan Nelson’s El Mundo

I’m confused as to what you are hearing is being “changed”? I know for a fact that the high performance group has put a major emphasis on transparency and communication. I know that they outlined AND published selection criteria months ago. Listening to the Canada podcast on the Jon and Rick show, the candidates they interviewed were incredibly positive about the future of this high performance group. Seems like the future of Canadian eventing is looking up!

I believe the US teams are being named July 30 so I am thinking Canada may follow suit on the dates.

Do you know what has changed on the criteria?

I mean, at least we have selections this time. For many years we didn’t even have enough qualified riders.

August 1st is the date stated for the team announcement.

Can you find it anywhere? I couldn’t.

I don’t want to “out” anyone but this came from someone on that list.

Blugal - from your original post - was this from the “grapevine” or from a person actually “on the list”, who you talked to?

What do you want me to say?

Seems like a rumor if no one can actually say whats changed or who said it changed lol

Just curious if this is 1st hand information from a person on the list or 2nd/3rd/etc information (ie. the grapevine)?
From the interview on The Jon and Rick show - Dana and Mike seemed pleased with the direction HPAG was going and hopeful that this will continue.
I looked for the criteria you were asking for and I couldn’t find it. If anyone in this group knows what the criteria for selection is that would be nice to see. :+1:

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I received the selection criteria document, attached. The document says it will be on the EC website, which it wasn’t. It also states last revision in April 2022.

The performance criteria are:

-An MER that fulfills FEI criteria, between Jan 2021 and July 2022; and

-ability to contribute to team completion and individual competitive results.

The stated goals are:

-Primary objective: To earn a team qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games.

-Secondary objective: To achieve as many top individual placings as possible.

-Additional objective: To provide championship experience to potential 2024 Olympic Games

Announcement of the Team tomorrow.

FEI 2022 World Championships Selection Criteria Nomination Procedures- Eventing April 21 2022.pdf (352.3 KB)

Hot off the presses!

The following members of the Canadian Eventing team will represent the maple leaf at the quadrennial equestrian event in September (in alphabetical order):

  • Hawley Awad, JollyBo
  • Holly Jacks, Candy King
  • Colleen Loach, Vermont
  • Karl Slezak, Fernhill Wishes
  • Michael Winter, El Mundo

Non-travelling reserves:

  • Dana Cooke, FE Mississippi
  • Lisa Marie Fergusson, Honor Me

I think it’s a good team and I wish them all the best. I’m sure all riders and supporters will be on tenterhooks during this period between selection and the games, hoping everyone stays healthy and ready to put their best foot/hoof forward.

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Wow! I can’t believe they left JP off the team! It makes sense as Wabbit was her only sound and qualified horse but it still feels strange!

If she still had Bogue, they likely wouldn’t have but Wabbit is rather inconsistent.

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Everyone is inconsistent to be fair lol BUT I’m super excited to cheer our riders on and hopefully see what’s the start of a new strong Team Canada. I’m sad for JP I think her XC riding knowledge and attitude really could have helped the team this year.

If you want entertainment check out LMF FB post about not being chosen.


I mean, I do see her point. She may not be a medal contender, but her horse is experienced and more consistent than many of the others on the list. Karl’s horse went around one 5* (that is considered on the softer end) but failed to complete his two previous attempts at the level. Vermont said no early on at the Rolex 4*. I think Holly’s horse is lovely but it has zero experience at the 5* level. I get that it’s about giving young horses experience, but it is also about qualifying for Paris and a horse that usually gets around a 5* XC fault-free seems like a safer bet than ones that have never attempted the level and/or had issues there…

Both Winter and Slezak are riding in the UK and I think that intense competition experience will be important for the team. Winter has two previous Olympics and two Pan-Ams under his belt which will be invaluable at the World’s. I hope Canada do well.


WEG XC is 4* (like the Olympics, with dressage and stadium at 5*) - so that probably was a factor in selection.


I think she scored a 46.5 in dressage at her last FEI and WD. While her horse is a good XC horse he also had bobbles recently, time, and his dressage isn’t really at an acceptable level at this point.

Starting with 40s in dressage then adding time and rails to the score, compared to someone who could score low 30s and then potentially jump clean on the last day and fast XC. Even with a stop thats still going to be a better score overall.

There’s competition now in Canada and that’s going to really be the best for riders to drive them to keep improving. A bad attitude isn’t what the sport needs though, poor sportsmanship is not the way to go.


Her FB post does speak of poor sportsmanship for sure. It seems a bit like KS’s gf for the Olympics. Although points to him, he switched up his approach.
I actually think they got the team right this time.

I am not surprised about JP. If Watson had been out and about that also would have been a good choice.