COVID recovery time?

I tested positive on New Year’s Eve. Felt god-awful for the first 3 days (congestion, fever, severe body aches and exhaustion). Quarantined last week. Other than muscling through Monday at work and then working remotely for the rest of this week, I haven’t felt like I had energy for much of anything.

I did some chores around the house yesterday and was wiped out afterward. My horse has been worked maybe twice in the past 3 weeks. I feel guilty for not riding but just the thought of driving an hour and a half round trip to the barn and then wrangling a fresh 7yo TB is exhausting.

How long did it take you to feel “normal” again?

For me a little more than 3 weeks to stop feeling exhausted, and to not get short of breath whenever I did anything physical.

I agree, about three weeks for me, too. The first week was snot and fever. Weeks two and three were working through the overwhelming fatigue.

I tested positive on Sunday 1/1. Felt just plain bad that afternoon. Congestion and fatigue the following three days. By the fourth day, Thursday, I was mostly back to normal. I’m still coughing occasionally but all is well otherwise.

Did you get on Paxlovid? I think that makes a world of difference, even though it’s still very much an individual thing.

DH got sick last Sunday, thought it was a kidney infection, and even the walk-in clinic on Monday agreed and sent him home with abx. He kept getting worse, not better, so Thursday got formally tested, and got on Paxlovid that night. His last dose was Tuesday morning, and yesterday he was able to do normal stuff without getting tired.

So it really does depend.

No. For some reason, the doctor wouldn’t give it to me, even though I’m asthmatic (albeit well controlled).

I had a very mild case last year, but my DH got sick in October and didn’t have a normal energy level for about a week and a half.

I hope you feel better soon, OP!

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Well it depends…I got it in the spring of 2020, before they really knew what it was. It flattened me for several weeks, and I routinely crawled back into bed due to fatigue until late August. I still have no sense of smell. I am in my early 40s and have no health issues.
I caught it Again! in May 2022. That caused a nasty cough, but I shook it off in a week or so. If it hadn’t been Covid and I was testing because of an event I wouldn’t have noticed.
Now, here is where it gets weird. My husband, of course, got it both times as well. He basically had two or three days of ‘ick’ and was back to normal. He is in his late 50s, with asthma, drinks hard, and is technically overweight. My Father! got it as well. First time, didn’t even notice it. Second time, it was an issue. He was on Paxlovid, which I think made a huge difference. Even so he recovered before me…He is 80, and has smoked a pack of cigarettes daily (an e-cig for the last five years) since age 15…
So. It varies!


Those I’ve known who have been able to get paxlovid (not many, doctors here withhold unless you’re 65+ or have serious risk factors) have crazy rebound symptoms once they wrap up the course.

Which is why the docs say they’re not prescribing to more people. YMMV of course but paxlovid doesn’t seem to be much of a magic bullet.

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I’ve known several people who took Paxlovid and had no rebound issues. Some studies have found that people who haven’t taken Paxlovid also rebound at similar rates. It just didn’t get any press until people had the drug to blame it on.


My mom took it and the rebound sickness was terrifying. Me and my husband were down for about a week then steadily got better. I’d say about a month to feel 100% normal. My mom was sick a few days took the meds got better then got so sick she almost ended up in the hospital. It took her about double to feel better for all symptoms. She does not recommend it to anyone :joy: of course everyone is different but it’s not a magic bullet

Yeah, that’s what I’ve seen too in several people! I’m so sorry your mom was so ill :frowning:

I was kind of irked at the doctor’s refusal to rx, but then honestly pretty grateful as I started hearing of all the rebound. That first week wasn’t much fun but at least that was the worst of it, and then it was steady improvement.

I also had it around New Years - started with a low fever on the 26th, fever gradually increased through Wednesday. Had already had a doctor appointment scheduled, just changed it to a sick visit, and tested positive on the 28th. Fever broke that afternoon. I was quite congested and lightheaded with it - that has been the hardest thing to shake. But I am pretty much back to normal now, and was able to make it to our first dressage show of the year on the 11th.

Two years and ten months, still not able to work.


Yes, the rebound was relayed to hubby, but it’s also not a given, and those who don’t get the drug also have rebounds. I just don’t know any (reliable) source of percentages of each.

Dad and stepmom both got covid a few months ago, both started immediately on Pax, neither rebounded. Today is a full 48 hours since DH’s last dose, so this weekend will likely be the tell-tale of the rebound.

That is incredible. What a cruel virus. I really hope there’s a breakthrough in treating long covid that helps you.

Thank you for your kind words. At least I have the company of a couple of million other Brits suffering from the same problem. An issue around the world is that many medics do not “believe” in Long Covid - though why evidence should be denied by them is a mystery to me - so millions more with Long Covid are isolated and with no support. Research is hindered because obviously Researchers like to start with a population of patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 but back at the start in 2020, here in the UK, tests were only available for those hospitalized. I wasn’t. I have never tested positive for COVID-19 but I most certainly meet the criteria for Long Covid!!

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I haven’t had Covid but my sister got it during a routine medical procedure that she had been putting off. She had 3 or 4 vaccinations before she got it. She had a terrible headache and felt like something was squeezing her around her midsection. She got an antiviral - I think Paxlovid. She said it was horrible - worse than Covid. She got over the infection pretty fast but said she was extremely fatigued for weeks. She was pretty fit beforehand but said that her feet felt like molasses for a long time. I think she has since recovered.


I was the same, but it wasn’t as if all the sudden I was 100%. But, after about three weeks I began to see daily slight improvement.

I’m Covid + 13 days now and just getting the energy back. I’ve been napping almost every day, and finally went for my first run yesterday, which actually was better than I expected.

My SO had it first, and was given the option to take the Paxlovid, but after reading about he decided not to; his case was pretty mild and it didn’t seem worth risking the side effects.