Chasing Time (Race Hunter ‘19)

A breeze is a work (or workout). You could see in the video that he was breezing from the gate, plus he had Ricardo on him. I think it said in one of the colt’s reports that they had moved him to CD because they were getting ready to enter him?


I love hearing how professional he sounds from the riders. He seems like such a good citizen. I’m looking forward to his racing career!

He definitely looks focused on his job in that video. No baby antics or gawking around; he’s all business there.

Correct. They stated to expect his first race before the month the end…. assuming all goes as planned from here on out.

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I’m cautiously optimistic we will see him running soon!

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Here goes our baby!


Chasing Time will be entered today in a 6f maiden on Saturday 9/25!


Can’t wait! He’s so much more mature than “my” other horse, Miss Sakamoto. She’s still at the farm, and I love to see that they’re taking their time with her as she figures things out.

Overall, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of information that MRH funnels to its owners. So glad I saw this thread!

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I am ridiculously excited about this.

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It’s on! Race 11, and he has post 9. Brian Hernandez Jr. to ride.


A bit more information. :wink:

Yes, Race 11 at Churchill Downs on Saturday, 9/25. 6f MSW. Post time 5:58p ET. He’ll be ridden by Brian Hernandez Jr.

CD feed and if Fox has their Day At The Races (usually FS2) this race should be televised (I hope so although last Saturday FS2 was supposed to have Day At The Race up to the start of the Utah/USAF game… not on DirecTV… got 30 minutes of some WWE-style boxing :frowning: . Also on TVG2 if you have the TVG app on your mobile device or on Roku.

I do NOT trust FS2, especially on a Saturday!

Occasionally I’ve found the live feed on YT. Edit* - that was Keeneland. Don’t think CD does that.

What is YT please?

YouTube, and I was mistaken about CD live feed there. It’s Keeneland I watched.

RTN (RTN.TV) is also an option although RTN is a low-cost (ie, not free) subscription option. I have been told that “high ticket” races like the KD may not be broadcast live on RTN.

I’ll have to see if they’re Mac-compatible.

Comcast swears TVG is included in our XFinity package. It is not. I find this unacceptable and have informed BF it needs to be resolved before the Breeders’ Cup.

I’m so excited! Usually you can watch live racing at the CDI tracks for free through the TwinSpires app. I would assume they would have this race.

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The nice thing is this year TVG will be allowed to broadcast BC live (usually Trackside Live) as it is at Del Mar.

If at CD, nope… it would be on FSN Day At The Races. IIRC, TVG could re-broadcast the BC races with a delay when at NYRA/Twinspires

I agree a PITA for sure.

For Search Engines start last week, someone on the FB group posted a link to a YT channel for America’s Day at the Races, which showed it live. Since it sounds like a similar race just later on the card, maybe it’ll be there too?

It was a very convenient way to watch for me since I’m traveling and only able to watch on my phone.

Looks like our boy sold out according to the FB group! I hope no one else was wanting to join the party.