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Ch/AA Jumper Pricing?

Hi all,

I have been putting out feelers for the past four months or so to try and find a horse suitable to move me up into the Adult Jumpers but have been very discouraged by the prices. I’m a young adult so not made of money and thankfully my parents are very supportive and help with regular upkeep and some show fees but I am expected to put up the money for this horse myself. I have a little over 20k in savings that I have been hoarding for just this purpose but this seems to be pennies in comparison for what people are asking.

The latest horse I tried was about 12, not attractive at all, no lead change, but solid to the jumps and they wanted 30k to lease for a year and 60k to buy. This is the cheapest horse my trainer has been able to show me so far and I haven’t found much luck on any of the various horse classified websites either. I’m not looking for the winner just something safe and fun.

Is this really what I can expect to pay? If so, it appears to me I am priced right out of the division which is very discouraging as my riding is finally at the point where I feel comfortable moving up. I am located in the Mid-Atlantic if that helps.

Any insight appreciated thanks!

OTTB and Train your own jumper … Not being sarcastic… just a suggestion … But much depends on what AA division , Lows , Highs??? here in the Mid west you can pick up a solid horses that has a bit of experience and is sound and a TB usually in the $20,000 range

A solid high CH/AA with all the buttons is going to be $40k-$80k range. While theoretically the lead change shouldn’t matter, I had a beautiful, tall, super brave, dead quiet jumper with a good low AA record who didn’t have a change one direction, and I could not sell him.

I agree with the above poster that you should look at TBs - they don’t command the prices that the warmbloods do, and many are quite capable of doing well in the highs.

I’d consider coming up to Canada. $20k is on the low end for something nice, sound and experienced at that height. That being said, $20,000 US is almost $27,000 CND, so it may be worth your while to shop further afield.

I think you can get that horse if its a TB and on the greener side. I also agree with looking at Canada if you wont eat up the price difference shipping. See if you can find local FB sites too, I tend to find there is more variety and lower prices. Although there are a few from the more traditional sites:



PM sent

I don’t want cross the lines of advertising, but I have a 15 year old ch/aa jumper for sale for under 40k, and he has won at WEF and Lake Placid. Maybe you need to look for older horses? Once they get to a certain age their value starts to decline, but they are a worth their weight in gold.

Definitely check out Canada, our Dollar is in the toilet and in Alberta our economy is tanking… Kid at our barn just got a winning, pretty, does all changes, very well schooled 13 yrs old 1.15-1.20m horse for your price range! (And it vetted well)

I sent you a PM. Good luck your search.

I know one with a change as well as a lovely price if you don’t mind traveling to try him. He’s not mine, but a friends. PM me if you’d like.

IMHO you could find a horse to do the height for that budget. But when you say “move me up”, it sounds like you are hoping for a finished horse to show you the ropes, with very little work left to do. If that is the case, then your budget is probably unrealistic.

My suggestion would be to use your trainer’s expertise to find a horse which is currently showing at a lower level, probably a TB or unfashionable cross-breed, but which is capable of moving up. The less fancy but still competant barns might be your best bet, the high end barns are less likely to deal with these sorts of horses for your price.

If you’re uncomfortable going with unproven, then you might be limited to the older horses. Sometimes you can find some great horses who are 12+, and maybe lacking AA show miles or good placings, for a good price. As long as they’re experienced enough, not having a show record a mile long can be a good thing, lower price and potentially less wear and tear. A 15 y/o can have years left in them, or be just about crippled, depending on their history.

Also, if your budget is $20k, then why is your trainer showing you a $60k horse? Seems counter-productive. You will have to make some compromises with your budget, sure, but there are plenty of horses at your price point that you could be looking at.

Perhaps look at some event horses. A lot of scopey horses done turn in to upper level event horses because they can’t make the speed or don’t have the boldness for the xc. A training or pre lim horse that might be better suited to be a straight jumper can very well fall in your price range. I have seen some nice pre lim
Packers that can’t move up to intermediate go for 20-40k depending on how fancy they are.

Yikes I thought AA jumpers were $5-10,000 or free leases if you are a lucky seller (and I am in the mid-Atlantic…).?!

No you won’t get a real AA jumper for 5-10k in the mid atlantic. Add a zero.

As suggested above try Canada, try older, try greener. I think you can find in north America in your price but you will have to do leg work.

I second ladyj79… you will not find an AA jumper in the 5-10K range (definitely add a zero + :-). Canada is a good place to look now since the dollar is very low now…

I second the notion of looking in eventing barns. You may find a very nice horse that isn’t fond enough of the xc to move up. I have several friends who bought jumpers out of eventing barns and they’ve done very well.

I think it is possible to find a CH/AA jumper for $20k though probably not one that is currently “the winner.” If you are willing to put the time and work in to make up a greener type, you might be able to build your own, or if you’d rather have a packer type to get yourself started, you might find an older horse that is moving down, and/or has some maintenance issues.

Have they always been that expensive or …when did that happen?? I thought the AA jumper (low and high) were kind of the rejects as long as they would go, save their riders when needed in whatever form, and not knock down rails (and steered). (

Have they always been that expensive or …when did that happen?? I thought the AA jumper (low and high) were kind of the rejects as long as they would go, save their riders when needed in whatever form, and not knock down rails (and steered). ([/QUOTE]

That sounds a little harsh. From what exactly are they “rejects”?

Sorry I dont mean it harshly–it seemed years ago it was the horses that were just a little too hot or forward to be hunters and maybe did not have the perfect form -or big and slow enough step )often thoroughbreds) so were "rejects’ from the hunter ring (where I mistakenly thought the really big money was…)

I am just feeling very stupid as I let a pony clubber event my perfect AA jumper horse as I thought there was little value for a good horse in that ring…my mistake.
(Edited to add: And I thought they were the horses that did not have the scope to do the AO/Jr jumpers or bigger professional classes)

Look at event barns for sure. And fox hunters. You can find a nice horse thy hasn’t 100% worked out for those disciplines pretty cheap.

And check out pony clubs and honies if you’re smaller. You don’t need a super scopey horse for the adults any B/C pony club horse can likely do it. If you fit on a nice 14.3hh overgrown pony or 15.1hh TB you’ll save a bundle. I’m 6’ tall and did the junior jumpers years ago on a 15.1 qh and a 16.1 tb and won lots. Combined purchase price was probably $2500 for those two.