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Canadian high performance team

I am so encouraged to read about the updates to Canadian eventing high performance squad:

It’s great to finally see a functional model. And it’s great to see Mike Winter back on the list!

Does anyone know why half of the squad going to Arvillle in Belgium aren’t on either high performance list? Maybe most of the contenders are angling for the Pan Ams?

A question I’d have is why would you put a 19 year old horse (Jollybo) on either list?


The lists always contain some horses that are not necessarily going to the next championship. That horse/rider combo have fulfilled the criteria for the list, so they’re on it. It can give other benefits such as training, carding, or products.

I believe there’s at least one horse on this list that isn’t actively competing. And one that was/may still be lame.

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Just looked at the results in Arville - yikes! Only one clear round…and that was from Katherine Malensek, who isn’t even on any high performance list from what I can see. Jessica and Wabbit were eliminated for too many rails in show jumping and didn’t even run XC…


XC was live for free on the Arville facebook page.

Both Malensek’s and Bundy’s horses looked confident at the jumps the camera covered. I think Bundy’s 20 was at a skinny/arrowhead type “b” element, that caught out several others as well.

out of some 110 horses, 10 were eliminated for 5 or more rails in show jumping.

XC - one horse fall, one rider fall (unfortunately a Cdn). They did not show the horse fall, but it was at an open oxer and when they showed the horse and rider walking away, it was clear that the pin on the front rail of the oxer had deployed, possibly saving a bad fall.

6 or 7 clear within the time, another approx 25 with very few time penalties.

another approx 40 clear but with significant (10 or more) time penalties.

5 retired on XC, 5 eliminated on XC

so some 70% completed without jumping penalties.

I have no idea what the “ideal” range of results is at a Nations Cup, so cannot comment on whether this course was soft, hard or average.

oh, and yeah, we need to add Malensek to one of the high performance lists.


Anyone notice that Jessie never covers the bad? She never posts about anything that goes wrong, never an explanation, just glosses over it and onto the next. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fall into the group that thinks riders need to post everything into the world, or owe it to us to always be happy and chirper. But it is interesting to me that nothing is ever said. She posted an edit of the stadium round with zero explanation and I think, only the fences that stand up.

It certainly helps for the folks who don’t watch the results or follow closely, to keep her as the fan favorite.

I appreciate immensely the riders who talk about what goes wrong because it humanizes it.


I appreciate hearing them balance the good with the bad. It does humanize it. I saw the video and I’m really scratching my head.


Yes I have noticed that Jessie never posts anything negative and I find it frankly disingenuous. The Canadian team is fundraising like crazy to get them over there and she could at least provide an honest explanation. I donated and would feel more inclined to do so again if I felt that the athletes at least reflected on what they learned or gave us an honest, human and relatable take on things. It’s too much toxic positivity for me :joy:


She is super positive when you talk to her as well, which isn’t bad and she has been incredibly kind in the times I’ve talked to her. I would agree with this post though. Riders, and almost all athletes in general, have bad days. Something just doesn’t work for them or it just isn’t their day and I enjoy reading the honesty of their experience or at least a refection.

No, athletes don’t owe us an explanation, but sometimes it is nice to have a post saying well maybe this was what went wrong or we were changing something or whatever it may be. It is nice, as a AA to hear that even the pros have bad days because I can relate to that. Or even just humanizes it just a bit, plus provides some context and maybe some insight. Especially when they travel overseas, lay down a decent dressage, and then just gloss over the SJ issues.

On the flip side when someone is constantly posting what went wrong every week, maybe they need to sit down and see what the issue really is. I agree that the positivity, everything is fine mentality is sometimes too much. Not even just talking about riders with that.


Wabbit is entered at Burghley. very exciting for both Jess and Wabbit.

Only two weeks after Arville and in my smurf mind, that seems fairly close together, had Wabbit run XC at Arville. But if Jess is only in Europe for a month, perhaps that was the plan to get the most experience and exposure possible during that time.

