Chiropractor - forms for the primary vet to sign?

I have a chiro I’d like to use, but she has forms for my vet to sign. The vet won’t sign them, for various reasons (one being that they too offer chiropractic work).

Has anyone else encountered a chiro that has forms for the vet to sign prior to seeing a horse?

The form is like an acknowledgement that the horse is being seen by a chiro, but is titled as “Vet Approval Form.” I understand my vet’s concern here as it appears as if the chiro is trying to share liability, and hasn’t experienced this form before. Curious how widespread this is?

New to me. Most of my critter chiropractors were/are vets but even those that were not vets never asked for the vet to sign anything.


It might be dependent on the regulations in your state (I gather the chiro is not a DVM?).
On the one hand, I’d be annoyed if I were you, on the other, if the release form conveys any responsibility under the licensing regs to your DVM, I can understand the reluctance.


My horses are boarded in Illinois. I’ve used other chiros that were not DVMs in IL without this hurdle.

I am quite annoyed, at both parties to be honest. I just want to get on the same schedule with the same providers as my BO, dammit.

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Change to the BO’s vet?

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The BO has my same vet, but she was “grandfathered in” to the chiros client list.

Don’t ask me how that worked, I have no clue and don’t want to upset their deal so won’t dig into it.

Sort of? 10 or so years ago I used a ‘chiropractor’ who had blank forms that a vet had pre-signed for him, with similar wording. Legally he was not qualified to be a chiropractor, he was a massage therapist with a focus on acupressure on paper. Maybe you have a similar situation? According to the U of IL vet med website, “Under the Illinois Veterinary Practice Act, veterinarians and human chiropractors who have a valid license in the state of Illinois are the only two professionals who can legally provide chiropractic care for animals.”


It actually is the law in IL. The chiro I use is also required to have us get that form signed. I think it sucks, but I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done.


He is a licensed human chiropractor, so he can legally adjust horses.


Well that sucks. While my vet provides it, he said to my face he thinks it’s bull$%^/ and he has to put on a “show” to keep clients happy.

Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. :unamused:

Yeah, I don’t see how some form really helps the horses, but it does serve as a barrier to care. At least it isn’t like MO where you technically are supposed to have a vet present for every chiro adjustment. I don’t think everyone does, but it’s how the law reads over the river. :expressionless:

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Oh ffs, that sucks.

Plan B, “”“sell”"" your horse to your trainer for an hour or two each month?

Plan C, find a whole other vet/chiro practice with vet/chiro who is recommended for chiro, and believes in it, and who can also do yearly vaccinations. Keep original vet for emergency/illness/lameness, etc. I actually do a version of that for respiratory stuff/lameness - close vet for regular stuff, Emerg care and scoping/US, etc from farther away vet because close vet is limited to xrays (in this day and age ffs)


I could ask about that, though this chiro is getting annoyed with me at this point because I’ve asked about nearly every work around.

I asked “can any vet sign this?” because I was going to have my small animal vet friend do it, and she said no - it has to be a continuing care vet.

What a PITA.

My vet is STELLAR for sporthorse stuff - he rides and events, and is really great for a local vet on lameness stuff. I’m hesitant to change for that reason.

I think I’m up the creek. Shayney will survive, I suppose.

In my state the chiro must already be a vet, but not sure that’s what this is about. I have never been asked for it. Frustrating…

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I would get a chiro that’s actually a vet, so many reasons why but RideIQ actually just did an awesome Q&A on exactly this subject last night if you are a member.

The reason they want the form signed is because they don’t want to treat a horse that is lame somewhere without that being diagnosed first, the form confirms the vet has seen the horse and that the horse is not lame or sore anywhere. That way the Chiro knows they are treating a Chiro issue and not a lameness issue.

But for best results and your horses safety I highly recommend a chiro who is also a vet or Dr.


My vet is a chiro.

See above for his comments on chiro.

Limited other options for vets here, honestly - not to mention he’s a great lameness/sporthorse vet.

Saw that, but what about another Chiro who is a DVM? Or even a human Dr Chiro? They won’t require a form likely.

The whole point was to try and get on the same schedule as my BO. This is a super small barn, and I don’t want to have my horse on a wildly different schedule.

Finding a new vet, who is also a chiro - means that my horse is on a different schedule for two things instead of one.

It’s not worth it to me, she will have to live with the million other ways I spoil her.

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You don’t need a new vet, most Chiro’s ARE vets or human chiros but don’t practice as a vet, they practice as a Chiro. Why does it have to be on the barn schedule?

Just call up a chiro and ask for an appointment. It doesn’t have to affect your vet relationship or your barn relationship at all whatsoever.

Easy solution.

I’m not picking up what you’re suggesting.

Or, you haven’t read the thread to understand the problem fully.