Devon Horse Show 2021 and COVID-19

I just received a “save the date” for Devon 2021 via email. It’s May 27 - June 6. I found nothing about COVID restrictions in the email or on their website. At this time USEF is not allowing spectators at competitions so I am surprised they at least did not mention “pending COVID restrictions being lifted” or something along those lines.

Devon is an extremely small venue in a dense, suburban area, which is a big part of its charm.

Does anyone have any other info about how they would be handling the show this year?

I think a lot of places are just being hopeful and will end up cancelling later or having capacity limits or other restrictions. I see this with plenty of non-horse events like local fairs/festivals, concerts, etc. which are only a few months out, have set dates, and in some cases are even selling tickets. I imagine most of them won’t really happen or at least not as normal. I think at this point “pending COVID” is pretty much assumed.

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I swear they have a program that searches social media and message board for anything involving Covid. The comments on Runner’s World Facebook page are insane - some articles related to masks, some to female running safety, some to ethnic diversity - but about half the comments are universally horrifying. I’m learning to tune them and the Andrews of the world out for my own sanity :slight_smile:


@vxf111 you literally made me LOL! It’s true!


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:grimacing: Yikes! I am a runner, but haven’t been seriously involved in online running boards for ten years. I just looked at Runner’s World Facebook page. So much for endorphins from running making people good-natured.


The Letsrun forum is even worse! Kind of like a larger scale version of horseshowdiva.


Oh, I haven’t been there in ages, but LetsRun was CRAZY. I even remember one thread that was like “how is it possible people take more than twenty minutes to run a 5K”? I’m sure now all the nutty people are now political, as well as arrogant and awful.

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Andrew, you’re better than this.

Anyway, from the press release posted on COTH’s website a couple of days ago, it sounds like they’re still working out how to handle spectators and the country fair, which seems like it’s bound to go on; but the organizers are working with the townships to be able to run safely. Enough might change between now and May to enable the show to run with a low spectator count, so it’s probably too early for them to say one thing or another.


I’d normally say there’s no way, but the super bowl had 25,000 people in attendance so I think in 2021 people are finding a way…lol


Ugh as someone who lives very close to Devon the thought of the normal amount of people descending on the area concerns me…we are finally getting our COVID numbers under control in PA though the vaccine distribution is still pretty bad for a state of our population. Don’t get me wrong I love Devon but please NO with the county fair and let’s limit spectators. The grounds are so small compared to somewhere like WEC with little room for distancing.

There’s really NO social distancing at WEC Ocala. We were there last weekend and people are shoulder to shoulder everywhere. We went into a pasta place to get luch and people were standing on top of each other in line waiting.

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That is unfortunate to hear. How about mask wearing?

There were signs everywhere, but nobody was enforcing the mask, or even suggesting to put on one. Most people were wearing them. The shops by the GP ring were overcrowded - most are on the smaller side (maybe 10X10 or 10 X 20) with some workers not wearing masks. We went in 2 shops that were overcrowded with merchandise racks and people.

I think Devon will happen this year. The question is whether the country fair as we know it will also occur and whether or not exhibition classes and things of that nature will happen. Lead line, my favorite, doesn’t exactly allow much social distancing with 50 ponies stretched across the ring and tons of parents crammed together along the rail watching. The show is bound to whatever rules and restrictions the state of PA as well as USEF have in place. Management knows very well that the full scale show with 10,000 spectators for the grand prix is in question. I’m envisioning a limited number of spectators for sure. I live in NJ. Our governor is now allowing outdoor stadiums to have 15% capacity. PA is a different state and May is still a few months away but I doubt the stands will even be allowed to have 50% capacity by then. We’ll see what happens! Hopefully something. I wonder how profitable the show would be with limited spectators. That will also factor in.

Has there been any new guidance issued from USEF on show attendance rules for vaccinated individuals? That might be helpful for those thinking about attending summer shows. Vaccination pace is picking up and I know many people who have been vaccinated.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Ditto for all kinds of gatherings.

Maybe USEF shows will require a vaccination certificate for people as well as horses.

Not really. But I wouldn’t be inclined to take anyone’s word for it.

I’m pretty sure they can’t ask to see ‘your’ vaccination. I feel that would be a HIPPA violation.