Dear Mods and Admin staff

I just wanted to let you know that I really, really like the new board software. I know the change was a thankless task, and I know you’ve fielded lots of feedback from lots of change adverse folks.

I was initially a little put off by it too. But with very little time on the board, I have gotten used to it and REALLY like it. I find intuitive (I didn’t use the tutorial and only glanced at Simkie’s reference thing) and got comfortable with it pretty quickly.

I especially like the additional options for notifications and customizing my experience.

Thought you’d like to know. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!

I know that it’s been a big change for everyone, and we definitely get it…I think each of us involved with beta testing started out with a “what in the…?” reaction at first, especially since when we first started playing around with the site, things looked even different and less familiar.

I think it may be harder the longer you’ve been here too, since it’s not just learning, it’s re-learning long-engrained habits.

We definitely do not want to alienate our tried-and-true community members with something new and shiny. We didn’t make this change just because we wanted to be fancy. We had to bite the bullet and go through some growing pains and outlay of resources to ensure we could keep the community viable going forward. So, please trust us when we say we want to make this a site that works for as many people as is feasible.

We can’t make every change requested, but we’re definitely receptive to input and will be continuing to customize the site further as we go.

Thanks you @McGurk for the vote of support!


I really like it, too! This has been a great change! I appreciate how user friendly it is and all the helpful features, like being able to quickly see what categories and threads have recent activities. It’s also easier to add links and pictures and having all the emojis available in a regular keyboard is nice.

It’s also helpful to be able to see when someone else is replying at the same time as you.

It would have been really easy for COTH to abandon the forums instead of going through the headache of migrating to a new platform. Thank you for going through all of the trouble!


My ‘hate change’ self is really liking this new set up too. It is working quickly. Easy quote. Easy photo posting. I love the suggested topics at the bottom being so current and showing me things I have read before.


I’ve already mentioned this in one of the other threads, but I’ll say it here as well: I am very happy with the new software. The couple of small things I miss from before are already on the list to be added, so I am a happy camper.

I sure appreciate all the support provided here.



Yes! Suggested topics were something we had in an old iteration of COTH and I really missed it on the last platform. Now it’s back and even better than ever, because it shows me the activity on threads I read or commented on yet haven’t checked lately.


It really is great - and no melt-downs over edits.

Thank you! :smiley:


I like it too!

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The more I use this new set-up the more I like it. So many little things that make using a forum easier!

I just love that the suggested topics is current with all my unread threads when I get here in the morning.


I’m up to four out of five stars now. I just have a few more little things to master.

I’m a late bloomer :woman_technologist:


Great to hear! Thank you!

We’ll keep working on things too. :+1:

The biggest problem so far is that gray text on a white background is a failure of user interface design.
Even though it is trendy, contrast of text against background really needs to be improved.

I am getting eyestrain just trying to read this…please take pity on me and others who are either older (I am 69), and/or have vision problems (all have been treated) and realize that is no one can read the invisible gray text on white background, no one will want to come back.

If there is a tutorial on how to reclaim/reaffirm the previous information we had created as part of our profiles, pictures etc, I have yet to find it and I don’t have the spare time to go looking for it.
Thanks in advance for improving contrast of text against background. It really is user interface 101 level issue. I am not going to risk my eyesight any more tonight…this is ridiculously awful.

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p.s. I know you folks know how…because after I posted the reply, the text that had been almost invisible as I was typing it was suddenly easier to read…yay.

I have always seen black (or VERY dark grey) text on white background on both set-ups I use. Could it be a setting on your computer?

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Can you provide a screenshot of where/when you’re seeing this issue? We currently have black (or almost black) text on a white background for the main color scheme, so I want to figure out why you’re seeing what you’re seeing. That definitely doesn’t sound like it’s fun to read!

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I’ve never seen light gray on gray either


I started typing above and there was a flash of light gray text that appeared, like maybe the start of an auto-fill? Hold on, let me submit this and try a new reply

I’ve never seen light gray…

Ok, it didn’t happen this time, however I wonder if it was just a flash of what’s shown when you enter this reply box, or something similar?

After a rough initial transition-- this is such a wonderful upgrade!

Right now, if there was an announcement that “we’re going back to the old COTH forum platform”, I’d be in the forefront of the “NOOOOO” outcry. :laughing:

At first it seemed a bit gadget-y, but I am now greatly appreciating the new features.

I know this was a huge amount of work and a major disruption to whatever the mods and others usually do with their time. As far as I’m concerned, it has all been worth it.

Go mods & software builders! Go COTH! Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin:


I had never used the ignore feature except for when (usually new) members were being awful on a particular thread before they were banned. I think that happened twice in ten years.

I have now put 2 people on ignore. One who doesn’t come here often and one who does. It is a great feature which makes reading threads much more pleasant. Thank you.:hugs:


I must say, I didn’t ignore those people that I don’t agree with. I think it’s very important to read everyone’s views. I “ignored” the posters that are disingenuous when they post.

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