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I feel like it’s pretty average. A lot of the horses who run at Land Rover in Kentucky will do stable view two or three weeks before, and another prep run less then a month prior then. Two weeks may be a touch short?(aka I went to a calendar and counted lol)

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I think we have to see this as a step towards improving our Canadian program. Remember 3 of our riders have never gone across the pond before. Part of the large donation from Shane and Kelly had the stipulation where some of the funds need to be used to send a team to a Nations Cup. The rest of the athletes funds were raised by the athletes themselves.
Any time we can get our athletes out of North America, we are making them more visible and more competitive. We only get better when we compete against the best. :+1:

Yes there was some disappointment at Arville and the learning for all was evident.

As to Jess, she’s always upbeat - that’s who she is, and I’m pretty sure she was a full supporter and cheerleader for the team. And I would say, there are few people who want to dwell on the perceived negative or downside of our sport.

Talking about fundraising :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There’s less than 9 hours for the Canadian Eventing Teams “Pathway to Paris”. Online Auction https://www.32auctions.com/PathwayToParis2024. There are amazing items here - over $26,000 worth!
Thank you for allowing me to post, well you really didn’t have a choice. :wink: :sparkling_heart::canada: :sparkling_heart:


They climbed the scoreboard with a clear XC with some time, and one rail and time in SJ to finish 11th. A Burghley horse through and through - and those often don’t shine in 4*-S.

I’m curious what the difference was between Wabbit’s SJ at Arville and Burghley. Maybe Arville was a wake-up call. Maybe he show jumps better after 11 and a half minutes of XC. Watching her round at Burghley, it must have been nerve-wracking for Jessica - he looks a bit difficult as he jumps with his head up.


The quote in EN is on point: "“It’s a very good day in the office for Wabbit,” says Olympian Jessica with a broad smile. “It’s a true achievement, absolutely. Just to have that horse come out and perform the way he did today is just a miracle. It’s beyond our expectations. It’s like a God-given day.”

References to “God” aside, it did seem like a miracle that he only had one down given Arville! It would be interesting to know what the difference between Arville and Burghley. Some of it may have been luck as he did give at least one other pole a hard rub at Burghley. I absolutely love this horse and I hope that his show jumping improves over the winter! Would be great to see him tackle Badminton next year…

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Jess has been doing a lot of pure jumper shows with Wabbit. He rarely goes clear, usually has about 3 rails per class. But this is also at 1.35M.

I think he’s a great little horse, but I do wish there was more rideability/adjustability within the disciplines, it would help I think. But who are we to say. Could also be in relation that when she’s home he doesn’t get the attention he got in England. She rides like 15 horses a day at home, where in England she had the one, so he was the sole focus. Maybe that says something? But that’s also a super short period of time between Arville and Burghley.

Finishing Burghley is absolutely fantastic! I wish our Canadians took more lessons and wanted to be better though. From what I see from the sidelines, they all seem to think they don’t need lessons. We all need lessons, forever. The top riders still take lessons.


I totally agree on the lesson thing. It will interesting to see if Rebecca, now that she has an official position, will be to influence this.
I think Jess had more schooling with Jonelle Price during her stay.


Which is a direct result of Rebecca, who lived and worked with the Prices for several years, and who also set up the one day coaching with Jonelle for HP riders earlier this year.


So much of it is probably related to funding and access. I really appreciate that Jess is based on Canada and hasn’t moved to the US or Europe. It’s commendable and a real regional boost to have her here but it must make it more difficult to access the quality of lessons that would be helpful.


There are a fair number of dressage possibilities in the area - both Irwins, Belinda Trussel, Lynsey Rowan, Jacquie Brooks (spelling of names notwithstanding) - all within about 45 minutes. I know that Cindy Ishoy works with Jacquie, so another possibility.
She was working with Beth Underhill but I think she is overseas. Mac Cone is local but not sure what he does coaching wise. So, jumpers are a little trickier. It’s about 3 hours to Ian Millar’s place, so not ideal.


Hanna Bundy and Katie Malensek are both at the Blenheim 4* this weekend!! Bundy in 4L and Malensek in 4S. I did not realize they stayed overseas after Arville. It is fabulous that they are getting another 4* experience in England.

I am a bit surprised that Kendal Lehari is not entered with either of her two horses. Perhaps there is another 4* there that she is aiming for before returning to Canada.

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