Does Anyone Know this Horse?

He was shown at 4th level in NC and may have show PSG in Florida. It seems he’s changed hands a few times since then and he’s being sold now since the owner is moving to Germany. The owner is super nice but doesn’t have a lot of background on him. He was imported a few years back. Thanks!

Any idea what name he was shown under? Or what rider in NC?

It would have been For Us. That’s documented with USDF but I can’t find anything in FL or if he was shown PSG. The lady selling him was told he may have done PSG.

Bummer. I tried to dig for results but couldn’t really find anything. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though. Does his sales video show PSG movements at least?

Sales video shows walk, trot, canter, Shoulder-in, half-pass at canter with flying changes at the end, and a set of three flying changes across the diagonal. Oh, and walk pirouettes. No canter pirouettes shown, so my guess would be he’s 4th level? My wild-ass guess.

I love the For Pleasure/For Feeling horses. Fun guys.


He’s darling.

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He is and worth way more than advertised


Yea, I agree with Threewishes. Video may not show tempi changes (3s/4s) and pirouettes but at his price I wouldn’t expect it. It looks like the seller’s husband is active duty and changing stations and that would certainly be a reason to have to sell quick and price very reasonably. When my husband was active duty, we could expect change of station with only 90 days notice. He may not have a PSG show record but he seems like he has a good brain and talent and is schooling 3rd/4th level at the least. Seems like a very good deal if vets sound.


16 yrs old, only 2 US shows almost 5 yrs ago, with not so great scores at 4th1 (47 and 52), multiple owners per OP, “needs confident rider” .

Not clear what OP is looking for, putting these all together makes me wonder. He does not look in the video like a PSG-ready horse. He looks barely 4th level. That said, agree that he is a nice looking horse, and I’m a fan of not-so-tall horses.


Er, yep, same thoughts here. He is being sold under value for a reason. Might be worth contacting the owner, but I’d have your BS Detectors on high alert the entire time. I believe that she’s moving to Germany, which means she needs this horse gone, and from the video and info in the ad, he sounds like he might be a tough sell.

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I always interpret “needs confident rider” as “horse is bat guano crazy.”


I noticed that too. He looks like the balance is really on his forehand which isnt going to fly at 3/4/psg even if he has tricks.

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The ad says he needs no maintenance but I feel his hind legs especially at walk and canter have way less hock articulation than I’d expect. I’d want to really look at the hocks and stifles.

His owner is the barn trainer it seems? She is leaving the country? And she says he’s been jumped by a 14 year old rider. Is he a lesson horse or lease horse or what?


Just rewatched the video now that I’m not in a pie coma. Again, cute horse, but the rider has a death grip on the inside rein at multiple points in the video. He wants to stare into the woods and find something to spook at so badly. And why do they cut immediately after the change?

This horse was at my trainer’s barn in NC for a few years for a young rider (16 years old) He is actually a Swedish Warmblood. Was imported from Sweden. Can’t remember his show name. Rider lost interest and trainer told parents he needed to have some shows to get a better price. Had a very, very capable junior ride him in the shows and he was just an ass in both of the classes. My trainer sent him back to Heidi Deigle in Florida to be sold. He was schooling PSG when he left and was very capable of doing 4th level. So he got screwed up by the next owners.


Interesting. So he’s been mostly a junior horse. That could explain why he hadn’t been shown that much. Indeed, many horses who could be competed aren’t, for whatever reason having more to do with riders than the horses actual ability. On the other hand, sounds like he could have some behavior/pain issues.

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Not sure who bought him after he was sold. But he was in full training with my trainer and the kid rider started out riding him 2-3x a week before she lost interest. She only had him 2 years. She had come from a very steady eddy. She actually became a good rider and learned to ride his rolodex moves. She had alot of stuff going on in school hence the reason she lost interest. He was still in full training when they decided to sell. Of course this was 5 years ago so what the new owners did with him I have no idea.


Ah. Age 11 to age 16 is a time span where a horse can lose value due to age and also some aches and pains can appear.

I don’t usually say nasty things on public forums, but he’s tolerating fairly awful riding in the video…


I probably shouldn’t even say this and I am not a dressage rider( I am also not the rider I once was) but I thought the lady riding him was awful. It would do him justice to put someone on him who can ride and show his skills properly.

He is a nice horse.

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