Capital Challenge Horse Show on Now

USEF Network.

They aren’t hurting for entries in the 3’3" medal. 153 riders.

Some of the horses really don’t want to play today.

There have been a few so far though,that look like such good eggs.

Is anyone else watching today? My feed all of a sudden got really slow and sticky—it was good all morning. I was just wondering if it was my problem. TIA

Some beautiful rides from Grace Debney this morning. Well deserved win.


She’s a lovely rider.

I was surprised to see some of the same competitors riding today that were in the 3’3" medal yesterday. I didn’t realize that a rider could do the 3’6" and the 3’3".

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Wow. I wondered what was taking so long to get the second round of the Children’s Medal going. Three of the top ten riders were found to have crossed the dotted line on their exit (?) circles. They were eliminated and the top ten were re-ranked.


I ran out of words trying to phrase “how do you even get to that circumstance” so just pretend I said that more eloquently and in a way that made sense.

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They mentioned that the stewards and the judges had conferred and realized the mistakes, but they were certainly noticed well after the fact. :grimacing:

I’ve seen the do-not-cross dotted lines for opening circles to prevent riders from touring the ring and showing the horses the jumps in advance but have never seen it for closing circles. Just goes to show that attention to detail can really make or break a great round.

It is quite possible that they said “opening circles” but I really thought I heard “closing”.
The replay isn’t up on the USEF site so I can’t check to see if my memory is accurate.

Anyway, they sure took a long time discussing and rectifying the situation. It must have been difficult for everyone involved.

As I was thinking about this I was trying to envision how it might have happened that no one noticed in time for the top 10 results but it was addressed after. If the judges missed it but a competitor expressed concern to the steward that would account for the delay: 1) find the steward 2) see if the results were announced in error 3) if not the show has a live stream… watch the video over.

When you’re judging 300 rounds a day for 12 hours I’m sure you lose at least two of your marbles around 6PM.

Maybe a little late, but good luck to everyone going! My barn has a children’s hunter showing tonight and a green horse showing today & tomorrow. Already told DH we are watching the live stream tonight :laughing:


Went back and watched the entire class on the replay this afternoon and looked at the course diagram that has been posted in various places. The course diagram definitely says dotted line for opening and closing circles and there were plants outlining the area.

I don’t know if there were specific riders protested or if they didn’t re-watch all of the riders on the call back list, but they missed one who went outside the dotted line at the end of her course and she definitely came back for the second round. Tough situation for everyone involved, but with the video of the class out there, you’d think the rider or trainer would speak up.

Did she end up getting a ribbon?

@MHM - check your messages

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Tentative time schedule for Wednesday, 10/6.

Helpful, thanks!

You can find them here as well.

It was a treat to see Betty Oare riding yesterday.

I wasn’t able to watch today but will catch up with the on demand.