Dressage attire guidelines

Some interesting examples portrayed. It seems like the riders can get pretty blinged out if they choose (I hope the have some restraint!) A bit odd to me that the saddle pad rules included are way more restrictive!


Its a great guide and glad they printed it! I dont find the pad rules more restrictive - those stripes have always been prohibited, even tho many folks assure me they used them “without issue” at various shows… and I see they are reviewing the “manufacturer tags” (or whatever they call them ) on pads like PSoS etc… I am a bit disappointed that many of my pretty shirts with printed mesh across the back and down the arms are now considered “bold patterns”…


I’m glad we’ve finally admitted that the clothes really don’t matter that much and let people wear what they like/is flattering to them.


Im having a crisis over this. Normally Im all about colour and matchy but dressage has always been very traditional for me. Now Im questioning everything hahaha


I see that blinged helmets are now allowed. Does this mean that tiaras are now permitted?

(Asking for a friend). :wink:


Looks like stickers on helmets are ok too. As would be painted helmets. YAY…cause i paint.

I’m confused about gloves. Are they saying any and all gloves are recommended (below 4thL) or are they saying that white or light are recommended, but that you must wear gloves though they can be dark?

gloves only required at FEI.


Some of this is still unclear. Your helmet can be a coordinating color to your coat? Who is to say what is coordinating? And the helmet covers they show–what kind of coat would they be coordinating with? And the picture of the non SEI helmets–how would a TD know if they would not legal? They are not allowed to ask to examine them.
Also, one person’s tasteful is another’s horror. When the put up a photo of wild colored boots and say that “these are legal, but”, what the heck does that mean? Do I hope that the TD and judge agree with my choices? If they are going to disqualify people for clothing, it has to be really clear. I have already run into disputes this year, where a judge questioned my clothing and the TD backed me up. It is very uncomfortable to have them photographing your clothing and calling around the country to see if you are dressed inappropriately!


They arent?


[goes to sit quietly in corner, breathing into her traditional, conservatively colored brown paper bag]


It says in the attached that the inspector is not required to inspect any helmet. I do not see that they are not allowed to inspect a helmet.
But, the logistics of inspecting a helmet would be difficult. The rider would have to get off and remove their helmet for that to happen.

This was the bit that confused me. I thought there was a size limit on saddle pad logos. I have been thinking about buying that specific PS Sweden Ruffle pad as my show pad, but the inference is that it is not legal. The metal tag could easily be cut off, but now I wonder whether the embroidered crown pattern be considered a logo?

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This note cracks me up. Not illegal, just “sloppy.”


They are reviewing this rule I guess due to all the fancy pads now lol

I was worried because my fav pad is the one I won for Top TB at a show and it has a logo but I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it! But it looks like they made an exception for award pads.


It is that compared to the relaxing of rules for the riders, it is more somber. Nothing “bright, shiny, or reflective”. Meanwhile you can have a blinged out helmet with a shiny coat and bright boots with stars and stripes!

Hopefully nobody takes it to that extreme! My personal preference would have been to keep my clothing classic and have fun with the saddle pads.


I saw this in there and I think this is a good thing. People are proud of the pads they won and it would not be right that they couldn’t use them because the company that paid for them also has their logo there.


I wonder if camo is allowed.

Then the judges can’t even see me :joy:


I sure hope so! It’s “conservative” in color, and does not distract the judge from the horse. I say go for it! :smiley:


Hmmm… sounds like a “bold pattern” to me :slight_smile:

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i think we need to send all the stewards a bottle of headache pills and/or a bottle of booze now. Subjective words like subtle,tasteful, and bright have no place in attire rules.