Detroit Lesson Barns

Hi everyone!

I’m moving to the Western Detroit suburbs (Plymouth/Northville) and am looking for a barn to take lessons at. I rode hunters/eq consistently for years until I left for college and now that I’ve graduated, I’m looking to start lessons again. I am looking for a fun & casual environment that still provides quality lessons. Please post any recommendations or tips below! Thanks!

Hello! I did a Detroit area move in 2011. Here are some threads you could peruse as you wait for better answers!

I ended up at Windermere in the time I was living there but you may be able to find something closer to you. Good luck!

My first thought in that area is Willowbrooke in Plymouth, they are a massive lesson barn though so it depends on if that’s your style. Lots of opportunities there, they work with CANTER, are the home of the U of M IHSA team, and host their own shows.

Dragonfly Farm is in Northville and I’ve heard good things about their program but don’t know if they have lesson horses. If you’re willing to go north, Huntington Ridge and Forte Farm are worth looking into but are more Holly/White Lake.