Dreaming of future horse - Paint hunter lines?

100% theoretical here, at least for the near future, but are there any Paint lines/sires that tend to produce good 3’ ammy hunter horses? Is there somewhere I could look for info that I’m not aware of?

Not looking for a world beater, just something cute and sane with a decent jump. I leased one as a kid, 16.2 chunky guy who was green but oh so game, and had one heck of a jump in him. No clue to his breeding.

I’m aware that a lot of Paint horses are QH’s or mostly TB due to the registry requirements. I’m also aware that there are some pinto warmblood lines that are also nice, but those are much easier for me to sift through!

All Paints are stock horses (Paint and/or QH), with some influence of TB breeding in some regard, whether it’s a parent (some TBs are also registered APHA), or farther back.

I wish I was more familiar with the APHA lines for USEF Hunters.

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Look up Silverwood Farms.
(I don’t know if they are still breeding horses or not )

They stood Art Deco until he died in 2013.

(Disclaimer: I am not getting any financial compensation for mentioning them.)

Art Decos sire was Samber who was a pinto KWPN.

I don’t much about his offspring but I do remember Art Deco as being a popular sire back in his day.

You are a brave person for wanting to buy a pinto to show in Hunters .

Admittedly, I have been out of the hunt scene for a long time, but Appaloosas , Paints, and Pintos are usually given the side eye by most judges.

Bay, Chestnut and Grey are considered preferred horse colors in the show ring.

You may see one every once in a while , but it is very rare .

I would be happy to be wrong , but that’s how it was back in the day.

Haha I think some old old school judges might do this still - flashy just means your mistakes are more obvious, these days. Myself and plenty others are drooling over good moving and jumping pintos/Paints, and I know they’re out there. A good horse is a good horse, and the judging is reflecting that.

The ones with color patterns that don’t break up the topline and with dark eyes/little white on the face do seem to fit best in the hunters, so I realize I’m swimming upstream for a lot of what Paint breeders might be producing.

Nice pintos score well around here, though an Appaloosa might not. Appys don’t always lend themselves to USEF hunters, though you see them in the jumpers and occasionally ponies.

AQHA and APHA now have a Working hunter division at their shows. There are a lot of breeders who are now breeding for this division. Degraff Stables have a couple of really nice AQHA hunter stallions. I’m not sure if their double registered one is an over fences horse though. I was looking to breed AQHA as I wasn’t looking for the extra white so I bred my mare to There’s No Telling, who is AQHA but carries the W20 gene and has had some crop-outs that ended up double registered. I am very happy with the filly I got with this cross. I would recommend looking at the results for the working hunters from the APHA world show, NSBA world show, AQHA world show and Congress and see what stallions are putting out competitive horses in that division. A lot of the AQHA stallions are double registered, which Is why I suggested looking at AQHA results as well.

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Palladio has been a top Hunter for a long time, producing many Ammy-friendly and upper level Hunters for a long time. His son Pallido Blue is very, very nice and producing very very nice offspring, and being homozygous Tobiano, they’re all Tobiano. These (and Art Deco and all those) are WBs though, not APHA

Pintos in the Hunter ring aren’t nearly as “omg ew no” as they used to be. Way back, Tobi and louder Frame really came from the Paints, who, while maybe top of the game in the Hunter Over Fences divisions of the stock horse world, didn’t have what it took to be competitive in the English world.

That’s changed a LOT in the last 20 years, and now, tobi/loud horses sell like hotcakes for the most part.


Thanks for all the names to look at! I’m always open to a WB but I like the idea of dabbling in breed shows - USEF hunters being the main focus, even if just smaller A and B/C shows with some “destination” weeks thrown in.

Counter Claim was one stallion mentioned on the forums a few years back. High percentage TB iirc. Might be worth looking up.

That’s good. I always thought it was silly for judges to focus on something that had nothing to do with jumping ability .

I know someone who had an appendix palomino mare but could never break through . She would pin in a smaller class but in larger classes she was completely overlooked even though she and her mare were really good.

Mare moved and looked like a full TB.
Just ahead of her time I guess.

In college, I worked at the farm that stood The Spotlight - he was the sweetest stud ever and mega talented. I think that farm now stands a son of his after being dormant for quite awhile.

I don’t know anything about APHA stuff, but I was recently on the SBS website and poking through their stallions and I saw there was an APHA stallion called The Wow Factor that was very attractive. Maybe not as much white as you want and I know nothing at all about him other than that, but he might be worth a look.

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You seem to mean pinto and not “paint” (as in APHA) exclusively. But I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find a stallion that actually had hunter show records in USEF shows and was not a HUS type build (i.e. downhill). I gave up :frowning:

This is my third time trying to buy a quarterhorse and just plain striking out. I also grew up riding them and it seems like the ones being bred for cowhorse type disciplines are still nice and athletic (if smaller in height) but I didn’t like anything about the ones bred for “hunters” these days. And the sellers were a giant pain in the ass. You can’t find even the most basic information like height and genetic testing status. They make it a scavenger hunt to find info. I don’t have time for that.

Following because I’d love to learn there are great ones out there that I missed. For me, the offspring had to be chestnut so that somewhat limited me more than you. But I was just as happy to have AQHA as APHA, I just wanted a quarterhorse :frowning: Couldn’t find it.

She mentioned the idea of also


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I know. I am just explaining why my search (more limited) turned up nothing. She’s a little more open if she just wants pinto. I actually wanted paint (or solid quarter horse).

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Oh for sure, there’s a whole lot more out there in the TB and WB world

I haven’t figured out if she wants spots, or simply APHA-registered. If the latter, there’s a LOT more, than if she also wants spots.

OP has said they might be interested in trying APHA shows.

OP I had the same thought. There are a few breed shows in my area, not enough to really motivate me to try to chase points but i thought it would be fun to try a show. I recently looked at a young horse at an APHA breeder who primarily breeds for HUS. This one was marketed as having potential to cross over. In my opinion, it probably would not do well at rated USEF shows. But that’s not to say there aren’t many APHA out there that could!

I’m definitely interested in something to do breed shows with VERY casually, and spots would be preferable. I think if I was going solid I’d do just AQHA. But, I’m also seeing that if I want lower levels USEF hunter I still might be looking at a WB from some of the lines up thread.

I’ve definitely seen some cute movers on the flat from the Paint/AQHA world, but they’re either lacking any jump experience or really leave something to be desired in the knee department. I was hoping maybe there were some lines known to produce a more versatile jumping horse - but again I’m very aware that what I’m looking for isn’t necessarily what is being bred these days!

DGS Replicated and DGS Vintage are two stallions that come to mind that have USEF records and also compete in the working hunter divisions with the AQHA.

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I wanted to guarantee chestnut so a gray and a bay were out for me.

Yes that would limit you alot unfortunately.