Capone 1 mixup?

anyone hear of a situation in which Capone 1’s foals are failing DNA? Website is offline. Supposedly 3-4 at this point.

Ours tested fine. I hope this post is an unsubstantiated rumor.

I have no info at all about this but I’m just curious how you would find out that they failed? Would the registry alert you, or are people sending in the DNA on their own?

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its 100% true. I actually found out TODAY that it was not a match. I purchased her, i did not breed her. The mare owner is just as shocked! Holsteiner registry has several who have come back not matching DNA to Capone and they are just as shocked. because its not 1, its several from different parts of the country, different owners, born different times, which would mean collected different times. Mine is not the first one. I just happen to call AHHA to make sure all paperwork was in order for an inspection this friday in Florida & they told me about this so we had to have the mare owner fed ex overnight the foals DNA to be tested. it was expedited and came back today. NOT a match.

Somebody could write a book on Capone - it’s a saga.


Thats what I was thinking. Where is he standing these days anyways?


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Fascinating! Was yours also by Cartel? And does anyone know anything about him?

FB page:

Standing at:

(although the website seems to have dead links)

From what I can see the whole website is dead. Weird

Following, since I have two colts born this year that will be inspected in november.

Regarding the website, it is not down. I see it throwing a PHP error. It appears to be a WordPress site and a plug in is erroring. If it is setup to automatically update the WordPress install, the plug-ins can stop working. I have had it happen to my own. The owner of the site may not be aware it is throwing an error.

After thinking about this more, where can I have my colts tested prior to the GOV inspection?

When I had DNA tests done for KWPN keurings UC Davis did the work.

Oh No! My mare is currently bred to Capone I (I hope). She sent me 5 straws of frozen semen in May or June this year. We used 2 straws and she took on the first try, so I have 3 left. I asked about the LFG, contracts etc. and she told me that was why she was sending 5? The suggested dose is 3. I thought, at the time, that she was very accommodating and was please the mare took on the first try…Advise?? I’d appreciate any information on this.

Can semen be DNA tested?

Your straws are fine. One of my mares settled with 2 straws last year and the colt’s DNA matched.
I’m thinking the mix up isn’t with Capone and stallion owner but possibly lab - are all the non-matching foals AHHA? Maybe there’s a transposed number in Capone’s lab result record. I had to correct UCDavis on one of my mare’s lab numbers (tested & recorded in Europe), but I caught the clerical error before ET filly’s hair was tested, so the “no match” disaster was averted. Hmmm. come to think of it, that’s one of our Capone’s from a few years ago though.

It is indeed a saga, and an exceedingly ugly one at that. I know the individuals, and the history, and I’d be very very careful dealing with the people and the situation. This is, unfortunately, not a surprise…


A never ending saga unfortunately!

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Has anyone been in contact with the registry that licensed the stallion and made them aware of this problem? It’s rather a "big deal’ that this happening repeatedly.

There is no certainty that they can do anything about it , however it might be wise to give them a “heads up” that this is a recurring problem.