Does this exist? Minority-owned equestrian clothing brands in the US

I am writing a press release for an equestrian clothing line, and I can’t seem to find information on minority-owned brands. Does this actually exist? I want to present factual information in the press release. Are there any minority-owned or Asian-owned equestrian apparel brands?

How are you defining owned?

I bet you could find some local Western and vaquero gear made by Latino Americans.

There is gear sold direct from the manufacturer in China.

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Hi, Scribbler! I would describe owned as founded, started, and managed. Companies that have e-commerce, national, or state-level presence. Thanks for mentioning the local gear-makers! I had not thought about the entrepreneurs selling at the local level.

What do you mean by ‘minority’, particularly as you are excluding ‘Asian’ from the category?

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Hi, Peril! I consider minority: black, indigenous, and people of color. I am specifically looking for information on any Asian-owned equestrian clothing brands based in the US.

Western Braiders makes high quality romel reins. They have a Facebook page and are set up at major cowhorse shows. He is Hispanic and hand braids everything. His quality is amazing!


Super neat! Have you seen any minority-owned businesses that make equestrian apparel for riders?

You can look up Cowgirls of Color on Facebook. They have a unique style. Perhaps they plug where they buy their clothes and gear.


Another thought. I bet the Compton Cowboys youth riding program would know of any. They appear very media savvy, get sponsorships, are connected etc.


Here’s an article about fashion among Black cowboys.

And this:

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A few more sites to check out:

Hispanic trainer:

Native American trainer:

I don’t know if the trainers have equipment they sell or make, but it might be worth asking.

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You might also check out blackequestrians on Instagram. They may have seen or shared some - they have lots of topics in their content.

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Thanks! I just started following them on Instagram. I think it’s safe to say there are no Asian-owned equestrian clothing brands. Mine might be the first!

You can ask if the store is Native owned or how much they pay Natives for the tack they sell in their store.

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These are really neat. Thank you! I think it’s safe to say there are no other Asian-owned equestrian clothing brands. Mine might be the first!

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I’d love to feature tack like this in the future. Thank you!

Really neat! I would love to feature tack like this in the future. Thanks for sharing!

Well, actually…

I’m positive there are Asian-owned tack companies (perhaps even based in the US) but not riding clothing.

I have to admit something…I don’t buy equestrian clothes. I ride in Levis because they changed my Wranglers too much and I ride in comfy shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets I buy from wherever. I only need equestrian stores for boots.

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