Christmas Card Exchange 2021?

Hello all:

Just wondering if we are planning a COTH Christmas card exchange this year? I’d be thrilled if Polydor wants to take it on again, but also willing to organize it myself if she wants to retire/pass on the torch. Hoping others are interested too, either way - I look forward to this all year!

I’m in if this takes off! I love cards.

I’ve been checking the forum regularly to see if the card exchange is happening in 2021. It’s always fun, so count me in!

Count me in, you all made my holidays last year!!

I swore I had read another post on this, but just did a search & didn’t find anything :woman_facepalming:
Count me in! I love doing the card exchange.

yes please! I’ve had a crappy year, I need some cheer and purpose.

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Hello yes I’m just about to post it! Lost track of time since I haven’t been on coth lately. How is it November already??

Will also email those from last year as well.


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Yes! Thank you Polydor, I am in again.


Please add me to the Christmas card exchange. I’ve got cards. I’ve got stamps. I’m ready!

How do we exchange addresses? (Haven’t done this before).

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Yesssss its my favorite!!

Email @Polydor using the email posted above.
You’ll get a list of addresses once the list is complete.
It so much fun!!
Some of us have been doing this most every year since the very beginning.

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I love this each year. I look forward to cards from those who have been doing this for a while, as I feel I know them! :blush:

I saw no email address (?) but I did PM @Polydor with my email and mailing address.

Hope that’s correct!


Has the list gone out yet? My info hasn’t changed from last year. I don’t want to miss your email if my spam folder got hold of it!

Wondering the same thing. I haven’t gotten the list, either, and I checked my spam folder. Hoping to participate this year!

Me too Polydor. All the info is the same. I just ordered my cards and built COTH into the count.

All the info on how to get everyone addresses is in the other post.


Will send emails out next week.