Cat is NQR. Any ideas?

Knock on wood but I wormed Comet with strongid once and then a second time 2 weeks later. He has not vomited since getting the first dose of wormer and I have not had to give him the Cerenia. I’m still waiting on the GI panel… but how easy was that if he really did just have worms after all?

@vxf111 My fingers are crossed that you’re out of the woods!

Oh silly @ravenclaw she’s too smart for your human tricks! She just looks at me like, you didn’t add anything! I told a friend and she said, so she just likes the muffin top! Seriously though, I’ve been reading up at whisker fatigue. She has always eaten only from the center of the bowl, I’ve read that can be a sign. The shallow bowl I ordered is out for delivery today so we’ll see if that helps. I’m glad Dewey is feeling better!

Generally she’s eating better and hasn’t puked since we started the 1/4 tab of famotidine twice a day. My vet is still willing to try steroids, but said that if she continues to maintain or gain some weight, we can just stick with the famotidine. It would be just like her (cat) to make me worry and pay for some crazy test (stomach biopsy) and it’s just some reflux! I did that for her heart, spoiler alert, it’s just a little louder than expected, no cause, just louder. :woman_facepalming:

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Glad kitteh is feeling better. Hope she continues her upswing. :grinning:

Her “empty” food dish :rofl:

Her new blanket/pillow throne and her faithful subject keeping an eye on her.


Ah yes, the tragedy! The horror, the misery of THE EMPTY FOOD DISH.
Cats are sooo dramatic.

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Well she puked at midnight and 3am. I was all set to cal the vet this morning when I found a partially dissolved dose of famotidine next to her food dish. It must have been last nights dose! I really thought she swallowed it. She got a Cerenia this morning with her famotidine. She’s started fighting me on taking the pills. But she also attacked the polos I was rolling last night for a pretty long time. So overall shes feeling up to playing. I swear she’s trying to give me a heart attack, if only to get a few days to herself in the house!!

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Those 1/4 famotidine tablets are so tiny. I have to really watch when I give one to Dewey to make sure it goes down. Sometimes he can work it out the side of his mouth and he’s fluffy so it can easily get hidden in the fluff.

Hope she has a good day today and doesn’t throw up.

Something I find super helpful when pilling cats is to wrap the pill in a small piece of pill pocket–just enough to cover the pill. They’re a lot less likely to spit the pill out of it doesn’t taste bad, and the coating helps it slide down, instead of getting stuck in the mouth or throat.

If you have multiple pills, you can also bundle them together, so you’re just pilling once.

I like the Walgreens famotidine expressly because it’s teeny, but other brands offer large generic tablets if you want something bigger.

@Simkie I’ll have to try that. She’s been so good about pilling in the past I never gave it too much thought. She seems to have figured out how to hid it under her tongue, swallow, then leave the room to spit it out where I can’t see!! She’s too smart. I’m screwed :rofl:

Sammy is the master of pill spitting. I’ll pill him, watch him swallow and come home to see a pill that he squirreled away somewhere and spit out! lol

There was one time that I gave Dewey a pill in one room of the house. I found it later in the day in another room. :roll_eyes:

I got some pill pockets the other day. I had never tried them before. Dewey wouldn’t touch it, but that didn’t surprise me because he is so finicky. But even my 2 piglet cats (the ones that eat everything) wouldn’t eat it. :rofl: I got the chicken flavored ones.

When Snickers was diagnosed hyper t, I bought every flavor I could find, as well as the stuff that you can scoop out and wrap around a pill. Nope. Not a one of them would even taste it. One sniff and they turned away.

Yes, I’m not suggesting that all cats willingly eat pill pockets, or that offering a pill in a pill pocket works. It usually doesn’t, especially in those with appetence issues.

But covering a pill with a small piece of pill pocket and then pilling the cat covers the bitter taste and generally makes pilling them easier. The coating also helps the pill slide down, instead of the dry, bitter pill sticking in the mouth or throat.

Which do you prefer to dry swallow–the candy coated name brand Advil, or dry aspirin? A pill pocket covering can really improve acceptance of the pilling process!

I’ll give it a try this weekend. It’s worth a shot. I have also heard that you can coat a pill in some butter or cream cheese to make it go down easier.

Pill pickets are a whole lot easier than trying to manhandle a wiggly cat and a tiny, slippery, butter coated pill! Although it does sound like a great cartoon :rofl: :rofl:

I have Comet’s bloodwork back from Texas A&M. Normal.

I spent $5,000 diagnosing a problem that turned out to be treated with $5 worth of Strongid.


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@vxf111 I feel you. Good thing they’re so cute right?!

I’ve never actually thought of using pill pockets like that @Simkie. She used to take a pill in a pill pocket like they market them, until the day she bit one in half… But I’ll get some more and definitely try coating it. I may try butter or maybe cheddar cheese, I don’t have any cream cheese. If it was my chonker cat I could just put it in the food!

You haven’t seen anything til you seen the cat that could pretend she had swallowed the pill, you could open her mouth and look and see nothing. She would wait til I got across the room from her and do this hard cough and the pill would fly out. Then she would smirk at me and walk off, tail up and all fluffy - totally insolent. RIP Lula Boola Beauty School Drop-out.

This morning I covered the Pepcid with pieces of a pill pocket. It went right down. Usually it takes 2 or 3 tries. :slightly_smiling_face:

I put the leftover scraps of the pill pocket on a plate on the floor. One of the piglet cats ate them. Maybe he had to adjust to the flavor and texture.

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That’s awesome, yay! Glad to hear it worked for you :blush: