Chasing Time (Race Hunter ‘19)

Well now that he has a big boy name and is at the track, I figured it was time for him to get his own thread!

(To be honest, I was hoping someone else would do it :rofl:)

Feel free to check in if you bought a micro share. And if you’re interested in joining, MyRacehorse still is advertising shares for $52, although I imagine they will sell out soon!

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I’m in.
I’m glad MRH just went ahead & named him.
After all the complaints & bitching with the last couple naming contests.


I’m in. Like the name too.


I like the name. I’ll be following along too. :slight_smile:


I own a few shares, and I really like the name they picked. My first buy was into his half brother Can’t Hush This and I really like the spunky/mischievous personalities these Not This Time colts appear to have. I’m also glad the trainers for these two might actually run them in my neck of the woods, hopefully I’ll be able to catch some of their early starts.

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Technically, he’s not a half brother. TBs are only half siblings if they have the same dam because the stallions have so many foals.

I also have a couple shares in Chasing Time. Hopefully he stays healthy and gets going on the track soon!


I had a name picked out to submit, but yeah, there was so much whinging about the choices in the last couple, I’m glad they just named him something good. It looks like they may have done that with a couple of them?

I have one share :slight_smile: in him, and in several others. I’m really enjoying following their progress!

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They seem to be sort of quietly excited about him. Of course that could be my own eagerness to see what’s in his engine compartment, so to speak.


I’ve also got a share and am really looking forward to him (and the other two year olds) getting to the race track. It’s been lovely watching his development!


I decided I needed to get in on the fun so I bought a share in Chasing Time too. :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic of his dam (Race Hunter) as a foal with his 2nd dam, Shriek.



Great news @LaurieB! Although a little ironic you have to buy into a family you created. :grin:

I love the baby picture of Race Hunter! What good looking girls.


I’ve been following you guys with interest and I can’t stand it anymore! Can someone provide the link to purchase a share?

EDIT: I found it. Now a proud one-hundreth-percenter of Chasing Time!


Woohoo @chestnutmarebeware!

Here’s the link for anyone else interested. Scroll down to Chasing Time:

Once his shares sell out, he will not be available on that link anymore.

Years ago we used to joke about having a COTH racing partnership, but most of us don’t have deep enough pockets for that (ok, maybe I’m the one without deep enough pockets for that :rofl:). This was such a great idea to all buy into the same MRH offering, cooked up by @ASB_Stars and @Joanne on another thread. @Mara adeptly pointed out that Chasing Time is out of a mare bred by @LaurieB, who also bred his 2nd dam and basically his entire catalog page. (Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone!)


To fill in some more of the family, here’s Shriek (Chasing Times’s 2nd dam) as a foal with her dam, Tricky Bird.


This is Race Hunter’s 1/2 sister Paid Up Subscriber:



What great looking horses @LaurieB! Thank you so much for sharing. Paid Up Subscriber truly did have that “look” of success from the start. Here’s to hoping Chasing Time follows in his family’s footsteps.


@LaurieB, I don’t want to drift off topic, but I am curious - I know Peter Brant/White Birch Farm bought Paid Up Subscriber for broodmare duties; do you know who she’s been bred to so far?

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@Mara, Peter Brant has bred her to wonderful stallions thus far. She has a 2yo filly by Medaglia d’Oro named American Life (unraced), a yearling colt by Into Mischief named Army Times, and a filly this year by Quality Road. I can’t wait to see what they can do on the track. :slight_smile:


@Texarkana, I agree, and I think it’s great that we will all be cheering him on together.


Our boy had a good work this morning! Anxious to hear an update from MRH about it. image|281x499


Chasing Time worked 4 furlongs from the gate in 47.40. Report says “breezed”, but it sounds like work to me. Ridden by jockey Ricardo Santana.

Sounds like he may be close to a start.