Dressage rider training

I have seen DRT advertised on facebook and am considering trying it. Has anyoune on here tried it, and if you did, would you recommend it?

I have used it. Personally I prefer the DressurFit program, but it’s a bit more intense.

That sounds very similiar to DRT, what is the “test” they give you to determine weaknesses?

I’m guessing you meant this for me :slight_smile: There are a series of tests for balance, flexibility and strength, and then the program customizes the homework and workouts around those. They then get re-administered on a periodic basis and you get to see progress. It’s pretty cool actually. Especially for those of us that still feel weak and inflexible.

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Did you find that it improved your riding? And if it did, by how much?

Yes, by quite a bit. I am in kind of a weird situation in that I’d had double hip surgeries and hadn’t really been riding much (because of the injuries that required the surgeries) and was post-PT and struggling. As we all know, dressage takes a lot more fitness than the average middle aged woman non-rider “needs”.

I’ve got two people doing it with me now, and will report back on their progress (neither one of them has any infirmities), but I fully believe that the program is responsible for getting me back in the tack in a productive way.

I’m not knocking DRT - I don’t think you can go wrong with either one of them.

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Yes, it was meant for you, sorry, and thanks for the catch!

I liked DRT, I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep it up after I had some surgeries, but it would be worth jumping in again, or trying this program. I like having a “test” and I need to start where I am now in fitness. Cardio is good, but strenth and flexibility not so much.

Thank you for taking the time to answer. Although I do not have the physical impairments you have, I have had back surgery and as I age have issues with writsts, shoulder, elbows, knees, and I manage to destabilize my hips. I find that once I have lost something it takes a lot of effort to bring it back and I never make it all the way “back”. Ah, the joys of aging.

Isn’t it fun?

I am finding that it takes more off the horse to be able to be effective on the horse. Also, with age comes “I used to be able to do that” as well as “when I hit the ground now it hurts for a long time” so being stronger is definitely a way of protecting myself.

I also have added in Activate Your Seat with the butt bungie. I like that one because it’s quick (takes me less than 15 minutes to do) and provides some variety for when I just don’t feel like trotting out a video.


I love DRT. I started when my horse had to have a year off. I got back on feeling strong and safe. I have continued and am now on DRT5. I do it six days a week, running through each week’s program twice. It has definitely made me more effective, balanced and, again, safe.


Dressurfit is more intense?

It felt so to me. Could be just the particular imbalances I had :slight_smile:


I really liked the program and I did notice improvements in my riding as I went through it. I liked that it was designed not to take up much time during the week but still made clear progress, and it incorporated enough variety in each week that I didn’t get bored. The classes are really interesting because she ties everything you’re doing back to how it will help you in the saddle, and I could definitely feel the connections as I went through the exercises. That’s something you don’t get from a normal workout class. Overall I thought it was worth the cost and I’m considering signing up again.

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I started this time last year and am just finishing DRT2. It has helped me get to the core of some of my imbalances and improve my ability to sit the teot. I’m planning to repeat phase 3 of DRT2 and after that I might give Dressurfit a try. You can download and keep the DRT videos, so you don’t lose access after the six months. In between working through the sessions I incorporate many of the exercises into my self- styled workouts.

I’m doing it right now, just started the first week of DRT1. Anybody want to be accountability buddies?

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I just signed up and will be looking over all the materials this weekend. I would love to have an accountability buddy as I seem to have lost my disciplined attitude over the past few years. Don’t know if it’s covid brain or just that I’m old, cranky, and tired of being super disciplined. Hoping this will help keep me on track!

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I have signed up for the upcoming session as well after having it on my radar for a few months. Hopefully I’ll actually do the workouts. I have a hard time motivating myself to exercise outside of riding.

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I do as well. Took me a long time to find a cardio option I liked and that wound up being spin, of all things. I also work in higher ed and part of the benefits are a membership to the gym which includes the pool in the swim team’s off season. That might be my summer workout!

Do you want to join our accountability group? (Said as I read Coth and drink coffee instead of reading the materials sent from DRT.)


I just started it and so far I am impressed. I have been doing Pilates for some time and will continue it because it helped me a lot.
And of course there are all this amazing riding videos as well!!

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