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Controversial video forces Carina Cassoe Kruth to withdraw from Olympic team contention

Eurodressage just released this article.
Somehow I am not surprised, Carina Cassoe Kruth worked with and for Helgestrand for years…


It is what it is and nothing will ever change…. Helgstrand advertises Wendy still so as long as he advertises successful horses people will buy from him (BTW also Jessica von Bredow Werndl) and his business will continue…

And people do with their horses what they learned so what can you exspect from a client from Helgstrand….

I admit I despised him from the beginning when he took over the ride of Don Schufro from Lars Petersen…. I was a huge fan of Don Schufro and was sorry for him to have to deal with Helgstrand :disappointed:
I am a dinosaur and so far I remember a lot from the past :pensive:


Why is it so hard for these riders to train with kindness?


Podhajsky said to remember “I have time”, when dealing with horses. Many pros are in a hurry, gotta get ready for next competition, gotta get this horse polished for a sale.

A student once bought a lovely grey horse with magnificent flying changes, but don’t ask for S/I, H/I or .H/P. Not there. Poor lady had vision of center lines.


Because everyone is in a hurry to get to a point. It is really about the journey.

I’ve seen it so much in the horse world. People just want to get to the next level, the next show…and if it takes too long, then they move on to another trainer, horse, barn


These horses are rarely if ever turned out or hacked out. They are big, fit, strong and muscular and underworked. What starts as defensive riding turns quickly into forcefulness and “the way it is done” because there is a lack of trust and fear of each other.

You rarely see this in my experience where horses are hacked out, turned into fields and where they get enough mental and physical stimulation and the riders are not afraid to get hurt.


Well …. I went to a rural ( not high end show) today with my young horse. In the warm up ring I was shocked…… most riders were professionals… Not one horse looked like it was 4 years old… they were ridden like 10 year old horses…… some horses were white all over from sweat…. (Thankfully that horse was marked down because it obviously showed no walk). It looked like it was close to get a heart attack….
Obviously kindness towards young horses is lost…. This was my first YH test in 30 years and I swore to myself that I will not end up like this….
I admit I was eliminated because it was the first show for my horse and she kind of felt lonesome in the dressage ring because it was a bit further away from the warm up ring. But I plan to show her like she is able to peform at home. But I don’t think you get ribbons for that…. that’s why riders ride like they do…


Does anyone have a link to the video?

I don’t think it has circulated. I don’t want to watch it, but I’d like someone reasonable to describe the “error” so I know what “training a horse in a very hard way” is a euphemism for, in light of the Danish equestrian federations recent statement about their commitment to transparency.