Enablers, unite. Old lady dreams

Approximately 10 years ago, someone on UDBB sent out a question to the world: “Is 60 too old to go fox hunting in Ireland?” To which I responded, “No, let’s go!” and (after a year of getting into shape) we did.

Now I’m about to ask, “Is 70 too old to do a Novice Event on a packer?”

I have the possibility of leasing this very nice horse. He’s 2 hands bigger than anything I’m riding right now, and of course I’m wildly out of shape from just trail riding, but if I work at it a year, could I do it next year?

(this is not me aboard).

More videos of him on that site. search for Snappy Comeback.

  1. I wish I had been able to go to Ireland with you lot!
  2. No! And it seems like Novice is right up his alley. Come to the event at the Horsepark in May and walk the xc course (it’s all new) Also, why would you need a whole year to get up to speed with a packer? :wink: Aim for a fall event - you will be ready.
  1. Too bad you didn’t see the Ireland trip. It was really fun!
  2. Am working the event in May, so I’ll see the new course then.
  3. I’m OLD, Xanthoria. It will take me a good long time to get aerobic fitness up enough to do a 6 minute course. (Of course, I could blast out at Prelim speed, do half the course, then take a walk break for 45 seconds to catch my breath before I move on to the 2nd half. After all, I can ride as fast as he can run and he looked like he wanted a bit more pace. :rofl:)

Enabling is my favorite activity! Do it!

And please share pictures along your journey!


Age, as so frequently noted, is a state of mind. If you can hack hunting in Ireland then a Novice Event is certainly possible. What a splendid adventure it will be.


An endurance rider I know had a double hip replacement at the age of 77. He continued to ride daily well into his 90s! I’d go for it :blush:


& Post here how much fun you had.

I’ll be with you in spirit :sunglasses:
If I had the same opportunity, I’d be all over it like :mosquito:on :poop:
I haven’t had a horse I could jump since 2012 & I miss it.

BTW: I’ll be 72 this month (howtheheck did that happen?) & I understand the need for rebuilding stamina.


Consider your self enabled! Lease the horse and them bomb us with lots of pictures!


Awesome! I’ll be doing hopefully my last BN with the baby greenie at Woodside before moving up to N this year so if you see a dark gray mare piloted by a floppy ammy give us a wave!

I think the plan to blast out at P pace then take a walk break is genius. :thinking:


My father showed in the jumpers until he was 78 years old. He would’ve gone longer if it weren’t for medical issues. Go for it! Just ride as safely as you can.


Old people be canny.

Unfortunately, since I now live further away from Woodside than I did, I’m not volunteering for any of the morning shifts. I don’t think I’ll be seeing BN: I think my shift is Training. That’s just sad, now, isn’t it. I’d love to see you go.

You may have video up on Ride On, yes? Tell us the horse’s name so we can view!!


No videos on RideOn - last year was her first year and she did intro and BN (successfully!) but I didn’t buy videos because a) wobbly greenie and b) expense. Now, when I have something worth looking at you bet I will!

I’ll try and find you on my course walk :slight_smile:


“Hello everyone. My name is Paint Party. And I am an enabler.” :grin:

I’m a few years from 70 and I swore— swore!— I would not buy another green horse because I had some crazy idea that people my age just shouldn’t. I guess I was afraid I’d end up incapacitated due to some hypothetical age-related issue before a greenie got far enough along for me to enjoy or show.

And then I bought a 3-year-old with maybe 20 rides. :roll_eyes:

But you know what? He is absolutely perfect for me. I love him, and I’ve enjoyed the journey of training him and taking lessons and going to our first show together. Riding, and looking forward to whatever comes next with our horses, keeps us young.

So yes! Absolutely pursue your equestrian dreams, whatever they may be!


I am a couple of years behind you, but you can definitely do it. I understand the need to build up the stamina to stay in 2 point for 6 minutes, but it is definitely doable.

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Go for it! And he looks like a very nice horse with his head screwed on straight.

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Go for it. If there is nothing stopping you, try

Don’t reach 72 and wonder what if


Now, apropos of another thread entirely, I have an embarrassing wealth of options for mounted orgasms. (Go to Off Topic/“Women shouldn’t ride horses” if you don’t know what I mean.)

So, I need help deciding.

I moved to this new area a year ago, and trying to get my “magic” mix of ride times has been difficult. I had been riding a jump lesson and 2 trail rides (with friends) a week in my prior neighborhood. All on school horses/lease horses: I don’t own anymore.

The jump lesson was more for fun and exercise than for any notion of showing, though my background was in 3 day.

Anyway, I’ve had a trail horse now for 5 months, and have made a couple friends at that barn…

n the other direction is another schoolie barn with a lease horse available who can do a jump lesson a week, and they have trails AND have indicated I could do some riding work with my granddaughter (12) on that horse during my lease days. But he’s not up for an event, passed it.

In the middle is the very nice ready-to-go event horse, but no trails, no riding work with my granddaughter. I could show him but might do the bulk of my work alone.

I’m not getting younger. Neither is my granddaughter! She had horse camps when 8, 9, 10 and enjoyed it, but the last 2 years, nothing. Not sure she has the bug, but I could give her the good old college try here in her 12th year.

I might be able to manage 2 horses on half leases each, but no way could I manage all 3.

So, do I give up on the new friends at Barn A, or the family friendly situation at Barn B, or the ready-to-go eventer at Barn C?

After today’s jump lesson at Barn B, I’m not sure I’d ever get the aerobic strength back to run a full course, even at BNovice. My lungs are pitiful. But yes, I could try!!

Barn A
trail only
new friends
Limited horse

Barn B
arena and trails
family flexibility
limited horse

Barn C
Arena only
ready-to-show horse
Upper level ride, well schooled.

What is a grandma to do?

Two words. Walt Gervais. Completed his first Prelim at age 72.


Go for it! Last I heard ( and this was several years ago) I learned an old Pony Club friend was riding preliminary on OTTB’s that she had bought off the track and trained. She was about 60 at the time and had knee, hip replacements and other injuries. Now she was always a bit crazy, but…I was impressed.

So if you are still in good shape go live your dreams as long as you still have a good sense of balance, Go have fun! Life is short.


Well, actually, today kind of decided for me. I was supposed to go for a lesson on the event horse, and I just couldn’t make myself do it. I don’t usually make decisions on a visceral level, but this was my body saying, “You aren’t dedicated enough to undertake the build up to an event.” It would be GOOD for me to get back in that kind of shape, but I’m not there.

He’s a gorgeous horse. Anybody interested in a half lease on a push-butten eventer in the Santa Cruz area, I can point you in the right direction.