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Cody Dorman

The send off a champion deserves.
Have a tissue handy.


Thanks for the tissue suggestion. I am sobbing.


~ sniffle ~

Not me. Nope. :cry:

I loved the feature Godolphin did about Cody before this year’s Breeders Cup… more tissues may be needed.


Racing has been the subject of so much bad press recently, it’s hopeful this story - Cody & Cody’s Wish - can… (is “inspire” the word?) lead to better.:pray: :disappointed_relieved:


Me, I need a paper towel.:broken_heart::cry:


I have to give props to the head guy at Godolphin, or whoever it was that actually made all this happen.


I’m with you, @NaturallyHappy.
Then I tried to read it out loud to my husband…

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My newsfeed popped this up.

While the $10K is a nice donation, I Googled Breyer & annual income: 19.6 MILLION
I emailed Customer service suggesting a portion of the profits from the sales of the model also go to Make-A-Wish


Good idea, 2DogsFarm.


I’d read somewhere that renaming the Dirt Mile to the Cody Dorman Breeders’ Cup Mile is under consideration; I haven’t verified.


That is a great idea. Do you happen to have that email address handy?


Didn’t save it, found on the Breyer website.
No response yet :unamused:
I’ll be interested for their reply, if any, as I’m not a customer, just used the site for access.


Also found this, for the Director of Marketing
Just sentt an email to her w/same suggestion


My email to Stephanie Macejko:

"My newsfeed showed me Breyer has come out with a model to honor Cody Dorman & Cody’s Wish.
The article mentioned a donation of $10,000 will be made to the Make-A-Wish foundation by Breyer.
While that is a generous amount, Id like to suggest a portion of the profits from the sale of the Cody’s Wish model also go to Make-A-Wish.

I’ve previously emailed Breyer Customer Service with this same request.

Thanks for your consideration"

Feel free to copy my text, or word your own.
Maybe a tidal wave will move Breyer?



Godspeed Cody. I have to give huge props to his parents. Children that have his condition seldom live past 2-3 yrs old. What a testament to them…and Cody’s Wish…that he lived as long as he did. His parents made sure his life was rich despite his medical issues.



To date Nothingburger in the way of a reply from Breyer :rage:
Not even a polite formletter “thanks for your interest” :confused:
I’m going to allow for the holiday :unamused:
But I believe I’ll resend that email to Ms. Marketing & see if I can find the name of anyone higher up the Breyer ladder to cc
Not wanting (too much) to smear Breyer, but good PR seems to be lacking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sent Email #3 to another Addy promising “response by next business day”
Got this :smirk:

Now, I wait… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Got this today from Ms Marketing:

"Thanks for your email. Each year, Breyer donates over $150,000 to various youth and animal welfare organizations. Make-a-Wish is one of the organizations that will benefit in 2024; and we spread the wealth to a variety of organizations including Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, The Cloud Foundation, 4H, New Vocations Animal Rescue, St. Jude’s and more. Our agreement with Make-a-Wish is not for a portion of the proceeds; it is for a $10,000 donation specifically related to the Cody’s Wish model, so that is how we are working with them in this particular case.

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday season!"

:expressionless: I failed to be impressed & replied:

"Thank you for responding.

However, despite Breyer/Reeves’ agreement for a one-time donation to Make-A-Wish, is it not possible for Breyer/Reeves, on it’s own, to elect to contribute a portion of the profits from sales of the Cody’s Wish model to that organization as well?

Surely as a company with annual earnings of $14 million+ this should be possible.

Even with total donations of $150K to various others.

I belong to a large international internet community of horsepeople & I can guarantee a sizeable portion of sales of the Cody’s Wish would come from this group if such a donation was instituted by Breyer/Reeves.

A large contingent of members is active in the Thoroughbred Racing industry as trainers, breeders, owners and track workers.

For reference, The Peter Stone company issued a model of a horse owned by a member of the group some years ago.
A percentage from sales of the model went to UC Davis for Cushing’s research."

Gee, I forgot to wish her Happy Holidays :smirk:


Wait, I must have missed this? Was it Coreene’s horse (Willem unless I’m having an old lady moment)?

At least someone actually read your email and responded to it with more than an automated reply. That’s the first step.


Yup, Willem.
Thank Google for telling me it was Peter Stone, not Breyer who made the model.