@Manni01 I thought I’d start a new thread here since you and I are doing this one. Anyone else is welcome to join!

I started all over after I had my injury and so today I went back to week 1, workout 2 - Mobility & Core. I am so pleased that I haven’t lost all the progress I had made, but it definitely still wasn’t easy.

I am not very flexible after two hip surgeries for jammed hips (FAI) and a recent fall where I sprained my sacroiliac (did you know you can do that? Me neither!). I also have incredibly strong overcompensating tight quads & hips from years of riding hunt seat and working at a desk job. I also have a weird disc in my lower back. Physically I’ve been a wreck.

However, today I was able to actually reach my feet in the pretzel and the other hip opener! This is a first!

I did have to use my fists instead of the open hand for my plank taps, but I was still able to do them so that’s progress!

Hope you are well and that the kids aren’t being too rough on you!

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Thank you so much that’s a great idea!!! So glad you are back at it!!

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I did week 1, Core & Stability today. This one always kicks my behind! Those side planks with the rotation are no joke! I see they added the neuro drills. Those didn’t exist the first time I went through the program. I don’t speak German, and those weren’t translated so I was kind of guessing :slight_smile: but I did those also.

Guess I need to add learning German to my list!

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If you need help with translation I could do it :heart_eyes:. We might have different excersises though based on the results of the test! My workouts tackle the shoulder mobility…

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That’s so kind of an offer! Thank you!

I was pretty pathetic everywhere in my initial evaluations, particularly around balance since I was just coming off of surgery. I think it was balance that was the first target and core strength for me.

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No problem! I would love to help!! The coach is kind of hard to understand anyhow because he is Bavarian :blush:.

And it’s so so nice to have another person doing the same :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Actually in Germany a lot of people don’t like Jessica and Benjamin and make fun of you if you participate in their program so you better don’t out yourself if you do …

The other participants in my clinic this weekend were totally against them….

I just finished level 3 first workout and it is tough….

German speaker here too. I wonder why the German community doesn’t like Jessi and Benni. They come across in the weHorse and other podcasts as very nice and dedicated to their horses.

That’s interesting. I’d be curious to know the background too. They certainly seem lovely, and the program is excellent.

I would assume they are jealous…. But I have to admit, they are kind of uberperfect somehow….

They look always perfectly styled. They have a beautiful facility, they sell this amazing fitness program they have these beautiful always well behaving horses…. Maybe it’s simply too much for everybody else…

I have no problems with it and I simply love their fitness program because it does help me, although I am a little jealous myself. They always have an eye on the ground…. So every little mistake is immediately seen and corrected . Not possible for an everyday normal rider….


That would make sense. People can be awful to those that they envy. The facility is fantastic according to the videos I’ve seen. But I love looking at people’s amazing barns.

I can see that they put the work in that I haven’t yet. I find that to be a driver! To know that it’s possible to do more is always a good thing!

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Hope you feel well and continue with the workouts!!!

as in all the levels so far I found out that after doing the workouts several times it gets easier… Today I was rather pleased how it felt doing the excersises… it may help that I started to run in the morning again…. It’s not as dark anymore at 7 am as in the winter and it’s more fun because the wind is not as cold….
I feel it while riding the horses… so much more core strength :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And thank you so much for this thread​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so nice to have somebody to talk about it!!!

Of course! I’m glad to have someone else to talk about it with too - it’s a great program.

I am feeling much stronger although the first Strength one always kicks my behind :smiley: It’s definitely targeting some weak spots in my body and takes a few days to recover from with stretches. I’m hoping soon that it’s not such an issue.

I haven’t gotten to ride lately because the weather has been pretty poor, and the nice days I’ve been teaching, but I’m looking forward to seeing progress in the tack!

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