Ok, here’s the dressage topic. Onward!

So excited to see one friend in Tokyo with her horse (she’s owner, not rider), and another who will be there to coach a para rider!

I am concerned about COVID, though. It seems to be spreading through the Olympic area. Fingers crossed that people will be smart, wear masks, and protect themselves and others.


And so it begins…

The article that @Larksmom posted links to another sad article.

Very sad news. I can’t imagine coming that far only to have it all shattered at the last minute.


How can I watch the Dressage? Either live or replay? Thanks! So exciting!!!

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That is US and CDT

also, probably cable only


Thank you!!! So exciting! Can’t wait !

But isn’t that all the sports not just equestrian?

probably but some will be on NBC. (gymnastics, track and field, swimming.) with xc on during prime time I have some hope of network for those without cable or streaming, but streaming will be commercial free I think!

At first glance it looks like there is a later replay for the equestrian events, first streamed at 4ish a.m. and then on NBC Sports later in the day. Whether the replay is the complete event or whether it is selected bits remains to be seen. Looking forward to seeing all of it.

I think the first complete play of the equestrian events was Barcelona, where NBC had a special cable box you could rent for something like $125 for the entire Olympics. Worth every single penny!

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Oh no!!

Just a pair of buds in the field


Will NBC have links to entire classes? Do you know?

They have in the past. And streaming has been commercial free. I assume all equestrian stuff will be streamed. But if we can watch it all… it will be great! I have been watching the Olympic channel and they are doing vignettes of different sports and my patience was rewarded. They interviewed a 66 year old grandmother, riding for Australia. They didn’t say but I assume she was a dressage rider.

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As far as watching, the Olympic channels offered by NBC on Dish Network, one is the Olympic app (its not a phone app, just what they call the channel) allows you to bring up the entire schedule of events for each day, you can find the one you want and it will allow you to record it. I found three showings of dressage and hit record, I pray it actually does record it and I hope they show the full rides not just clips of each ride.


I am on DIsh and have been watching the Olympic channel. How do I find the ‘app’?

OK, I found it but I am pretty sure those are repeats. But for someone with cable, they will be welcome.

Heartbreaking for yet another Olympic hopeful.

Ride times posted:


I notice that the schedule is only posted through the first week.