Carolina International

Livestream alert :grinning:



From the link “Membership is just $9.99 per month and full details on how to join can be found at” so looks like not free.

Sad face, but I was thinking about ordering so maybe I’ll bite the bullet lol

If you are planning to keep it long term, it’s cheaper to pay $90/year. Otherwise there is a cancellation button in your account settings. We had a thread not too long ago where I think someone confirmed it was no problem to cancel. (Some subscriptions are difficult to get out of!)

I went ahead and kept it during the plague even though there were no competitions streaming because it has been good in the past and I wanted them to survive. Glad to see things starting up again!


I have had their service in the past and had lots of trouble loading it. They do cover a lot but connecting is maddening.

Ok thanks, I only use YouTube now for tv so I think I can sacrifice the $90 for a year subscription :joy:

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Orders of Go are posted here:

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I’ve had my audio off a lot (work) but I really enjoy Marilyn Payne’s commentary

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Is anybody else getting this error trying to watch on-demand? I tried Chrome & Firefox, same thing. I can watch other H&C TV videos without a problem.

Ugh latest update

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11:56 a.m. EST: We’re still holding – no official updates at this point, but from what it looked like on the live stream, Fortuna had gotten stuck on her back in the ditch. Before the camera cut away, she was not panicking. If she’s stuck on her back, it will take some logistics to get her safely out so I’m only assuming that’s the nature of the hold.

I hope this isn’t true.

I love that little mare.

Praying that she is okay.

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I am so upset that no information is being provided to me about the horse via the live stream, that just went on hold instead of providing updates or any information.

This hold seems awfully long. :disappointed:

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It sure does seem long. :frowning: Hoping she remains calm while they help her.

Holy $%^&, so the live stream and commentary start up and they DON’T provide an update about the horse or what happened during the hold?

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from EN:
12:23 p.m. EST: I’ve just had an update from the media team at Carolina that Fortuna is ok. She was sedated to be removed from the ditch and is being transported back to the barns. We should see competition resume here shortly.



I’m guessing the commentators were instructed not to say anything beyond the brief mention. This is H&C’s video production, not a news show. Anything involving possible injury to a horse needs to be managed through the PR department and it does sound like the venue’s media team has now put out some info.


Hoping she’s ok now.

Looks like Fortuna may have been lucky:

Hopefully ok.