Custom Saddlery Saddle Problems

Anyone out there had Custom Saddlery Saddles with Faulty Saddles or Fitting issues? Have you and your horse suffered because the company has sold a defective saddle or a fitter/rep sold you a saddle that does not fit you and/or horse and will not replace faulty saddle or money for product that is defective or does not fit and has caused damaged to your horse?

Please respond and e-mail your name and story if you choose to leave details to

We have had several people in our area that have had problems with this company and our looking into a Class Action Lawsuit.

Nope, very happy with my Custom Saddlery Saddles, both fit my horses. They are happy and so am I.

Extremely happy with my Wolfgang Solo, it’s an older one.

My Custom Advantage was a blessing at the end of a long saddle search! My area rep is awesome at her job and in customer service.

Trolling attorney - seems like this should be removed!

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This is not an attorney posting!! – this is a group of customers that have gotten no where with Custom Saddlery in regards to saddles that have defects!! We have documented saddles that have problems!!

Everyone in barn is very happy with their custom saddles - we have at least 6.

I had a problem with a stirrup bar with one of them and they loaned me a demo for 6 weeks while it was being replaced. Could not be happier with their customer service.

Will repeat what others have said. I’m not a fan of the saddles personally, but a friend ordered one earlier this year, and when it came, it was NOT what she ordered, and the company refunded all of her money.

I ordered one, which when it came was not what I ordered or demoed. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even use my girth, the billets were so short. Lost my deposit. But then, my rep was not even trying to help.

My friend/coworker just finally ended her 6month ordeal over a Custom jump saddle she special ordered. She had problems with it not feeling like the demo (exact same saddle, 1/2" larger seat) and causing her back pain, then when she showed it to me at work I realized the flaps were stamped with different seat sizes (WTF?)…they were never able to work it out with that saddle so they gave her a different one that retailed for more, but I was shocked that the flaps were stamped differently on a $5000 CUSTOM saddle- how would that make it past quality control? Other than it taking forever and being a huge PITA, she’s happy with the one she has now.

My story is well documented on here, and I have a friend who had another massive problem with them. Very interesting.

After 3 1/2 years of trying one saddle adjustment after another after buying my Custom Saddlery saddle, I’m done with them. The saddle fitter gave a great pitch, but sold us a saddle that doesn’t fit my horse.

When I discussed with the new local rep the possibility of trading in my current saddle for a different one that might… like… actually fit my horse, she said they’d give me $700 trade in value on my current saddle. ARE YOU F_CKING KIDDING ME??? I paid $4300 for this saddle 3 1/2 years ago. It is very comfortable for me, but no matter how many adjustments the (former) local rep made, it has never worked for my horse.

Nope. Done with Custom.

Trolling attorney - seems like this should be removed![/QUOTE]

Report it!

I already did, but so far nothing. However, discussing ongoing lawsuits on this forum (from participants in the lawsuit) has repeatedly been clearly explained as not allowed.

Sounds like I dodged a bullet when my Custom rep failed to give me a quote on the Wolfgang Solo I wanted so I never ended up purchasing

I think this thread is less a thread about lawsuit while going on and more of a thread about someone asking others to tell their problems with Custom Saddlery since the OP is having problems too.

We have had several people in our area that have had problems with this company and our looking into a Class Action Lawsuit.[/QUOTE]

I’m not sure which part of this says it is NOT about a lawsuit.

Personally, I’m going to get myself a Custom soon. I know multiple people for whom a saddle didn’t work at first, and Custom made it right, trying multiple other saddles until they found one which worked. The ones I know of have held up well. It will be my first Custom Saddlery saddle, but I have ridden in enough others to know they can fit me very comfortably, and since we don’t have loads of independent fitters here, I am stuck with a brand rep - and like the Custom rep who comes through. She adjusted a saddle for me so my horse and I were happier with it than we had been with any saddle, and everyone else she has fitted has been very happy with her work. That’s more important than brand, and so if folks have had trouble with a fitter, that stinks. The fitter is more important to me than the brand, personally.

I absolutely love riding in Custom saddles - but the last two custom orders I’ve done have never really fit the horses they were made for despite multiple tweaks. I’ve moved on to another company.

I’m not sure which part of this says it is NOT about a lawsuit.[/QUOTE]
I said about a lawsuit going on, not thinking about a lawsuit. They are thinking about a lawsuit. Lots of people post here debating lawsuits of various types.

I think that saddle fit is somewhat subjective. Maybe some horses are hard to fit, no matter what brand of saddle. Last point, what percentage of Custom saddles have had problems as compared to other brands? I am not a lawyer, but I think it would be difficult to prove a lawsuit of this type.

My significant other just got a Custom, but we’re not convinced it fits right. We’re having an independent fitter out to look at it tomorrow, interestingly enough. The demo did wonders for both horse and rider, but the one that was purchased? Not so much.